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    [–] [PSU] CORSAIR SF Series SF450 450W 80 PLUS GOLD SFX $65.53 ($85.53 - $20 MIR) ammotyka 1 points ago in buildapcsales

    I bought a GPU which had a PSU limitation of 650W, my PSU is EVGA 650W 80 Gold, will that be alright being at the minimum? This is a good deal if I needed to upgrade at the PSU

    [–] [USA-KY][H]Paypal [W]Nvidia Titan Xp ammotyka 2 points ago in hardwareswap

    Recently saw a dude around Louisville posting one in Facebook Marketplace, check there if you cant find them here

    [–] [GPU] GIGABYTE GeForce RTX 2080 GAMING OC WHITE 8G - GV-N2080GAMINGOC WHITE-8GC - $683.99 after 10% off w/ promo code EMCTVUY24 + FS (includes BF V & Anthem) ammotyka 1 points ago in buildapcsales

    Can anyone comment on my situation: have a gigabyte GTX 1080 Turbo OC (blower style) that was just RMA'd (broken, bought off Facebook) and a RTX 2060 FE (bought before I knew I could RMA 1080). The blower on the 1080 gets fuckin loud, performance is good though. I'm all about future proofing and money isn't really an issue here if I resell both those cards. Would this be a solid buy for me?

    [–] Bad Front Microphone Input? ammotyka 1 points ago in NZXT

    If only my headphones were longer, I ordered an extension cable now.

    [–] Swapped RTX 2060 for GTX 1080, PC won't start ammotyka 1 points ago in buildapc

    Worked like a charm, I'm in bios now changing memory speed! Thanks so much to you and u/thatrandomanus (lol)

    [–] Swapped RTX 2060 for GTX 1080, PC won't start ammotyka 1 points ago in buildapc

    Yo, my manual for the MB said to take a screwdriver and touch the two pins to reset CMOS and if that doesn't do it then remove the battery and touch the things again. Would you suggest try the screwdriver thing first or just go ahead and take the battery out?

    [–] Swapped RTX 2060 for GTX 1080, PC won't start ammotyka 2 points ago in buildapc

    Will try it soon, I appreciate the suggestion and you backing it up!

    [–] I have a copy of overwatch none of my friends will take, I’ll give it to whoever can be the most positive about themselves without bragging. Everyone needs to look at themselves positively sometimes. ammotyka 3 points ago in pcgaming

    Recently married the girl of my dreams. We never lived together before so we didn't really know the entirety of each other's hobbies, she a bookworm and me a gamer. We can be in the same room doing our own thing which is cool, but we want to try and have more quality time with each other. We've started sharing coffee and putting together a star wars puzzle in the morning before work and it has be great for us.

    I've only ever played OW when it was free weekend on the Xbox. Built a PC a month ago and it could be a great addition to my small library. Thanks for your kindness

    [–] The Division 2 open beta ammotyka 1 points ago in pcgaming

    I'm hyped to read your comment. I got D2 code for free when I bought my 2600x and was super surprised. Never played the first one but I'm stoked to try this one out

    [–] Bad Front Microphone Input? ammotyka 1 points ago in NZXT

    I'm using the H500 case and my microphone sounds like trash, like straight fuzz and crackle. Only in the front mic input though, I'm crisp and clear when plugged into my Asus prime MB. This is the best pic of the cables that plug into the mic/headphone input (I think) on the case. That black cable looks and feels like it's severed inside the coating. Anyone able to confirm if that would be the reason for my problem? Can I get a replacement cable?

    [–] Let's drive across this flood ammotyka 2 points ago in instant_regret

    Check out r/3rdandwinklervstrucks in Louisville. Wish we had awesome video footage like the Canopener but pics will do