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    [–] Tarot predictions aktillum 1 points ago in tarot

    My tarot cards told me that you were going to be a little late to the party

    [–] Thoth deck controversy? aktillum 2 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago) in tarot

    There's a lot of controversy surrounding Aleister Crowley himself, obviously. As for the deck itself, it is most definitely steeped in Crowley's version of Occultism. So many people associate the Thoth deck with Crowley's brand of Occultism, and rightfully so.

    I'm about to summarize many deeper topics in short sentences, so bear with me.

    A.E. Waite and Pamela Smith were initiates of the Golden Dawn, but A.E. Waite belonged to several other mystical orders, and even founded one himself, which incorporated a lot of Christian and Freemason beliefs. Crowley was only a member of the Golden Dawn for 2 years, he was actually expelled for "extreme practices". He also belonged to many other hermetic orders and founded the Order of the Silver Star.

    There was a very real and tangible rivalry between A.E. Waite and Crowley. However, someone in this thread mentioned that Crowley designed the Thoth deck to "one-up" A.E. Waite, which is not entirely true. It could've been a small bit of the motivation behind it, but it goes deeper.

    For starters, A.E. Waite and Pamela Smith designed their deck to be beginner friendly. They did not rely on esoteric symbols, they did not draw too much inspiration from Occultist practices. It was a deck designed to be easy to approach and almost commercial for the masses. It is, overall, a very beginner-friendly deck, as intended.

    Crowley, on the other hand, wanted to design a deck that incorporated some serious Occultist stuff. It was intended as a deck for people with serious understanding of The Book of Law, kabbalah, astrology, Egyptian mythology, etc. So when you read the Thoth deck, you cannot simply say it is a "one-up" of the Waite-Smith deck. The Thoth deck is the culmination of all of Crowley's Occultist practices.

    They are two extremely different decks. A big mistake Tarot readers make is seeing them as the same deck with different images. To fully grasp the Thoth deck, you need to study and become well-versed in the esoteric symbols of the Thoth deck. It is an extremely studious deck. It's Occultism on steroids.

    This isn't to say that the Thoth deck is inherently better than the Rider-Waite deck. But it serves an entirely different purpose than the Rider-Waite deck. The Rider-Waite deck is an initiation into Tarot. The Thoth deck is an initiation into Crowley's brand of Occultism. Make sense?

    [–] Knight of Cups in the context of wanting to forget someone aktillum 4 points ago in tarot

    Interpreted literally, it means getting on your horse and finding someone new to offer your cup to.

    [–] Is the Tower inherently negative? aktillum 17 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago) in tarot

    The Tower is one of those cards that is unfortunately "strictly" interpreted by many readers, including on websites that try to give Tarot meanings. For example let me copypaste something from the website of an "award-winning" Tarot reader:

    " The Tower can represent two things; the end of your relationship or the death of your partner. There is also a possibility that your partner will spend time in jail, but this is not as likely as death or divorce. "

    How dull and negative. They even have a graphic of the positive/negative traits of the Tower, and in the Positives column they put "Can never be a positive". Are you kidding me? This is from an "award-winning" Tarot reader?


    So with all that said, let's get into the Tower.

    Number one, the Tower is almost never "suddenly". It can come as a shock or surprise, but in many cases, you actually felt it coming. If you'd been listening to your instinct, you felt the air change. You had plenty of time to prepare for the Tower moment. You had a gut feeling for some time that something was due to change, but you were most likely ignoring it. Then when the Tower moment happens, you act like you never saw it coming. But you did, subconsciously.

    For example, think of the 9/11 WTC attack as "The Tower" - super appropriate, I think. The entire world was totally shocked that day. But...people had known that something was brewing. There were intelligence reports circling in the government for a long time that terrorists were going to try using planes to attack major buildings. And think of how many people, for some reason or another, didn't show up for work that day on 9/11, out of some kind of intuition.

    Maybe you were suddenly fired from your job - but the writing was on the wall. Other co-workers were being let go, the company had been talking about budget cuts for some time. You were just sitting there in your Tower, ignoring what was happening around you.

    However, that brings us to number two. The Tower is most definitely not inherently negative. All it means at the end of the day is "sudden change". Situations can either go from good to bad, or from bad to good. Situations can go from hopeful to hopeless, or hopeless to hopeful. It depends on the situation, and your mental state.

