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    [–] How do you come up with your project ideas? albertaengineer 22 points ago in learnprogramming

    A billion times this. It’s such naive and at the same time dismissive advice. Until I worked on a huge project for work doing the bitch work of debugging, etc, I had no idea of what all the moving parts looked like. “Make a house and junk” is not good advice for someone baffled by proper hammer technique at the moment.

    [–] Rant: I'm your doctor, please stop. albertaengineer 20 points ago in TwoXChromosomes

    A million times this. If the fuckhead can’t act appropriate, let him go. The doc may be an attractive woman, but this is about your lump (or whatever) and that’s all she needs to deal with.

    [–] Not sure they're up to this lesson... albertaengineer 1 points ago in ProgrammerHumor

    Meh just got the bundle and it’s good. Small company and this is nitpicking to me.