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    [–] I miss the old Dota alonelycuteboy 1 points ago in DotA2

    Shrines stopped ratting and split pushing.

    [–] I miss the old Dota alonelycuteboy -10 points ago in DotA2

    They definitely did. Dota's gone downhill sice patch 7.00, and it's just been getting worse and worse.

    [–] I miss the old Dota alonelycuteboy 89 points ago in DotA2

    You could outsmart the enemy. You could split push, rat, 4p1; if you were better than your enemy at farming and could kite them around the map, you could build up an advantage, make use of timings and win. But now there's nothing to do in dota but 5 man brawl from minute 10. It's gone from chess to checkers.

    [–] Pokemon...? alonelycuteboy 1 points ago in Cringetopia

    I came across it on a cringe subreddit. And yet, here you are defending grown men in pokemon furry suits. How bad does your room smell, I wonder.

    [–] Suggestion : Little visual indicator for each tiers of neutral items alonelycuteboy 1 points ago in DotA2

    This. Adding elements of luck to a competitive game virtually never result in a more skillful environment. Know why there is almost zero Pokemon seen in esports? Because way more often than people want to admit, the worse player just lucks their way to victory. Yes you absolutely have to use RNG in your favor but no matter how hard you stack the dice your opponent is also stacking those same dice and in the end the game is often decided with rolls out of the control of either player. Leaving a HUGE percentage of the game up to RNG is why you will never see a lot of prize money offered at Pokemon esports events outside of the tiny prize pool offered by VGC.

    [–] Suggestion : Little visual indicator for each tiers of neutral items alonelycuteboy 1 points ago in DotA2

    I can’t believe some people think its defensible for an RNG mechanic to decide what happens in what is supposed to be a skill based game.

    [–] What OU pokemon do you think deserves a suspect test before the generation ends? alonelycuteboy 1 points ago in stunfisk

    the fuck are u talking about, after one swords dance and unburden it has 622 attack and 606 fucking speed. Access to 2 incredibly bp stabs. This pokemon is a joke and needs a suspect test.

    [–] San Francisco Pride members pass resolution to ban Google, YouTube from future parades alonelycuteboy 1 points ago in bayarea

    But woah! I thought it was a private company so it can do whatever it wants on it's own platform, right? Oooh how the tables have turned.

    [–] What makes Pikmin 3 so great? alonelycuteboy 1 points ago in Pikmin

    Pikmin 3 was trash. They dumbed down the fight mechanics, oversimplified combat, and the game was very linear. 2 was the best by far.

    [–] Pokemon...? alonelycuteboy -19 points ago in Cringetopia

    Furry detected.

    [–] Why the fuck don't we have a preview of the skins in game? alonelycuteboy 1 points ago in jurassicworldevo

    You're not wasting a slot, you just need to replace the dinosaur icon preview with the actual skin selected. Are you fucking retarded?

    [–] 🤷🏼‍♂️ alonelycuteboy 2 points ago in WhitePeopleTwitter

    And? You didn't refute his point at all.

    [–] 🤷🏼‍♂️ alonelycuteboy 0 points ago in WhitePeopleTwitter

    Holy fuck you are so delusional. Yeah, every other millions of people on the planet are just lazy, that's why they aren't CEOs. Why doesn't everyone just pick themselves up by the boostraps, work hard and become a CEO I wonder?

    Fucking moron.

    [–] 🤷🏼‍♂️ alonelycuteboy 1 points ago in WhitePeopleTwitter

    Proceeds to complain about his rent being at an all time high while wages have stagnated for the past 20 years. Interesting.

    [–] 🤷🏼‍♂️ alonelycuteboy 25 points ago in WhitePeopleTwitter

    The point is that you're allowed to buy computers and smartphones and at the same time criticize Bezos or Gates. It's essentially a necessity to have one of these to work, to call emergency services like the police or to look up driving directions. And yet due to monopolies created by billionaire assholes, you can't buy a phone without supporting one. Just like I 60 years ago could buy a car, because I needed one, and at the same time criticize car manufacturers for not making seatbelts. I buy their monopoly-owned product because I fucking need one, that doesn't mean I can't criticize what they are doing to society and people.

    Billionare's don't earn their entire net worth without abusing people and the system. Look at Bezos, he owns an online store that can operate cheaper than its competitors because it runs on pure distilled human suffering, doesn’t pay its taxes, and engages in anti-competitive business practices. He didn’t invent any of those things, he digitized the analog versions of them. He makes a thousand of his low level employees annual wages in less time than they get for lunch breaks.

    And that's the problem. Stop thinking about the welfare of billionares-you'll never be one yourself, and they're pretty well off in their 12 mansions-and start thinking about yourself, your family, and your fellow working class peoples. Billionares simply shouldn't exist because they don't exist without millions of people living in poverty. That's how wealth works.

    Bezos is a billionaire because he's abused and underpaid thousands and thousands of people and lobbied to get laws changed in his favor. Don't you think it would be better for 99.99% of humans to redistribute some of his damn wealth? Instead of Bezos or Gates buying a 20th mazerrati this month, a few thousand people get to see a doctor or eat tonight.

    [–] 🤷🏼‍♂️ alonelycuteboy 910 points ago in WhitePeopleTwitter

    Somes you have to remind people where they actually are in the class war, the reminder that "you are always three very bad months away from being homeless, but never three very good months away from being a billionaire".

    [–] Synderen's thoughts on neutral items alonelycuteboy 1 points ago in DotA2

    That's not what the argument at hand was-it was that neutral items make map control more important. And that's blatantly false.