    To give a positive example, let's say you have a crush on someone. You don't think they'll ever feel the same way about you. You feel trapped in some kind of "unrequited love" situation. And then suddenly, the other person realizes they do actually have feelings for you. Some event happens where the entire situation was shook up. Maybe you bought some new clothes, got a new haircut, and tried a new cologne. You did some kind of major alteration that suddenly shook up their perspective of you.

    Sudden changes. For better or worse. Sudden changes. Nothing more, nothing less.

    To give another positive example, I did a love reading for someone and the cards pulled were Moon, King of Wands, and Tower (clarified by Knight of Wands).

    This spoke to me of a relationship where both people were denying or hiding their feelings for each other, but the passion was rapidly building beneath the surface. That King of Wands passionate fire was being hidden by the Moon. The Tower moment would be one or both of them finally confessing the attraction, and the Knight of Wands would be a speedy, rapid development in the relationship.

    [–] The 7 of Swords (RW) in a more positive light aktillum 3 points ago in tarot

    Yes, Robin Hood is a great example. TVTropes could help shed some more light on this type of character in a positive light:

    [–] The 7 of Swords (RW) in a more positive light aktillum 1 points ago * (lasted edited 8 days ago) in tarot

    Nobody likes being lied to. We all expect our partner to be honest at all times. But there are times when you can deliver the truth in a very tactful way, using misdirection. You could "lie" to your wife and tell her the yellow dress doesn't make her look fat - the white lie - and then offer the red dress as an alternative - the tactful misdirection (or "redirection", to consider it more positively). You could leave out the white lie altogether, and just say "I think the red dress looks better".

    Honestly is a virtue, but you can't go around being brutally honest all the time. That can be more trouble than its worth in some situations. So don't see this as somehow promoting a bunch of white lies to protect your partner's ego (or them yours), but figuring out ways to tactfully deliver the truth while offering alternatives. This is the main point - using your brain to avoid unnecessary conflict.

    This is course extremely contextual, and only one tiny example out of the many I gave, so no point in zeroing in on "white lies" as the main theme.

    Here's another example of the 7 of Swords in action. You go up to a girl you have a crush on. You ask her for a date. What if she said, "Ew, no way, you're the ugliest person I've ever seen, I wouldn't date you if you were the last person on earth". Would you really appreciate her honesty? In a 7 of Swords moment, she might say something like "I'm already busy this week", or "I already have a boyfriend". You've been tactfully rejected, using misdirection, instead of crushed with total brutal honesty.

    [–] Funny aktillum 55 points ago in tarot

    Old lady: Oh yes it's very good. It means you'll be flying high, lost in the clouds, but sudden shocks will ground you.

    [–] Is it true that you shouldn't buy your first deck? aktillum 1 points ago in tarot

    You can absolutely buy your first deck. I studied for 3+ years under a certified tarot master and she didn't buy me a deck. She let me use hers for practice but it was a 20+ year old Thoth deck full of intense energy and she definitely wasn't parting with it.

    But that brings me to my 2nd point. If you have no experience with Tarot and plan buying one, I highly recommend finding a mentor. Just somebody who is highly experienced and you can bounce ideas and interpretations off of, or has discussions with you on the deeper meanings of the cards.

    [–] Tarot started off as a game in the 1300s and wasn’t used for divination until the 1700s aktillum 5 points ago * (lasted edited 9 days ago) in tarot

    Tarot as a future divination method is no more or less accurate than any other divination method. "Does this girl like me?" Flip a coin, heads or tails. That's about as accurate as what the Tarot would tell you.

    I've been practicing Tarot for years and I've always tried to approach it with a healthy dose of irreverence, as I do anything else "magical" or "spiritual" in nature. I literally groan and roll my eyes when I see YouTube tarot readers swinging around pendulums and praying to the "Tarot Spirits" for guidance and oh god don't get me started on Angel Oracle cards. Let me stop before I offend someone.

    Here is my learned opinion on Tarot, and I encourage you to take it with a grain of salt and develop your own opinion if you ever decide to actually study and learn Tarot.

    Tarot is nothing more than 1) A medieval card game, as you said and 2) An esoteric Rorschach.

    The Rorschach is an inkblot test where the subject's interpretations are recorded for psychological evaluation. That's the gist of it, right? Tarot is nearly the exact same thing, except you are performing the "psychological evaluation" on yourself. Or others, to a degree.

    This is because each card has several textbook meanings, but it is highly inadvisable to interpret the Tarot based strictly on text. Most experienced Tarot readers form a story out of interpreting the images of the cards. It's actually rather difficult to explain, which is why I used the Rorschach as an example. At the end of the day, most Tarot readers are just forming an interpretation based on the imagery within the cards, connecting the images to whatever questions they're asking.

