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    [–] Game Chat 7/21 Rockies (52-45) @ D-backs (53-45) 6:10 PM akick31 2 points ago in ColoradoRockies

    anyone know why the jerseys sold in the team store don't have the logo on the sleeve and the numbers on the front?

    [–] Game Chat 7/21 Rockies (52-45) @ D-backs (53-45) 6:10 PM akick31 4 points ago in ColoradoRockies

    Anyone wanna place bets on someone getting butthurt over the Rockies "no fun" twitter game tonight? I can almost guarantee someone is going to say they're making fun of people with depression.

    [–] In the movie interstellar, the water planet is wet and full of water akick31 2 points ago in shittymoviedetails

    I’m the OP from the original post. Here’s some math for you:

    2+2 = 104

    104/7 = 5

    5/0 = 1

    There is one planet in this shot. There is one ocean on the planet. Math checks out