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    [–] Oculus Quest initial review: Cable and PC-free VR gaming andreelijah 4 points ago in oculus

    I've played it on Rift, it's basically the same. It's fantastic.

    [–] 17 R5 (i7 8750h and GTX 1080), would buying an AGA and an RTX 2080 give me decent performance gains? andreelijah 1 points ago in Alienware

    I’ve got a maxed out R5 with a Titan V in the graphics amp and there is a huge performance jump. If you’re going to play at 4K on an external display, do it.

    If you’re playing on your internal display (without Gsync) then you’re fine without it.

    [–] Linus: VR is crashing vs Nvidia: 4 million PC VR headsets sold. Why Linus' credibility may have just crashed too. andreelijah 0 points ago in oculus

    Just because its 4 million sales doesn't mean that's 4 million consumers.

    Businesses are snatching them up like crazy, but they won't buy or play games. So he's not wrong entirely.

    [–] M17 with RTX is at CES! andreelijah 1 points ago in Alienware

    I’m fine with that. Look at the new Area51m - whoa!

    [–] CES 2019 Prediction Thread! andreelijah 2 points ago in Alienware

    RTX MXM 2080s have already leaked.

    Frank Azor responded to a tweet a month or so ago about possibly bringing back MXM.

    I would love it if they put an 18'' display in the 17 R6, and also released an m17.

    I'm pretty sure that Alienware's BFGD display will be announced as well.

    [–] Alienware 17 R5 owners, how is it holding up and how are you liking it? andreelijah 1 points ago in Alienware

    I've had the R5 since it launched. I had an issue with my first unit where the machine lagged and froze when I used all of the drive bays. Turns out that Tobii was using up all of the bandwidth and slowed things down. I figured this out after I received a replacement unit.

    I've traveled all over the world in the last 6 months with my replacement unit and its been great. It is honestly my favorite computer. I'm doing VR development and rendering on it using both the internal 1080 as well as an external Titan V using the graphics amp.

    If you're having major issues, contact Frank Azor on Twitter, and he'll bring it to his team who are exceptional :)

    [–] Working Kodi Builds? andreelijah 2 points ago in xboxone

    Haven’t tried that one. Will give that a go. Thank you!

    [–] Introductions – spatialcomputing – Medium andreelijah 1 points ago in magicleap

    It was a really dumb post where the guy said he was going to start on a series of blog posts about spatial computing. It was literally just an announcement of future blogs.

    [–] The Epic Games Store is the best thing that could happen to Steam andreelijah -1 points ago in pcgaming

    It's not about paying people off. Game devs aren't happy about a lot of things to do with Steam and need a viable alternative to make Valve get their act together - especially for the premium they charge. That's it.

    Ideally both stores have equal features and revenue splits so games can exist on both!

    [–] Black & White andreelijah 1 points ago in virtualreality

    I own a studio.

    [–] Black & White andreelijah 2 points ago in virtualreality

    I'm working on something to scratch that itch... ;)

    It might be a title for an upcoming headset...