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    [–] Is it totally okay to have a bigger dinner? alkaliseraphine 3 points ago in CICO

    I started in April! It was faster in the beginning. I’ve slowed to like 5 lbs a month so I adjusted my goals accordingly. I’m 5’4”, started at 195 and I’m 139 today. I hope to be 125 by Christmas.

    [–] Is it totally okay to have a bigger dinner? alkaliseraphine 4 points ago in CICO

    Yeah dude like 95% of the time I eat like a bird all day and then eat a massive dinner so I still feel like I’m indulging. It’s my way of tricking myself. I’ve lost 56 lbs so far doing this so it seems to be fine.

    [–] Weight loss has stalled. Am I cutting too much? alkaliseraphine 2 points ago in loseit

    So what the previous comment says is accurate, but I would add a few thoughts:

    1300 may not be enough. Since you’ve plateaued for so long, try eating at maintenance or above maintenance for a day or two. When I plateau, that almost always shocks my system out of it. I’m 5’4” and I’m losing on 1500 a day with less running (I average 3 times a week but I’ve been lazy lately.) You mentioned that you’re toning up; maybe use a measuring tape to track progress for a few weeks? I know when my weight loss stalls, I see progress elsewhere.

    [–] Weight loss has stalled. Am I cutting too much? alkaliseraphine 10 points ago in loseit

    Reddit - loseit - PSA: A recent increase in exercise often causes a several-pound increase in water weight for up to 6 weeks

    [–] Am I doing this right? alkaliseraphine 2 points ago in CICO

    Agreed; it’s not enough food. Don’t deprive yourself. I’m rocking on a 1500 calorie budget, 5’4”. Slow and steady wins the race. I started at 195 and I’m currently 141. I average between 1200-1700, depending on the day. As long as you stay below maintenance, you’re good and losing fat.

    I did C25K and it’s awesome. Definitely take rest days in between runs. The progress happens during rest days where your muscle repairs itself and your respiratory system improves. I did every other day. Good luck!

    [–] Controversial Calorie Opinions: A Rant alkaliseraphine 2 points ago in loseit

    I feel you. I’ve lost 52lbs from a start weight of 194. I’m also a shortie; 5’4” on a good day.

    My TDEE at sedentary if I were to weigh 125 is roughly 1500. That’s to maintain my weight.

    The trick to sustainable weight loss is to go slow and steady and focus on making lifestyle and mindset changes. 1200 is not sustainable in the long run and it makes the long game that much harder. It’s fine for NOW, but you need to consider maintenance right out of the gate.

    [–] AITA for prioritizing a newborn over an almost 19 year old? alkaliseraphine 587 points ago in AmItheAsshole

    YTA. Your eldest child requires lifelong care, which means that it is your job to help provide said care for the rest of her life. Your newborn having designer clothing is a joke in comparison to the intense special needs of your eldest daughter.

    [–] F/33/5’4” [194>143=51lbs] April-September. CICO, lazy OMAD, running and hiking. alkaliseraphine 1 points ago in progresspics

    Renpho! I’ve tracked my stats for the last three years using one. It definitely needs to use algorithms for some of these readings, but it keeps a solid record of any progress and gives me a tool to use to hold myself accountable.

    [–] AITA my (M30) ex GF (f32) got pregnant under false pretences, and is now forcing fatherhood. alkaliseraphine 1 points ago in AmItheAsshole


    This one is tough. 16 weeks is awfully far along to be talking about termination. Did she intentionally wait to tell you?

    [–] White Oleander alkaliseraphine 2 points ago in raisedbynarcissists

    I haven’t read it. But the first time I saw the film, I was still living with my nMom and it was like watching many facets of my own life. I remember it being very painful to watch. Divine Secrets of the YaYa Sisterhood had aspects of my nMom as well; you might enjoy that one. In the cathartic sense.