    In that way, it becomes more of a way of tapping into your subconscious, and thinking about situations in a new perspective. So instead of asking "Does this girl like me? Will we be together?", I might ask something like "What positive and negative traits about myself do I need to work on to become a more attractive to potential partners in the future?". And based on the cards, I may realize some things about myself that I already knew in my subconscious, but I was either lying to myself or not facing them, etc.

    For example, the cards helped me realize a long time ago that I had a habit of overwhelming potential dates with text messages, texting them too much (and ultimately being friend-zoned), because I kept pulling the "8 of Wands" as my "romantic obstacle", which led me to realize that I was communicating too much with people I was interested in, leaving nothing to mystery. Does that make sense? (The 8 of Wands, btw, depicts 8 arrows flying across the card, and generally means "fast activity or communication", which is why I came to that conclusion)

    I would never, ever use the Tarot to predict the future. Never. Sorry to hear you were scammed. Tarot is nothing more than a personal psychology session, sometimes dressed up in a little (or a lot) of spirituality and mysticism.

    [–] I’m still new to Tarot Reading and am confused on reverse cards aktillum 3 points ago in tarot

    If you're new to Tarot, don't concern yourself too much with reverse cards. You should be memorizing the meanings of the upright cards, and then from there you can deviate from the textbook meanings as you develop contextual intuition.

    I'm not personally a big fan of reading reversed cards, but that's for another day. Many do, and that's entirely their choice. I'm just suggesting you become really familiar with the cards first before you start getting into the upright/reversal debate and "flyers" and how many times should you cut the deck and spin in a circle while chanting the sacred names of the Tarot spirits while facing the 4 corners of the earth and yadda yadda yadda.

    [–] Reading for yourself aktillum 1 points ago in tarot

    Sorry late reply.

    Long story short, I studied under a certified tarot master on the Thoth deck. Nearly every day she drilled me on not just the textbook meanings of the cards, but the esoteric symbolism used in that particular deck. Book of Thoth, the Kabbalah, all that stuff.

    I don't use the Thoth deck much anymore because the energy is very intense for that particular deck. With Rider Waite its a bit more relaxed and casual. In any case, after around >10 years of practicing Tarot, their images are pretty much memorized in my head.

    And the one thing I've learned, especially on the Thoth deck and the Rider Waite to a certain degree, is that they are really loaded with "hidden" imagery, with unique meanings. It can easily become a rabbit hole of piecing together "alternative" meanings based on the little symbols found in each card.

    So I do my best to just let my eyes flow over the spread and go with my first gut instinct. And then as far as meditating on or connecting with the first impressions, I mean, I still have the card images in my head even after I've shuffled them away.

    [–] Reading for yourself aktillum 8 points ago in tarot

    So, Tarot is about intuition. Intuition is literally defined as " the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning. "

    For that reason, when doing readings for myself, I generally try to read them very quickly. What are my first feelings at very first glance of the cards? I don't sit there and "study" each card, looking for patterns and thinking "Hmmm well it could mean this, but it could also mean that...."

    This is because, as I said above, intuition is literally about your immediate understanding of something. When you spend too much time interpreting your cards, the temptation is too great for assigning "alternative" meanings, or overthinking what the spread possibly means.

    As an exercise, try to talk out loud while doing readings for yourself, speaking very quickly your first immediate thoughts about the spread. Then put the cards back in the deck. Boom, bam, bing.

    As for "negative" cards showing up for a challenge, the Tarot doesn't predict the future. It might show obstacles, which is what I see "negative" cards as. If I encounter a "negative" card, I'll ask advice like "how to navigate this negative energy / obstacle to achieve what I want?"

    [–] Do you interpret inverted cards? If so, why? And if not, why? aktillum 2 points ago * (lasted edited 12 days ago) in tarot

    I do not interpret reversals, simply because I bridge shuffle my deck. Based on statistical probability, probably around half or more of my deck becomes reversed simply due to my shuffling technique. It'd be silly (in my opinion) to add extra meaning to reversed cards based on this fact. It's like interpreting flyers (cards that fly out of the deck) when you're shuffling with greasy fingers (or you just have clumsy hands in general).

    Furthermore, cards can be reversed or upright depending on how you pull the cards from the deck. If you're holding the deck in your hands, and you pull a card off the top. If you flip the card backwards away from the deck, you might be inverting or uprighting a card that was upright or reversed. Whereas if you flip it to the side of the deck, you're maintaining its original position. Does that make sense?

