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    [–] Shaking my mane ardvarkcum 2 points ago in classicwow

    Anywhere I can find his talent build?

    [–] These are both 30x30. One pair is 5 inches (13cm) longer. ardvarkcum 15 points ago in mildlyinfuriating

    That once an individual buys it, it shrinks to fit their proportions? Core concept is in the title.

    [–] OH NO NO NO.. ardvarkcum 9 points ago in 2007scape

    Hopefully this is just a really sophisticated bait.

    [–] When people w-key in endgame scrims ardvarkcum 4 points ago in FortniteCompetitive

    Didn't even remove the skull when you took this from r/2007scape

    [–] What's up with China "buying up" Africa? ardvarkcum 20 points ago in OutOfTheLoop

    How is it helpful to guess the answer to a question someone has specifically come and asked because they're out of the loop on a topic? Lmao

    [–] Wildtania - The Wilderness and Morytania Ironman ep.1 ardvarkcum 3 points ago in UniqueIronmen

    I second this! I wanna try a snowflake and this appeals to me.

    [–] Cash job for butcher or vet ardvarkcum 6 points ago in manchester

    I will pay you twice as much as this guy will to continue on your plans of eating it

    [–] Genuinely blindsided by them talking about Adams being prettier than Park. ardvarkcum 11 points ago in HouseMD

    In my opinion, park is far less attractive physically and has a fairly annoying personality. Adams is very physically attractive but without much more or less of an annoying personality. To each their own - season 8 just annoys me generally.

    [–] Woox Completed The First Theatre Of Blood SOLO! Congrats! ardvarkcum 22 points ago in 2007scape

    I'm not sure I've ever been in more sincere agreement with any statement ever.

    [–] Loot from 26k wyverns to get visage. UIM BTW. ardvarkcum -6 points ago in 2007scape

    You can't really call extra challenge 'more tedious' with any accuracy.