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    [–] Older generations of Reddit, who were the "I don't use computers" people of your time? alienbanter 1 points ago in AskReddit

    I can't get it on my Galaxy S8 because I bought the unlocked version of the phone, but I'm on the Verizon network. I can't download their actual voicemail app because it's not a "Verizon phone". It's super annoying - I still have to dial it every time

    [–] Silly question - How do I format my personal statement and my writing sample? alienbanter 2 points ago in gradadmissions

    I don't think it matters that much. In mine I just have my name in the upper left, and then in the upper right I have University of Whatever - Department of Whatever

    [–] Your input requested on skater flair alienbanter 4 points ago in FigureSkating

    Stephanie Roth! @skatefitjerseygirl on Instagram

    [–] If your phone is over 500$ and you complain about poverty I cant take you serious alienbanter 3 points ago in unpopularopinion

    I feel you and did the exact same thing - cheap 8GB phone to S8. I had a memory card for that one that did no good bc I could hardly put any apps on it. When I got the new phone, I didn't even have space on the old one to download the smart switch app even while deleting everything else - even the guy in the Verizon store was shocked. And it wasn't even just the space - that old phone was so glitchy and slow that using it was only ever frustrating. I've had my S8 2 years now and it's a world of difference.

    [–] Your input requested on skater flair alienbanter 3 points ago in FigureSkating

    The problem is here that a ton of people aren't from the US. This kind of system would create a lot more work for non American skaters to figure out what equivalent level they're on

    [–] Season 6 Castiel is the best Castiel. alienbanter 2 points ago in Supernatural

    This is how I feel too! I totally get the nostalgia, but after everything his character has done and been through I don't think he'll ever be that angel again, and that's okay - and good.

    [–] April 16, 2019 - Weekly discussion thread alienbanter 2 points ago in FigureSkating

    Ugh, my parents flew halfway across the country to see me skate for the first time in my team's showcase, and I skated the program worse than I literally ever have. Massive fall in footwork threw me off and I fucked up 2 jumping passes and my last spin after it. My roommates were there too. So embarrassing...

    [–] What company has lost their way? alienbanter 3 points ago in AskReddit

    I like Dr. Jeff Rocky Mountain Vet! Basically a behind the scenes at a vet practice, and he also goes out and does pro bono work for rescues around Colorado

    [–] Yuzu 4T+3A+3A+3A! alienbanter 10 points ago in FigureSkating

    I would have if I knew! I just saw it on Instagram and shared because I thought it was cool. Didn't realize until seeing the comments here

    [–] Take my seat? Enjoy getting up every 30 minutes. alienbanter 5 points ago in MaliciousCompliance

    I wish everyone knew this though. Last two middle seats I've been in I had only 1 or no armrests

    [–] Good FanFics alienbanter 1 points ago in destiel

    I'm currently in the middle of it! It's pretty good

    [–] April 16, 2019 - Weekly discussion thread alienbanter 17 points ago in FigureSkating

    I got silver in my event at nationals!!! It was awesome. My camel spin was bad but it was a solid attempt at 3 revolutions (6.0 system anyway). Super fun weekend. I also decided what grad school to go to so it's been a busy few days :)

    [–] First day of skating tomorrow. Any advice? alienbanter 13 points ago in FigureSkating

    Bend your knees, probably more than you think you should be! And bring gloves - if you fall it hurts less and is warmer :) Have fun!

    [–] Revolution blades vs regular blades alienbanter 11 points ago in FigureSkating

    This is like the third time you've posted almost exactly the same thing. I think you've got your answers at this point!

    [–] Upgrading blades John Wilson vs MK blades alienbanter 4 points ago in FigureSkating

    I have the MK Professionals, which I've heard are basically the same as the John Wilson ones you mentioned! I haven't used both so I can't compare them that way, but I've been very happy with them.

    [–] Intro Physics Professor thoughts? alienbanter 1 points ago in washu

    I had Ogliore and wasn't a huge fan. Nice enough guy, but his lecture style was super long powerpoints with so much writing you could hardly choose what to write down, or have time to do it. I took it the first semester he was teaching so maybe he's improved, but idk