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    [–] Appeals court rules Trump end of DACA was unlawful arg6531 10 points ago in politics

    Also, are we still doing this?

    Why you gotta be a dick about it, brah??

    [–] Still relevant 24 years later arg6531 134 points ago in PoliticalHumor

    Signe Wilkinson. Published in 1995.

    [–] Lucky mom's not around arg6531 60 points ago in dankmemes

    GDP = private consumption + gross investment + gov't investment + gov't spending + (exports – imports)

    [–] Guy speaks Spanish with a USA southerner accent arg6531 6 points ago in videos

    Che boludo can you actually speak spanish without the english accent or is this video for real?

    [–] hmmm arg6531 18 points ago in hmmm

    A more successful repost

    [–] Does this work for this sub? arg6531 99 points ago in ConvenientCop

    You don't knooooow me

    [–] [Meme] Medical Student trying to be helpful during clerkships arg6531 26 points ago in medicalschool

    Yeah the ROI is typically low for residents to teach us how to do all grunt work. Especially early on during M3. Best you can do is learn by paying attention when they do it and so you can prove to them you're not completely useless

    [–] About future update arg6531 1 points ago in u_Needadvicedesperate

    !RemindMe 2 months