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    [–] Didn't even know this self alley was in the game.. alexbruns 6 points ago in NBAlive

    Hey that's me throwing you the pass off the rebound!

    [–] We have a situation here alexbruns 1 points ago in IdiotsInCars

    Ultimate power move by the gentleman on top.

    [–] Shout out to PROdiGY Do Don8 on Xbox. alexbruns 1 points ago in NBAlive

    Lol I'm the Stretch Big that we were running on some people last night. Dotard Trump on Xbox. Tell him thank you for me

    [–] Playmakers need to utilize their passing ability more alexbruns 0 points ago in NBA2k

    I play Live most of the time and people do the same thing there.

    I wish there was a system to filter those people out based on analytics, and just force them to play with each other.

    [–] Live run ball hogs alexbruns 1 points ago in NBAlive

    Because the people who are ass and don't get the ball to them in real life, come on to Live Run and make up for it. /s

    No for real though, the people who need to see this most likely aren't even part of this sub

    [–] What are some Icons that you want to see in NBA Live '20? alexbruns 3 points ago in NBAlive

    Honestly, I want icons that don't differ from their actual players. KATs icon is so much worse than the actual KAT. Driving layups/dunks just for starters, are vastly different than KATs actual in game attributes.

    [–] Every perimeter block in NBA Live 19 alexbruns 3 points ago in NBAlive

    That is one hell of a block tho Jesus

    [–] Train ?, What trai.......? alexbruns -2 points ago in IdiotsInCars

    People and their God damn Air Pods I swear

    [–] What are the BEST snow driving tips for MN drivers? alexbruns 12 points ago in Minneapolis

    All wheel drive doesn't mean all wheel stop. Give people space when it's slick.

    [–] I have a boyfriend alexbruns 13 points ago in trashy

    You dropped this \

    [–] Come on guys... alexbruns 1 points ago in NBAlive

    "you know I had to do it to em"😎