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    [–] Trump launches expletive-laden tirade over Mueller report aktillum -4 points ago in politics

    "Expletive-laden"? I count 1 "bullshit". Independent knows the definition of "laden", right? I swear UK newspapers invented clickbait lol.

    [–] Interesting Comparison of Sansa and Dany aktillum 29 points ago in SansaWinsTheThrone

    The books pretty much foreshadow what Daenerys on the throne would be like. Daenerys asks Ser Barristan Selmy what her father was actually like.

    "Viserys was a child, and the queen sheltered him as much as she could. Your father always had a little madness in him, I now believe. Yet he was charming and generous as well, so his lapses were forgiven. His reign began with such promise ... but as the years passed, the lapses grew more frequent, until..."

    Dany stopped him. "Do I want to hear this now?"

    Ser Barristan considered a moment. "Perhaps not. Not now."

    This convo happens shortly after Dany takes Mereen, and exiles Jorah Mormont. I'm probably stating the obvious, but things sounds a lot like Dany - charming, generous, her reign begins with such promise. Yet she has occasional lapses of the Targaryen anger/madness, exacting "justice" as she deems it. She pretty much subtly threatened Sansa, to Jon's face, in this last episode.

    So as likable as Dany is, there's a high probability of her going mad with senility, like her dad, and burning people just for the lulz.

    [–] Bernie Sanders releases 10 years of tax returns aktillum 3 points ago in politics

    don't listen to these guys. the real money is in erotic fiction.

    [–] S8E01 has LEAKED. Start avoiding the internet now if you don't want to be spoiled. aktillum 3 points ago in NobodyWinsTheThrone

    You can't. HBO has coordinated an internet blackout on DirectTV subscribers, leaving thousands without electricity/internet, while online "journalists" are crapflooding the internet with news about the "leak" without any spoilers.

    [–] WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange arrested by British police after being evicted from Ecuador’s embassy in London aktillum 3 points ago * (lasted edited 8 days ago) in politics

    The political left loved Assange around the time Wikileaks was founded, and especially during the Manning leaks. He was supposed to be the golden child of the progressive-left, exposing corruption and war crimes during the Bush presidency.

    Over time, Assange did a lot of stuff that pissed off the left. The Clinton leaks, hosting a show on RT, conspiracy theories about Jews, etc. Assange himself identifies as a Libertarian, which can be a little divisive in itself, but it's sort of considered right-of-center, as Rand Paul is the most well-known Libertarian politician in the U.S., and belongs to the GOP.

    Basically, Wikileaks has played/exposed both sides of the political fence over the years. You could say that makes it an unbiased source that exposes stuff regardless of political affiliation, but some people feel Wikileaks did a lot more damage to the left during the 2016 election than Wikileaks ever hurt the right.

    In a nutshell, most people who hate Assange, whether left or right, hate him for exposing something that made their political party look bad. It just happens that he's hurt the left more recently, so the left's hatred of Assange is a little bit stronger than the right's, currently.

    Additionally, some people feel that his asylum was a farce not to escape extradition to the U.S., but to escape rape charges in Sweden. Others will tell you the rape charges were fabricated.

    This is my best attempt at summarizing in a neutral way, I'm sure people on both sides of the fence can tell you why they hate/love Assange more in-depth. It's a very, very deep rabbit hole. You'll probably come out in Wonderland trying to follow it.

    [–] How we “unfriended” in the 80’s aktillum 3 points ago in funny

    Not sure if yearbook or 80s hair salon menu

    [–] Pablo Bearscobar aktillum 7 points ago in funny

    This is a true story

    But the bear was only 175 pounds incase anyone is thinking this was some Skyrim bear on a cocaine rampage. I mean after all that coke he might've believed he was a Skyrim bear but yeah.

