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    [–] Best way to de-stink my interior? amongmany 1 points ago in CherokeeXJ

    Like let a whole can of febreeze loose and then run the heat? What's the heat do?

    [–] Best way to de-stink my interior? amongmany 1 points ago in CherokeeXJ

    Yeah. I'm trying to avoid gutting the interior of I can. Sounds like a hassle.

    [–] Los Angeles daily discussion thread 01/16 amongmany 3 points ago in LosAngeles

    Dumb question: If I'm parked on a street that ONLY displays street cleaning signs (and it's not a street cleaning day), BUT the surrounding streets all display time limited, permit exempt signage - am I ok to park for longer than 1-2 hours (the time limits posted on surrounding streets)?

    [–] Insurance coverage question, please help! (He hit my jeep!) amongmany 2 points ago in Jeep

    Doesn't look terrible. Could prob be fixed with some junkyard parts like a new front bumper and maybe fender.

    [–] [WTS] Dana Design Arcflex Alpine Size M amongmany 2 points ago in GearTrade

    It's top load and has a zipper at the sleeping bag compartment (the black bottom 1/3rd). It has an internal frame. I'm 5'8 so there's a good chance it would fit.

    [–] Prospective Basenji owner amongmany 5 points ago in Basenji

    Don't know anything about breeders in that area. Breeder should run the check for Fanconi for you.

    Beyond that... If you've researched and understand what you're getting into then I don't have a ton to add. Feel free to shoot any specific questions.

    Simple answer is: - Be prepared for a ton of training work - Crate train from day 1 - Socialize to everything you can think of and more - Train early and never stop

    Ours just turned 5. He's awesome and getting progressively easier, but they're difficult to train and too smart for their own good (or ours - were still deciding). If you have any doubt about the breed, seriously consider something else.

    [–] Prospective Basenji owner amongmany 2 points ago in Basenji

    Have you researched? Do you know what you're getting into (beyond just getting a new puppy)?

    [–] Feeding the XJ addiction. amongmany 2 points ago in CherokeeXJ

    Looks great. Fraid I'm in socal though.

    [–] Feeding the XJ addiction. amongmany 2 points ago in CherokeeXJ

    Nice! What roof rack?

    [–] The Questions Thread 01/11/19 amongmany 3 points ago in goodyearwelt

    Anyone have experience with astorflex boot sizing?

    Ordered a pair of their Chelsea and their lace up boots to see which I preferred. The site I ordered from offered full sizes only and recommended that buyers size down if they’re between sizes, so I end up with an 8 (EU 41). The two showed up and were definitely too small (too narrow and a touch short). No big deal - they offer free returns.

    So I send them back and order the next size up 9 (EU 42)... and they’re huge. Too big by every measure.

    Anyone familiar with astorflex boots? Is this typical? I’ve sold shoes (and obviously bought plenty) and I’ve never seen this significant of a size difference across a 1-size spread.