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    [–] CALLING ALL 9 YEAR OLDS (original by u/RandomWeeb amir_sd 3 points ago in PewdiepieSubmissions

    Wow. You are pathetic for wanting to bully kids for a popular new game they like. Sound familiar?

    [–] moses AMA (caster, analyst) amir_sd 28 points ago in GlobalOffensive

    I’ll send it to you today or tomorrow. Props to Anders if he tapes it onto his face at the next CSGO event he casts with you. <3

    [–] moses AMA (caster, analyst) amir_sd 29 points ago in GlobalOffensive

    Is this an attempt to censor my freedom of speech?

    [–] moses AMA (caster, analyst) amir_sd 79 points ago in GlobalOffensive

    Little bit more lighthearted questions than some of the other ones here. Would you like a photo of Anders, with the cat mask, photoshopped onto the live action Sonic saying “Uhh meow”?

    [–] That Damned Smile amir_sd 2 points ago in TheBoys

    Can we stop reposting this every week?

    [–] Independent Business Plan amir_sd 2 points ago in DECA

    I believe you can just purchase last year’s winners’ reports from the DECA shop.

    [–] Wtf nestlé amir_sd 3 points ago in dankmemes

    Reddit didn’t do anything to Nestle and neither will your meme. If you want to actually help here is what you can do(and what I will try to do myself). Make a comprehensive list of all of Nestle’s subsidies, so we can avoid purchasing those products, which will support Nestle. Then create a list of alternative companies that you can purchase from to buy the same products but from actual ethical companies. If you do this, then you can make a change, but if you keep posting these circlejerk memes you will help Nestle by having fellow Redditors think that something is being done.

    [–] Disney's Mulan Actress Liu Yifei supports police brutality in Hong Kong amir_sd 323 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago) in HongKong

    Honestly, I’m curious to see how Disney responds. They will undoubtedly be seen as taking a side depending on if they fire her or keep her. The PR team and executives have a big decision to make.

    Edit: Since Mulan is already in post, there is pretty much no way that the actor will be fired. However, the actor may not be the one at fault here. The Chinese government may be forcing her to tweet these things to gain support for their involvement in Hong Kong.