    [–] Walked across GTA 5's map (2 hours) and made a short timelapse out of it. Hope you'll enjoy it! aktillum 1 points ago in videos

    Making my way downtown walking fast
    Faces pass and I'm home bound
    Staring blankly ahead just making my way
    Making a way through the crowd

    [–] TIL there is a disagreement about what color people say tennis balls are, with 52% saying green, 42% saying yellow and 6% saying "other" aktillum 8 points ago * (lasted edited 25 days ago) in todayilearned

    Using Photoshop color picker on a hi-res photo of a brightly lit tennis ball, I get #95ca3c. This is "Brilliant Green". If I put the color picker over a shadowy area of the tennis ball, I get "Light Brilliant Green" (which many would call "yellow-green" if you aren't familiar with technical color names).

    It really helps to be familiar with color spectrums when discussing color. You guys would have a field day shopping for paints. I know I do.

    The issue here is that we can't really apply traditional color names to tennis balls, because officially they are "Optic Yellow" (also known as Fluorescent Yellow, or perhaps even Electric Lime). You won't generally find these colors in an artist's palette or even in a paint store, it'd have to be mixed on request by a specialist.

    TLDR: The exact color of tennis balls transcends traditional color naming.

    [–] Megathread: AG Willam Barr releases his top line summary of the Mueller report aktillum 1 points ago * (lasted edited 25 days ago) in politics


    You've got the far-Left weeping Trump won't be impeached, the Trump fans doing victory laps and memeing it up over on T_D, and like...does anyone feel a shred of shame that our president has been literally surrounding himself with criminals?

    If I was a Trump supporter, I'd be pretty livid. Like, you want to MAGA, start by holding our POTUS to higher standards. But everyone is too focused on this collusion goalpost and whether team blue or team red won today. Nobody won. The far-Left had 2 years of chanting "collusion!" turn out to be nothing, the far-Right is sweeping Trump's cronies under the rug, and anyone with a rational brain-cell is staring at this mess like "This is America".

    [–] Megathread: AG Willam Barr releases his top line summary of the Mueller report aktillum 1 points ago * (lasted edited 25 days ago) in politics

    Desperate how? I wasn't a Libtard waiting with bated breath for the venerable Mueller to put the nail in Trump's coffin. I was pro-Sanders in 2016 and laughed heartily when Hillary's emails were leaked. I'm not some Reddit SJW in here like "but muh impeachment!"

    I'm a middle-of-the-road guy honestly wondering how anyone thinks a bunch of people related to Trump being indicted for various crimes leaves the president smelling like roses in this shituation.

    Any way you slice it, our POTUS seems to have surrounded himself with total goons, and I'd be saying the same thing if it was Hillary, Sanders, or the 2nd coming of Jesus Christ.

    [–] Megathread: AG Willam Barr releases his top line summary of the Mueller report aktillum 8 points ago * (lasted edited 25 days ago) in politics

    No collusion found, okay great - I wasn't expecting any to be found. Zero shock there.

    Trump isn't as dumb as he acts on TV, and proving collusion would basically mean having recorded tapes of Trump on the phone with Putin like "Yo Vlad, come steal the election for me, I'll owe you a huge favor!"

    But while people are focusing on "collusion", there's 34 ("unrelated") indictments being made, a handful of them for people directly related to Trump's circle. Soooo.....

    I mean officer, I've personally never smoked crack, but I sure hang out with a lot of crack dealers.

    If by "drain the swamp" Trump meant getting a bunch of his inner circle arrested, than yeah, swamp drained? This honestly needs to be a much bigger talking point than it currently is.

    [–] Megathread: What We Know So Far About the Mueller Report -- and What Happens Next aktillum 1 points ago in The_Mueller

    u/scpdstudent you stole the words out of my mouth.

    As someone trying to follow this mess from an unbiased perspective (I generally hate partisan politics), it seems weird the entire narrative is focused on "collusion". If the Libs believed for a second this Mueller investigation was going to prove collusion, they were smoking some really good dank. And the T_D posters jumping up and down like "hahaha lol liberal tearz so delishus".

    Meanwhile, a bunch of people related to Trump were rounded up and recommended for ("unrelated") charges.

