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    [–] ‘I said nine or 10 months ago that after winning eight Championships, finishing second with United may have been my greatest achievement,’ Mourinho told L’Equipe. ‘Now people understand.’ amamboro 854 points ago in soccer

    Full quote:

    'I do not always do my analysis publicly on Manchester United. I do not want to talk about it and I have the feeling that I do not need to speak, that time gives explanations. '

    ‘About United I want to say only two things: One is that time has spoken. Two is that the problems are still there.’

    Asked if he was a victim of his falling out with Paul Pogba, Mourinho added: ‘No. The problems are there. You can imagine that the problems are the players, the organisation, the ambition.

    ‘I only say that I cannot say yes when you ask if Paul was the only one responsible.’

    [–] Daily Discussion [2019-05-11] amamboro 22 points ago in soccer

    Not to hijack your post, but I noticed even Liverpool has quite lot of captains in the current squad.

    Van Dijk - Netherlands

    Mane - Senegal

    Keita - Guinea

    Roberson - Scotland

    Joe Gomez - England U21

    Henderson has captained the NT time to time.

    [–] Unpopular Opinion Thread amamboro 1 points ago in soccer

    Yes. We are deluded. For us Van Dijk is Jesus second coming. Firmino is the best striker in the world. Brexit midfield is miles better than the Catalan midfield. That is because we love our players. If u ask me personally, I will say my dad is better than every other dad in the world just because I love him. It’s the same when it comes to Liverpool players. Why do people hate us so bad? If the mods delete a post related to Liverpool unfairly, is it the fans fault? Or if some stupid cunt throws a fan into a fountain, is the whole fanbase cancer? I seriously feel depressed because of all the hate from other club people. Again, we are not acting victim here, I just want to understand what did we do to deserve such hate. I feel bad for ever knowing this sport. This sub has taken away all the joy the game gives me :(