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    [–] Help with overpronation? alienbanter 2 points ago in FigureSkating

    If there's someone near you who knows what they're doing, getting blades adjusted and/or special insoles could help!

    [–] Old Hunts alienbanter 7 points ago in Supernatural

    Definitely not all fans though! I personally get bored with MOTW episodes , especially after 14 seasons when they aren't introducing many new monsters. I've seen some people wanting a season of entirely MOTW episodes with no over-arching plot, and I think that would be super boring to watch.

    [–] So Many boots to choose from alienbanter 2 points ago in FigureSkating

    I think lots of people do this, especially as they progress and are looking for stronger boots. I personally went Riedell-->Jackson

    [–] Hi ! Anyone else here a beginner adult figure skater? ☺️🤗 alienbanter 13 points ago in FigureSkating

    There are many of us! Check out the weekly discussion thread and you'll see :)

    [–] Gabby Daleman joins MLM Arbonne 😑 alienbanter 1 points ago in FigureSkating

    Good to hear! That was quick. Glad people must have informed her

    [–] Seeing a student vomit in class is not exactly my favorite way to start the day. alienbanter 4 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago) in AdviceAnimals

    It must vary regionally, because I'm 22 and my schools still complained about too many excused absences when I was younger

    Edit: typo

    [–] February 12, 2019 - Weekly discussion thread alienbanter 3 points ago in FigureSkating

    Yay congrats! I had a severe ankle sprain a few years ago before I started skating, and the first time I went for a run after the injury was one of the most liberating feelings in the world. Best of luck getting back into it! :)

    [–] Advice for New Blades alienbanter 6 points ago in FigureSkating

    It actually amazes me that you were able to hang onto those for so long - I broke my Diamonds down in less than a year only going up to single salchow. Don't have much advice on blades because I haven't used that brand. I know you have a strict price limit but I got MK Professionals for $220 and they're fantastic. AGES better than the blades on the Diamonds

    [–] Hey Seattle, how you folks doing? alienbanter 8 points ago in Seattle

    My parents' neighborhood on a hill lost power last night, and they have 17 inches and very little plowing. Gonna be a fun few days for them!

    [–] February 12, 2019 - Weekly discussion thread alienbanter 3 points ago in FigureSkating

    I have debuts and I just started working in lutz (I have solid jumps through flip). They're working really well for me right now, and they're rated I think through axel so I hope they'll last me a while. Not sure what level you're at but that's what I'm up to with them!

    [–] February 12, 2019 - Weekly discussion thread alienbanter 4 points ago in FigureSkating

    Thanks! I've also wondered that myself. I've seen some people labeled as intermediate who are working on combination spins, and then someone who said they're advanced but haven't landed an axel. I decided I'll bump myself to intermediate once I start working on axel - I only have through flip right now and just started trying lutzes, and I can't do a sit spin.

    [–] February 12, 2019 - Weekly discussion thread alienbanter 2 points ago in FigureSkating

    I have the debuts! Love them. Also yay for this community! Makes watching so much more fun

    [–] February 12, 2019 - Weekly discussion thread alienbanter 22 points ago in FigureSkating

    I won my event in competition this weekend!!! I'm so happy with how my performance went. Landed all my jumps, did a great scratch spin, and got 2 rotations on my camel (which is one more than last time lol). My team got 4th overall again, and if we can hold off Michigan at the next we'll qualify for nationals 😊

    [–] Gabby Daleman joins MLM Arbonne 😑 alienbanter 2 points ago in FigureSkating

    I honestly don't know in terms of the products other than that they're overpriced, as I haven't used them myself. I just don't support patronizing a company that uses predatory techniques to recruit people who don't know any better, and puts many people in a lot of debt (in addition to annoying everyone they know)

    [–] My uncle visiting from the Philippines has never seen snow. This is what happened today. alienbanter 27 points ago in pics

    My parents live out near Issaquah and my dad has been working from home. They went snowshoeing around the neighborhood the other day! They live on a mountain and apparently getting up and down has been awful

    [–] Camel spin woes - with video! alienbanter 1 points ago in FigureSkating

    Hey! I'm not - I'm a student at WashU and we have a club team, so we're in Minneapolis for an intercollegiate competition this weekend :)

    [–] Longer practices or little and often? alienbanter 7 points ago in FigureSkating

    Hire basically means rent in like the UK, Australia, etc.

    [–] I seem to have a nerve problem in my arm alienbanter 3 points ago in AskDocs

    Generally medical professionals are going to be really skeptical of chiropractors, and advise you not to go because they don't have the same training as doctors. I'm not in medicine myself, but anecdotally I had a back issue that going to the chiropractor made worse. I didn't know any better at the time. I went to physical therapy instead afterward, and I haven't had a problem in years. I would suggest talking with a GP and seeing if they might recommend physical therapy for you