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    [–] 2018 15" MacBook Pro First Impressions airninja256 -4 points ago in apple

    There is rumoured to be a MacBook Pro with an iPad Pro sized screen instead of the keyboard in 2020. That’s when the next change will happen...

    [–] To those who have used both a iPhone 8 and X. airninja256 3 points ago in iphone

    Yes, it’s like stepping into the future and people ask questions like is that the iPhone X? The iPhone 8 looks like a brick in comparison to the iPhone X

    [–] Could this be the smaller phone we’ve been waiting for, the SE 2? airninja256 -3 points ago in iphone

    No way

    I think the next iPhones will be called:

    iPhone Mini (SE), iPhone (X2), iPhone Plus (X2 plus)

    [–] No airninja256 1 points ago in ClashRoyale


    [–] Cat. airninja256 -11 points ago in CatsStandingUp


    [–] Auspost delivery rant! airninja256 -5 points ago in australia

    They don’t care, everytime you call it’s “escalated” and nothing has changed