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    [–] 2018 15" MacBook Pro First Impressions airninja256 -1 points ago in apple

    There is rumoured to be a MacBook Pro with an iPad Pro sized screen instead of the keyboard in 2020. That’s when the next change will happen...

    [–] Apple Said to Be Removing Headphone Jack From Upcoming 2018 iPad Pro Models airninja256 5 points ago * (lasted edited 8 months ago) in apple

    It allows them to make it water resistant and if the rumours are correct, they might move the smart connector to the side for maybe magnetic charging (mag safe)? This is a good step forward, will be very interested what they can do now :)

    [–] To those who have used both a iPhone 8 and X. airninja256 2 points ago in iphone

    Yes, it’s like stepping into the future and people ask questions like is that the iPhone X? The iPhone 8 looks like a brick in comparison to the iPhone X

    [–] Apple removing headphone adapter from iPhone 8/8+ airninja256 11 points ago in apple

    They have battery replacement programs for them or you can buy new ones if you wanted...

    [–] Could this be the smaller phone we’ve been waiting for, the SE 2? airninja256 -1 points ago in iphone

    No way

    I think the next iPhones will be called:

    iPhone Mini (SE), iPhone (X2), iPhone Plus (X2 plus)

    [–] No airninja256 3 points ago in ClashRoyale


    [–] The NBN is a massive joke airninja256 2 points ago in australia

    Didn’t labor say they would continue this mess and then upgrade to FTTP in another stage? Voting for a independent is much better than hoping the major parties get their act together.

    [–] Out of Warranty Exchange to Replace Surface Book 1 with 2? airninja256 0 points ago in Surface

    Only if they don’t have any Surface Book 1 stock although they could do it if you nicely ask them, otherwise you will just get a replacement SB1.