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    [–] Was there ever a moment where someone was technically speaking your native language, but you had absolutely no idea what they were trying to say. alleeele 3 points ago in AskEurope

    Ha! Im not Hungarian, but my best friend is, and just by chance I watched Chicago for the first time last week. I immediately noticed that she wasn’t Hungarian! Very proud of myself for noticing the accent was off.

    [–] Fantasy book where protagonist has some sort of visible disability/injury/disfigurement and has to work through it alleeele 1 points ago in suggestmeabook

    Thanks for the reply! However, I should specify that I don’t want a villain. It’s a tired trope of disfigurement/disability = evil. Thanks anyway though!

    [–] Why are most Americans on Reddit so damn self loathing? alleeele 2 points ago in AskAnAmerican

    Why do you assume that posting on the internet and being activist can’t coexist? I think a lot of passionate redditors are politically active. I mean, just look how huge the recent protests have been.

    [–] Meme by yours truly alleeele 3 points ago in ForbiddenBromance

    I used to live down the street from the famous sabich shel oved, that shit is the BOMB

    [–] He made a mindless joke about a certain insecurity of mine and this is what happened. alleeele 5 points ago in relationships_advice

    Listen to your intuition. If this is a general pattern of him dismissing your concerns, then you’re right to be bothered by it. It’s not about the specific comment, but rather his reaction. He’s not date other girls; he’s dating you.

    [–] הפעם היחידה שביבי התקרב למשהו מוסרי alleeele 13 points ago in ani_bm

    No problem. If you don’t mind me asking, why are you in a Hebrew language subreddit if you don’t speak Hebrew?

    [–] הפעם היחידה שביבי התקרב למשהו מוסרי alleeele 16 points ago in ani_bm

    The person Bibi is pictured with is Tal Museri, an Israeli celebrity. Museri is spelled the same as “musari” in Hebrew, which means “moral”. So it’s a pun, the caption says “the only time Bibi approaches something musari/museri”. Pretty clever to be honest.

    [–] AITA for telling my guy friend that I wouldn’t sleep with him either? alleeele 4 points ago in AmItheAsshole

    This is such a solid answer. Saving to show to my female friends who think being “one of the guys” is a compliment.

    [–] Rationalist Judaism - such an oxymoron. alleeele 1 points ago in exjew

    Well, I would consider that god malevolent or absurd, but not for the reasons you listed. Honestly that’s the least of the issues. Just read the tanach and form an opinion based on that...

    [–] Rationalist Judaism - such an oxymoron. alleeele 4 points ago in exjew

    If you believe in an all-powerful deity, it’s rational that this deity would be capable of contradicting the laws of nature, while still creating guidelines that nature follows the rest of the time. That’s what I always say about the argument of the earth still being young according to Judaism, despite there being proof of millions of years of existence. An all-powerful being can manipulate reality any way they want. They can make an earth that is created old. The same works for all “illogical” things in the tanach. Now I myself is agnostic but my main gripes with Judaism are definitely not that it’s irrational, but rather that it is oppressive to groups within the religion (if it is practiced to the letter).

    [–] What screams “I’m way richer than I look”? alleeele 1 points ago in AskReddit

    This makes me think of an interview I recently watched if Maluma on Jimmy Fallon. He was wearing a lot of expensive-looking jewelry, diamond etc. It seemed very flashy to me. Your comment made me wonder what his background was, and if that influences the way he shows off his wealth. There are lots of rich celebrities but a lot of them don’t go around showing off their wealth so blatantly.

    [–] So pure alleeele 3 points ago in ContagiousLaughter

    So much love