    It's like, no officer, I've never smoked crack in my life, but I hang out with a shit load of crack dealers.

    For a guy who promised to drain the swamp, a lot of the swamp creatures seem to be in his personal circle :/

    [–] It actually is like that aktillum 1 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago) in funny

    I dunno. I'm not British. Lets ask Google.

    If you don't have a hard-on for etymology, the TLDR is: It started in the 1600s as the most formal way to address powerful people, like writing a letter to the king. People made it super long and added all kinds of crazy shit like "Your must faithful and humble obedient servant anytime you want to splooge on my face just ask and I will be there in a jiffy".

    After awhile people stopped offering to let kings splooge on their face and it was shortened to stuff like "Your faithful servant".

    It then spread into normal usage between people because it was considered very polite. It was shortened to "Yours faithfully".

    No clue how it got turned into an address for unnamed people, I'd have to dig deeper.

    [–] It actually is like that aktillum 6 points ago in funny

    Short Answer: yours sincerely and yours faithfully are shortened forms of longer phrases.

    • Yours Sincerely is short for "I am yours sincerely," and it wouldn't make much sense to say this to someone you don't know well enough to address by name.
    • Yours Faithfully is short for "I remain your faithful and obedient servant," which is not as emotionally intimate, and thus more appropriate to use when referring to persons with whom you're not familiar.

    I stole the above from Quora, but more research shows that its basically old British speak.

    [–] In the feels aktillum 1 points ago in funny

    I have a similar but opposite problem. The voice inside my head says I'm too good and then I don't do anything out of a sense of over-inflated self-worth. Mundane tasks are beneath me. Etc.

    [–] Sad but true aktillum 9 points ago in Philippines

    There's more than enough research data that shows a good majority of the GOP voter base is uneducated (no college degree), but I'm sure you'll shrug it off as "fake news" and "liberal yuppie nonsense". Facts are facts though.

    [–] Sad but true aktillum 9 points ago in Philippines

    I'm American so I can't comment much on the inner politics of Ph. but I've noticed a few trending comments in this thread I'd like to address.

    Some of you guys are saying things like "Filipinos have too many children", "Filipinos spend too much on material things", "Lack of education means bad voting", etc. There's merit to these points but they aren't problems unique to Filipinos.

    Spending too much money on material things is a universal problem, even in "rich developed" countries like U.S. you'll see a lot of people putting iPhones on credit (or being in credit card debt) instead of saving money. (the average American has credit card debt balance of $6,375)

    Lack of education = bad voting, also somewhat true. In America, most Republican (conservative) voters are rural, blue-collar workers without college education. They vote for the "tough" guys who talk about how great America is, keeping out the muslims and mexicans, and creating more local jobs that appeal to poor people (factories, coal mining, etc).

    So, a lot of "problems" in Filipino culture are not unique to Philippines, they can be found all over the world. But as a comparison, one "advantage" we might have in America is our propensity to complain, demand change, form grassroots movements, send letters to our congressmen, boycott businesses....I'm sure Filipinos do these activities, but I think Americans are a lot "louder" about it. Many say that Americans have a culture of complaining and thats true - we don't "accept" things the way they are.

    [–] Not mine, but am a nursing student. Relatable. aktillum 1 points ago in funny

    Fair enough. I probably came across as cold-hearted but I was genuinely curious. Most of my infectious disease knowledge comes from Plague Inc.

    [–] Not mine, but am a nursing student. Relatable. aktillum 1 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago) in funny

    I'm no scientist but if infectious diseases are making a comeback, won't they only infect people who aren't vaccinated?

    So we could let the un-vaccinated people die (their choice not to be vaccinated) and then the diseases will be eradicated again.

    Of course, children would needlessly die because of anti-vaxxer parents. Eggshells omelette etc. They shouldn't be breeding anyway.

    [–] Women vs Man aktillum 1 points ago in funny

    I'm so relieved this was a joke, because at first I thought it was serious and my irritation was increasingly growing as I watched her ruin that pizza, I mean there are people out there who really eat pizza like that.