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    [–] UPDATE: How do I (21m) tell my older brother (27m) that I’m addicted to drugs apathetichearts 1 points ago in relationships

    Please don’t just wait for a therapist. Get your butt to a 12 step meeting and work the steps with a sponsor you trust. And that can even be a woman btw, I’m a female who has sponsored a gay man because he had had a bad experience with a male sponsor and felt more comfortable with me. I’m in recovery from opioids and if you just detox and think that’s enough it won’t be. Look into post acute withdrawal syndrome and work a recovery program please, I want to see you beat this. Look into young peoples meetings in your area.

    [–] Christen Dominique posts a pic that doesnt even look like her?? apathetichearts 1 points ago in BeautyGuruChatter

    That’s your opinion. Beauty is subjective. What everyone seems to be missing is that that wasn’t the point of my comment, I was responding to someone saying she looks shitty outside of pictures and that’s not even true she looks fine on video too.

    [–] Iluvsarahii shows us her fancy AF facial treatments, followed by some organisation porn apathetichearts 39 points ago in BeautyGuruChatter

    Honestly, at home skincare IS what makes the difference. There’s no substitute for regular use of proven ingredients like retinoids, AHAs, BHA for clogged skin, Vitamin C, peptides, antioxidants and other skin identical ingredients, and hydration. Dermatologists don’t even recommend most facials are extractions as it often irritates the skin, causes errythma, or results in hyperpigmention. Most overpriced ingredients don’t have good research backing them and won’t help in a single dose. Now the exception would be actual treatments like peels, dermaplaning, microdermabrasion, hydrodermabrasion, microneedling, radio frequency or ultra sound for skin tightening, I injectables, and laser. These things can help target skin issues, help with anti aging, and just give your skin a boost and allow at home skincare to penetrate better. There are definitely at home peels that you can do at home safely though (for example 25% lactic acid) and you can do a less intense version of dermaplaning with the Miss Gorgeous Eye Brow Trimmers off Amazon and follow with a gentle enzyme peel like the Theraderm NuPeel. If you’re knowledgeable about your products and what ingredients in skincare will help you with your goals you can absolutely have amazing skin at home and don’t buy into ridiculous treatments. If an aesthetic dermatologist wouldn’t perform it don’t get it.

    [–] Tati refuses to zoom in on her face apathetichearts 11 points ago in BeautyGuruChatter

    No hate at all because I honestly don’t care but Tati looks completely different in her check ins on her phone, like I don’t recognize her. She looks like the old Tati. I think she purposely doesn’t zoom in beciase she doesn’t want people to see she has skin texture which is unfortunate, everyone has some.

    [–] My [30,F] partner [30,M] vaguebooking our dirty laundry after a big fight apathetichearts 2 points ago in relationships

    You don’t know that. OP didn’t even say they were in the US and if they are, it varies by state and the judge. He would also have to want the kids half the time. You can’t promise that.


    They’re not bf/gf they’re married and presumably stopped acting like bf/gf when they got married and combined households. If things are fine and he suddenly is being a total dick and scoffing at everything she does that definitely is not her fault. Her reaction to him being a total dick is in her control definitely but his initial behavior is not.

    [–] Had a massive falling out with my [21M] mom [52F] because of her parasite husband [50sM]. A lot of feelings were hurt and don't know how to move forward or if I was right or not. apathetichearts 1 points ago * (lasted edited 5 days ago) in relationships

    The guy sounds like a real loser. But honestly, you’re out of line too. They’re married and share finances, if your mom is okay with working while he doesn’t then that’s between them and it’s inappropriate for you to get in the middle of that and ask your mom to choose. If you were a kid then I would say your mom has a responsibility to care for your needs and expenses first but you’re not and neither is your sister.


    If the place you’re living isn’t healthy then as an adult your options are to stay and deal or leave which you did. Your sister has the same options. This is your moms husband, you don’t get to demand that she choose as lame as he is. I would take some space from them and then consider having a relationship with your mom away from him. See if you two can meet for dinner a few times a month.


    Also, they’re married. It is his home too.

    [–] [MI] My ex and I came to an agreement for me to keep my son for a week, she disappeared for 3 weeks, and is now saying I kidnapped him. apathetichearts 31 points ago in legaladvice

    File for emergency custody at the court house first thing on Monday. Are you on the birth certificate? Does she have custody? Edit: Saw your comment below. Would this normally be your weekend?

