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    [–] My thoughts on GAS and what to do about it alexspaethphoto 1 points ago * (lasted edited 13 days ago) in photography

    As someone who does a lot of astrophotography, the Rokinon 14mm is not the end all be all. It’s certainly wide, which is helpful for large landscapes, but you can also get 24 1.4 (my personal favorite) or 35 1.4 which could also be used for portrait work. These lenses are also faster, Low noise is a combo of fast lenses and good sensors. No star trails is really just shutter speed (which is dependent on focal length and sensor size). What other genres do you dabble in?

    [–] Fairy Lake, MT alexspaethphoto 2 points ago in Cinemagraphs

    FYIW, it basically is a combined sub since people post platographs here all the time. The constructive feedback would be to learn how to make an actual cinemagraph from moving footage and post it.

    [–] Subtle Sunset Hues in the North Cascades, WA[OC] [2048x1365] alexspaethphoto 1 points ago in EarthPorn

    I took while winter camping in Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest two weekends ago. While I was originally bummed about the lack of clouds around sunset, which is usually necessary for one of those “banger” images, these subtle hues started to fill the sky and I proceeded to run around in an effort to capture as much of the fleeting light as possible. The running definitely helped, though, because man was it frigid!

    Exif: Sony a7 172mm f/16 1/2s ISO 100

    For more landscapes, nightscapes, and timelapses, you can see them on my Instagram @alexspaeth.

    Edit: Bonus timelapse from that night.

    [–] ITAP of a Moving Train alexspaethphoto 4 points ago in itookapicture

    This is outside the Museum of Pop Culture (MoPOP) in Seattle. I'm typically a landscape and timelapse photographer, but the dense fog yesterday led me to try some more abstract themes.

    Exif: Sony a7 24-240mm at 62mm 2s f/32 ISO 50

    My Instagram is @alexspaeth for those interested.

    [–] Tracy Chapman - "Fast Car" [Folk/Rock] 1987 alexspaethphoto 1 points ago in Music

    What are your jobs and bills that requiring that much work and suffering?

    [–] Andromeda from my backyard in the Netherlands // Sony A7ii // 240mm // 400x 5sec + 30 flat frames + 30 dark frames stacked alexspaethphoto 2 points ago in SonyAlpha

    The tracker doesn’t take the images. The user sets it up on their tripod, aligns it to Polaris (if in the Northern Hemisphere), selects the right motion mode (sun, moon, 1/2, etc.), then it’ll just rotate whichever body is mounted on it. I’m guessing OP used a remote shutter with a timer.

    [–] the way this paint settled in my sink alexspaethphoto 1 points ago in mildlyinteresting

    Turn it 90 degrees and you have a badass peacock.

    [–] Blue Hour in the Italian Dolomites [OC][1315x1080] alexspaethphoto 1 points ago in EarthPorn

    Yup! Blue hour often contains many colors and tones. That's why it's one of my favorite times of the day to shoot.

    [–] Blue Hour in the Italian Dolomites [OC][1315x1080] alexspaethphoto 3 points ago * (lasted edited 5 months ago) in EarthPorn

    While hiking the Alta Via 1 this past July, I learned that it was always worth it to wake up for sunrise. Although Italy in general is a beautiful place, hiking through the Dolomites presented some of the most fascinating landscapes I've ever seen!

    This was taken on the morning of day 3 near Rifugio Lagazoui before heading in the direction of Cinque Torri. You can see more images from Italy and my other adventures on Instagram @alexspaeth.

    EXIF: Sony a7 80mm f/14 2.5s ISO 100

    [–] Cotton candy clouds above Half Dome, Yosemite, CA [OC][1080x1350] alexspaethphoto 1 points ago in EarthPorn

    This photo was taken on New Year's Day morning from our camp near Glacier Point and is the first image from this timelapse. Talk about a great way to start 2018!

    Exif: Sony a7 24-240mm at 24mm f/9 ISO 100 8s.

    For more landscapes and timelapses, feel free to check out my Instagram @alexspaeth.

    [–] My backyard, Alaska. [OC] [4032x3024] alexspaethphoto 1 points ago in EarthPorn

    Is this Bartlett Cove from Glacier Bay National Park? If so, I'm guessing you're a ranger there. I was just there in May for a kayaking trip up the West Arm and it was awesome!

    [–] The Milky Way graces the sky over Mt. St. Helens on a clear summer night [OC][2000x1346] alexspaethphoto 1 points ago in EarthPorn

    Sure. So imagine you're driving on a highway and looking out the window. The trees and telephone poles closest to you are whizzing by, while the mountain range 50 miles away is only slowly going in the opposite direction. Now imagine you take out a binoculars and look at the same scene. Not only is your field of view smaller, but everything is closer and moving faster through that field of view (relatively), including the mountain in the distance.

    tl;dr: star trails are still happening, focal length just determines how big they are.

    [–] The Milky Way graces the sky over Mt. St. Helens on a clear summer night [OC][2000x1346] alexspaethphoto 1 points ago in EarthPorn

    It depends on several elements, but mostly the focal length of the lens. Although it's not as accurate for today's large sensors, you can typically use the rule of 500 to determine the exposure length to avoid star trails. 500/(focal length*crop factor). For example, a 24mm lens on a full frame (35mm sensor) can shoot for roughly 20s. The larger the sensor, the shorter you have to shoot to avoid star trails. Aperture wise, you typically want to be as wide as possible (f/1.4-2.8) to gather as much light as possible.

    [–] The Milky Way erupts from Mount St. Helens, WA [OC][1605x1080] alexspaethphoto 1 points ago in EarthPorn

    Thanks bud! Funny we posted our shots on the same day. I was just renting the a7rIII and Sigma 24mm, but they all worked together like a dream. I’ve used the Metabones on my a7 and a6000 before with other canon lenses and they struggled with AF (but that doesn’t matter for night shots).