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    [–] Researched TVs to the point I don't even have an idea what to buy alwaysmyfault 1 points ago in hometheater

    85 x900f was (is?) available on eBay for 2500. At least it was as of yesterday. I'll check if it's still up....

    Edit: looks like the deal is done, at least for now.

    [–] Official Discussion: Gemini Man [SPOILERS] alwaysmyfault 3 points ago in movies

    The 3D was the best I've seen since Avatar. Very high praise for the 3D. The HFR was... Interesting. I generally hate that 120hz shit on TV's, and I wasn't a huge fan of it in this movie, but I can see people liking it.

    [–] Megathread: Congress Can Seek President Trump’s Tax Returns, Appeals Court Rules alwaysmyfault 50 points ago in politics

    This whole thing reminds me of that episode of South Park where Cartman tells all the kids he got an iPad, and promised to show it to them. Then once his mom wouldn't buy him an iPad, and instead bought him a Toshiba Handybook, he tried his hardest to hide them.

    Trump is Cartman, claiming he will show off his amazing iPad (Tax returns to people). Then when people actually ask for them, he makes up every excuse in the book, and goes to court to prevent people from seeing them.

    [–] Looking for good big OLED/QLED/LCD TV for living room. Total noob. alwaysmyfault 1 points ago in hometheater


    I've had an OLED for 2 years, and I'd consider myself a heavy gamer. 0 burn in.

    It's nothing to worry about.

    It's like choosing to not buy a Ferrari because one person had a flat tire once.

    [–] What is the most Bullshit reason for a teacher to give you a bad grade ? alwaysmyfault 1 points ago in AskReddit

    5th grade, Mrs. Anderson was my teacher. She gave us a sheet full of math problems (basically just long multiplication and stuff, fairly easy stuff). I was a whiz at math back then.

    The rule in her class was that as soon as you were done with your work, you could go play or whatever, with the various educational games in the back of the room. I finished that sheet in like 5 minutes tops, and went to go play.

    She accused me of cheating and using a calculator, and made me do it all over again while she watched me.

    So I manned up, and did that shit in front of her, again, and still finished before the rest of the class. Did a mini mic drop when I gave her my sheet, and went and played.

    Fuck you Mrs. Anderson. You know I was good at math, yet you accused me of cheating. 5th grade me still hates you.

    [–] $950 for a 10 year old TV alwaysmyfault 7 points ago in delusionalcraigslist

    Saw one earlier, a Toshiba laptop, had to be 10 years old, still running Windows 7, and they wanted 200 for it.

    [–] $950 for a 10 year old TV alwaysmyfault 2 points ago in delusionalcraigslist

    Have you bothered to watch any actual 4k content? Specifically any 4K UHD discs? I'd recommend checking out Planet Earth 2, or Blue Planet 2 on UHD.

    [–] Best $40 I ever spent on my lawn: a thatch rake. alwaysmyfault 2 points ago in lawncare

    Bought a thatch rake last year. It works well, but man is it hard work.

    Spent 120 this year on a Sunjoe dethatcher. Does just as good of a job, but doesn't kill my back.

    [–] What if I told you ... alwaysmyfault 8 points ago in hometheater

    Huge gamer here, had an LG OLED for 2 years now. 0 burn in. It's 100% an exaggerated thing. Just get the OLED and enjoy it.

    [–] PlayStation 5 Launches Holiday 2020 alwaysmyfault 1 points ago in PS5

    Any word if they are planning on releasing a ps5 Pro at launch?

    [–] Fellow Americans, How would you feel about eliminating tipping in exchange for providing a livable wage for the service industry? alwaysmyfault 1 points ago in AskReddit

    I'd support it, but I feel like restaurant owners would find a way to frame the argument similar to the minimum wage argument.

    Let's say someone owns an Applebee's. At any given time, there's probably what, 5 servers? They probably make like 4 bucks an hour now. If you upped their pay to 15 bucks an hour, that's an extra $55 an hour the owner has to pay, so we'll say an extra 500 bucks a day, just to use round numbers. That's 15k a month, 180k a year.

    I guarantee that the restaurant owner would claim that paying a living wage would put them out of business. If that doesn't work, they'd argue that customers food prices will go up 50% or some ridiculous amount.

    [–] Post Hell In A Cell 2019 Match Discussion Thread alwaysmyfault 0 points ago in SquaredCircle

    There was a VERY loud chant as Bray was fucking up Seth outside the ring, but I can't make out what it is. Almost sounds like "Grease your back". The chant lasts for about 10 seconds.

    Anyone know what they were saying?

    [–] First Home Theater - Optical not outputting sound alwaysmyfault 1 points ago in hometheater

    This may sound silly, but did you remove the little plastic cap from the ends of the cable?

    You mentioned the light is faint. In my experience, the light is actually quite bright if you're looking right at it.

    [–] Help with these two 65" television choices? alwaysmyfault 1 points ago in hometheater

    I wouldn't say that Samsung display is 2nd to none. Both of these are entry level TV's at best. Picture quality will be similar is my guess, so just pick one that works best for your situation.