    [–] Self-harm scars at work (Illinois) apathetichearts 40 points ago in legaladvice

    Agreed. Honestly, I have self harm scars and I don’t see the issue. I would never place my employer in the uncomfortable position of asking me what they’re from or to cover them, I cover them in the workplace as I feel they would result in questions from clients and coworkers alike and be a distraction. I’m not ashamed of them in anyway and am a very different person 6 years since the day I stopped so I don’t cover them outside of work, just don’t think personal things like that should be drawing attention in the workplace. I made that choice and have to live with it. I think if their client tries to take a stand on this it could result in dismissal since Illinois is an at-will state like mine.

    [–] Self-harm scars at work (Illinois) apathetichearts 46 points ago in legaladvice

    I’m curious to whether they’re singling them out or out of concern that it will upset customers.

    [–] Self-harm scars at work (Illinois) apathetichearts 11 points ago in legaladvice

    Does your client come in contact with customers?

    [–] Anti-vax soon to be ex apathetichearts 5 points ago in legaladvice

    As long as you guys have shared legal custody then you can take them for vaccinations on your time. She can complain in court but they won’t side with her. Just make sure she’s informed.

    [–] [MN] A girl is planning to claim I am the father of her baby when we never had sex apathetichearts 5 points ago in legaladvice

    I second comments of immediately reporting this to your social worker as well as your foster mother’s alcoholism. Also I personally would adamantly deny it every single time it’s brought up and tell her if you’re put on the birth certificate that you will be calling the police and reporting a potential statutory rape and assault since apparently she slept with you while you were passed out and unable to consent plus minors can’t consent anyway.


    Get out of there any way you can OP. It will only get worse. Even if you have to go to a shelter.

    [–] I [24F] and my boyfriend [25M] disagree over how to split future finances apathetichearts 12 points ago in relationships

    Lol then she shouldn’t get married. Because that’s what marriage is, money you make in the marriage is both of yours. Read my comment again, I clearly stated “spending as a family” not whatever he sees fit. It’s not “his” and “hers” when you’re married, income goes to shared expenses, shared retired, shared goals. Divorces happen so it’s good to discuss the plan if that were to happen and do premarital counseling but you marry someone you want to spend your life and you plan your finances as such. For zero effort? They’re gonna be married. If she works more then he will have more responsibilities at home. If they have kids he will be more likely to stay home. Would you tell a stay at home mom that she was a free loader and not entitled to her husbands money?

    [–] I (24f) got stood up by my casual hookup (24m) but long time friend last night. How do I respond? apathetichearts 12 points ago in relationships

    yeah OP should totally just be petty and passive aggressive instead of being direct and behaving like a mature adult... lol what?

    [–] Am I (21m) an a—hole for breaking up with my gf (20f) for no valid reason besides I wasn’t happy? apathetichearts 2 points ago in relationships

    No. You don’t need a reason to end a relationship. If you’re not feeling it, leave. Also I think it’s a little narcissistic to think you’re someone a favor by staying (not you to be clear, just in general), this seems to be a common mindset when really ending it asap is ideal so neither of you are wasting time in a relationship that won’t last and you’re not happy in.

    [–] I [24F] and my boyfriend [25M] disagree over how to split future finances apathetichearts 7 points ago in relationships

    That’s marriage. You can have separate accounts sure but both of your incomes are shared income. Why is this an issue for you, do you not trust him? It shouldn’t matter if your money is his and his yours because you’ll be spending as a family. If you don’t trust him don’t marry him.

    [–] My (22f) boyfriend (23m) didn’t mention me to a “good” female “friend” until right before she was supposed to come to a happy with us and his other friends. apathetichearts 3 points ago * (lasted edited 11 days ago) in relationships

    You are letting a relationship come between your friendship though so why are you lying to yourself and him? You’re being a crappy friend to boot. Your boyfriend is being an insecure, selfish child and has made it so you can’t have both. And 90% of the time when someone is jealous and paranoid like that it’s because they’ve got a guilty conscious. He will likely cheat on you if he isn’t already. OP, demand more for yourself. Why are you settling?