    So I don't see reversals as anything special, merely results of how you shuffle and deal the cards.

    [–] An Ethical Question, of Sorts aktillum 3 points ago in tarot

    I will only involve other people in a reading for a client if the person has a direct impact or influence on the client's question. I believe that's the same thing you said, OP.

    What I mean by that is, I will NOT entertain questions such as "what is this person hiding from me?". I tell my clients that Tarot is not a method of peeking into people's closets, and to do so is just bad karma.

    If the client is asking about feelings, such as "What are this person's feelings for me?", I will generally reframe the question into something more specific to the client. Such as "What does client need to be aware of regarding X person's intentions?".

    [–] Are tarot cards on amazon authentic? aktillum 2 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago) in tarot

    Most responses are correct a deck is a deck regardless of who made it the cards will not read differently whether made in a factory or a counterfeiter using cheap card stock however US Games ncompany actually owns the copyright on rider waite deck iirc

    [–] Tell my why? aktillum 1 points ago in gaming

    Devil's advocate: The barrier of entry between each scenario

    [–] The world as feelings towards someone. Thoughts? aktillum 2 points ago in tarot

    The World is in fact a highly contextual card, just like all Tarot cards, but The World is particularly sensitive to the cards around it, and is best clarified in this situation.

    I'll give you an example. Because The World tends to deal with "completion", if it comes up as someone's feelings, it'd be easy to say "They feel like you complete them. You are their world!"

    But wait! What if this is just a crush? If this is somebody you've recently met, how do you expect to be their "whole world"? In fact, I'd consider that a huge red flag! I mean, if we were already married, and they saw me as completing their world, that's great! But as an acquaintances feelings towards me? Well, that'd be just scary.

    So that's why if we're talking about "feelings", we cannot take The World simply by itself. It needs clarity - either from surrounding cards, or a card drawn specifically for clarifying The World.

    Now, it could mean, in a positive light, they'd be happy to let you into their world. They could be happy to share their world with you. Or, perhaps they want to travel the world, and a serious relationship with you just isn't on their mind.

    Following along? Clarify. Clarify. Clarify.

    [–] I could use some advice about drawing the same card in almost every reading I do on myself. aktillum 2 points ago in tarot

    Well, realistically, ask yourself if this same card is really coming up for you as much as you think it is, or you're simply noticing it more when it appears because you're subconsciously looking for that card to appear. Does that make sense? It's a bit similar to the "Baader-Meinhof Phenomenon", also known as frequency illusion.

    I do feel what you're saying - I have a 2 year old Virgo son and I think of him when I pull the Page of Pentacles as well.

    But just to give an example, for a long time I kept pulling, or I thought I kept pulling, the Page of Wands during my personal love readings. And its because at the time, I was crushing pretty hard on a younger female Sagittarius, so whenever I pulled the Page of Wands, I immediately thought of her. And it felt like I kept pulling the Page of Wands.

    But in fact, I think if I actually made an Excel sheet of all the cards I pull, the Page of Wands would not be that high on the list. It only felt that way because I had given it some kind of special meaning, and I remember it more than other cards.

    [–] My love reading is turning out exactly the opposite! aktillum 3 points ago in tarot

    I was going to type up a long explanation of your card spreads, but I'll just leave it at this.

    I'm pretty sure you just experienced a typical Mercury retrograde hookup fling with an ex. It happens.

    [–] Best spread to use while asking a spirit what it wants aktillum 6 points ago in tarot

    Okay let me give my input and please carefully consider what I'm going to say.

    You should never use the Tarot to attempt communication with any spirits. Just don't.

    For starters, you are the one shuffling and dealing the cards. They are leaving your hands, physically. I'm not saying this will invite "possession", but you are certainly asking the spirit to attach itself to your personal energy.

    You don't know this spirit, you don't know what it wants. And you are asking it to bond with your personal energy during a Tarot reading, so that it can either influence the outcome of the cards, or your interpretation of them.

    If this is not a benevolent spirit, you are inviting some hella bad juju into your life right now. I hope that makes sense.

    As for asking the spirit what it wants, again. Spirits are not sworn to the truth. I would be very careful about how you decide to proceed with this, and I really cannot recommend that you proceed at all.

    [–] When the tarot doesn’t hold back but also you don’t either 😂 aktillum 15 points ago in tarot

    Like srsly though.

    The cards: This relationship is super bad for you and will burn your life down