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    [–] This expansion is the fastest I have reached the "only log in for raid days" schedule alejandromfiu 1 points ago in wow

    Do you remember how barren the class campaigns were in 7.0? lol they added allllll that stuff in 7.2 mostly.

    People are screaming like theres a fire when its the same shit every start of an expansion

    [–] What do you not miss? alejandromfiu 20 points ago in classicwow

    Not having dual spec is probably my going to be the worst thing for me. I play mainly only hybrid specs and it just feels like you’re at a much bigger disadvantage

    [–] The Ultimate Proof BFA is Severely Flawed: alejandromfiu 0 points ago in wow

    Why does that matter? Lol I swapped mains and never bothered with my neck and I’m 378 ilevel with a 350 neck. Why does having 1 low Ilevel piece matter I don’t get it

    [–] Azeroth Auto Pilot alejandromfiu 4 points ago in wow

    Just follow the arrow blindly. Assume it has a reason for taking you where it’s taking you. Cause it does

    Leveled 5 toons with it lol

    [–] Adjusting M+ Comp alejandromfiu 1 points ago in CompetitiveWoW

    I’m a 372 rogue and 371 mage. About 1k score in rogue and I’m not sure on mage. I have my main group I alternate toons on but would love a set team for my mage if you’re interested

    NA Horde

    Alejandro#1223 is my bnet

    [–] [PRETTY BIG 8.1 SPOILERS] This is some of the most chilling voice acting iv heard in WoW alejandromfiu 4 points ago in wow

    Precisely this, I don’t get how people can’t understand that Sylvannas was the ranger general of Elves and one of the most respected tacticians and strategists. She is now all that + severely ruthless and with very little sympathy. She knows the best ways to win this war or the only way maybe, and she will do everything she has to do in order to win and save her people and by association the horde.

    [–] Which Class should be the next ? alejandromfiu 1 points ago in wow

    Shaman is enhancd - Meele wind focused Ele - ranged fire and lightning focus Resto - water focus

    [–] Which Class should be the next ? alejandromfiu 7 points ago in wow

    The next class needs to be a mail wearing ranged DPS/healer.

    My suggestion would be a sea witch type of class

    3 specs would be

    1. Physical damage focused ranged DPS. Uses bows, guns, cross bows. Mix in light magic use and hybrid healing abilities
    2. Magic based ranged DPS , heavy lightning/water theme
    3. Healer spec

    The other class suggestion specially conscience how much death related stuff we’re seeing

    Shadow hunter, 3 specs would be the same as above but the underlying theme would be death, spirit, voodoo magic and again a spec that uses bows/guns.

    Both classes would be mail wearers

    [–] Mad respect to people who can gold chest 10+ keys alejandromfiu 13 points ago in wow

    You’re group comp is more than meta enough imo.

    [–] Patch 8.1 Siege of Zuldazar Spoilers (PTR) alejandromfiu 1 points ago in wow

    Actually it is working lol. Anduin told tyrande that the alliance cannot focus on taking back darkshore and Tyrande goes crazy nightelf huntress after the horde.

    [–] Looking for a consistent third (multi-faction) 2.5 exp alejandromfiu 1 points ago in worldofpvp

    I got rogue at 2100 , ret and enhance at 1800/1900 CR, and mage at 1800.

    All NA horde


    [–] Blizzard, some of us have been with you for 14+ years. We may not be game developers, but we do know what makes the game fun and what we're talking about. We BOTH want this game to succeed. alejandromfiu 5 points ago in wow

    Are you kidding? Legion legos we’re universally hated until around 7.2 when they made a lot of quality of life changes to how they obtain them and even more changes In 7.3

    Not all legos were as interesting as you claim lol and a lot barely affected your play style, with a few outliers affecting your overall Play style.

    [–] Can we address how not a single person likes the GCD change? alejandromfiu 5 points ago in wow

    Kinda a massive generalization lol. The arena community as a whole likes this change so idk where you can claim that not a single person likes it lol.

    It may feel clunky in pve but needed to happen, popping 4 offensives at once with no chance to see it coming was not fun

    [–] 2100-2200cr shadow priest lf teams alejandromfiu 1 points ago in worldofpvp


    NA horde, got rogue at 2100 CR but like 23/2400 MMR. Ret end enhance at 1800 CR and mage at 1700 CR.

    Glad as a few classes over the years including ret, enhance, and ele. Can play all of them equally well just been playing more on rogue cause it’s my PVE main.

    Let me know if you ever want to play :)

    [–] Gladiator in BFA Requirements alejandromfiu 2 points ago in worldofpvp

    Can you get glad and the glad mount in 2s?

    [–] Blizzard, do whatever you want for the 8.1 Shaman rework. But just GIVE ME MY GUST OF WIND BACK alejandromfiu 38 points ago in wow

    Give us gust of wind back baseline and nerf the spirit wolf talent, FOR THE LOVE OF GOD TAKE THE CD OFF OF FLAMESHOCK HOLY SHIT IT TRIGGERS ME SO MUCH.

    Also LB needs buffs