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    [–] Wild Horses amandapandacomics 1 points ago in funny

    And this comment has been made about 20 times already. Everything has been done before.

    [–] Wild Horses amandapandacomics 2 points ago in funny

    Hay, can’t whinny them all, right?

    [–] Wild Horses amandapandacomics 1 points ago in funny

    This comment is not of the Lethani 😶

    [–] Wild Horses amandapandacomics 9 points ago in u_amandapandacomics

    She belongs to the streets now 🗡🦄

    [–] Wild Horses amandapandacomics 43 points ago in funny

    You won’t like my other work...

    [–] Wild Horses amandapandacomics 27 points ago in funny

    It’s something I grew up hearing, but apparently there’s a story to go with it. 🐴

    [–] What is the best podcast on the books? amandapandacomics 3 points ago in KingkillerChronicle

    Casterquest is my fav. Great discussion, and Mandy is feckin hilarious. 😂

    [–] Sea Toddle amandapandacomics 5 points ago in u_amandapandacomics

    Thanks BaconWise! 😜

    [–] Sea Toddle amandapandacomics 8 points ago in comics

    Nature is beautiful in both its majesty and indifference.

    [–] Twitch Stream tomorrow (8/18)! (Details in comments) amandapandacomics 4 points ago in u_amandapandacomics

    I feel a study break coming on!

    Tomorrow, I’ll be streaming on Twitch at at 10AM EST. Come hang out and chat while I draw some new comics!

    Also (bc I’ve seen other artists do this and it looks like fun) if you leave a comment here with something fun you’d like to see drawn, I may do it live during the stream!

    I can’t promise it’ll be good. I can’t promise I’ll be sober. But we’ll have fun. 😛

    [–] Womp Womp amandapandacomics 1 points ago in u_amandapandacomics

    I think I might have been a dad in a past life. 🤔

    [–] Womp Womp amandapandacomics 3 points ago in comics

    Sorry, my dude, but nope.

    Source: I played French horn and kinda sorta remember what it looks like...? 😂

    Also this

    [–] Womp Womp amandapandacomics 6 points ago in u_amandapandacomics

    It’s all downhill from here