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    [–] Stroke and Starting PGY-2 arkady_scoresby 9 points ago in neurology

    Congrats! For familiarity with how to manage acute stroke, your time is probably best spent reviewing the application of the NIHSS assessment tool and reviewing your new hospital's tpa/thrombectomy protocols. But if they will be sending you to stroke codes as an early PGY2, you'll probably get dedicated training (and maybe some simulation time?) on how to handle these codes, how to mix tpa, how to apply the NIHSS, etc. In addition to in-person training and sim, we had a required online module on these subjects- and if I recall correctly, the module was part of a national standard requirement. Blumenfeld's Neuroanatomy is nice for review of stroke localization, if you want a breakdown of more and less common stroke syndromes. Good luck!

    [–] What Color Rug and Coffee Table for a Gray Apartment? arkady_scoresby 10 points ago in DesignMyRoom

    I think a brightish medium-blue or dark turqoise area rug would look great here. Maybe some goldish or brass metal accents?

    [–] [FO] All he wanted for his birthday was a pair of slippers that fit him... arkady_scoresby 1 points ago in knitting

    Thanks! yeah, I basically told mine I wouldn't ever make him socks with real sock yarn. I'm sure it would take me a year or so.

    [–] [FO] All he wanted for his birthday was a pair of slippers that fit him... arkady_scoresby 3 points ago in knitting

    That can happen, but if you check in on the work often during the process, it's unlikely you'll shrink something too far without noticing. It was easier to avoid overfelting with the manual process, compared with prior experience using a washing machine. The hardest thing for me to get used to was the way the work stretches out and gets bigger before it starts to shrink- that part is always terrifying but it works out. And, if the project dries and it's still too big, you can try to shrink it further.

    For this project, I had a minimum foot length-measurement in mind and kept a ruler next to the sink, so I could frequently check that I hadn't shrunken it too much. They still turned out slightly different sizes (within a half inch of each other I think?) but I'm trying not to be mad about it.

    [–] [FO] All he wanted for his birthday was a pair of slippers that fit him... arkady_scoresby 1 points ago in knitting

    have fun with them! I usually try to avoid anything where I have to make duplicates, but these knitted up pretty quickly

    [–] [FO] All he wanted for his birthday was a pair of slippers that fit him... arkady_scoresby 13 points ago in knitting

    ...but he wears a size 15/16 :[ Tough finding a pattern in the right size, but I think this worked out. These were hand-felted with help from a (brand-new, sparkling-clean) toilet plunger. I was surprised at how well it worked on my first try without a washing machine.


    These were made with Cascade 220 wool in Azure, and the pattern took about 2.5-3 skeins. The pre-punched leather soles were ordered from

    (sorry for the previous duplicate post- I'm a new poster and I couldn't figure out how to put a picture in a post)

    [–] Rant: I'm your doctor, please stop. arkady_scoresby 1 points ago in TwoXChromosomes

    One of the best responses I've seen has been just a bland, neutral "Let's keep it professional, here." More of a response, and it gives the patient/ family the extra attention they are (often) looking for; less, and you feel kinda helpless. But it will depend on the situation. I was once called into a patient's hospital room for a code stroke and he shouted "it's a girl?!?" and I just replied, "It's your doctor, sir." It threw him off guard enough that I could just move on to the assessment.

    [–] [FO] All he wanted for his birthday was slippers that fit him... arkady_scoresby 1 points ago in knitting /u/LinkRav_Bot I used Cascade 220 worsted in azure, and this project took about 2.5 skeins. Pre-punched leather soles were ordered from Joes Toes (UK size 14/15) and they're so soft

    [–] Rant: I'm your doctor, please stop. arkady_scoresby 109 points ago in TwoXChromosomes

    JAMA published a great op-ed on this topic recently. It talked about the importance of attendings/people higher in the heirarchy modeling appropriate ways to defuse inappropriate comments from patients and families:

    [–] My year-long mitten saga is finally complete! *insert Frodo gif here* arkady_scoresby 6 points ago in knitting

    I will NEVER stop complaining about second sock syndrome. This one picture shows endurance beyond my wildest dreams.

    [–] This is a public request to encourage u/claycorp to post some of his stained glass work. We would love to see your art. arkady_scoresby 10 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago) in StainedGlass

    Well, when I first found this thing I used to come here to provide support and encouragement to newcomers, not to be given a homework assignment. Sad to see that that's no longer welcome around here. Bye, glaziers. I'm out.

    Edit: a word

    [–] First attempt at anything. Feeling disheartened, maybe I dove in to something too difficult. or too detailed. Thoughts on how to make the balloons? arkady_scoresby 2 points ago in StainedGlass

    I came here to suggest glass drops, as well. It will be easier than cutting all those curves, and might add some nice dimension. Just make sure the globs are cleaned with dishsoap and water and thoroughly dried before you try to foil around their edges.

    [–] Am I (24m) overreacting by cutting contact with my family after their reaction to me coming out as gay? arkady_scoresby 3 points ago in relationships

    I agree with the other commenters- you have nothing to apologize for, and you are completely justified in putting your immediate physical safety first by removing yourself from the situation. Your mom and brother can apologize to you when they're ready, and it'll be your call how to handle it when they do. Sending love and strength.

    [–] Residency Program Impressions arkady_scoresby 1 points ago in neurology

    I guess the pendulum has swung back again, then. Back when I was applying, SDN was mostly just where people made each other feel like they had no chance of getting into med school. A few years ago when I checked it again, I was surprised to see how much more supportive the tone had become. Good luck in your search, and in the match!

    [–] Residency Program Impressions arkady_scoresby 1 points ago in neurology

    Sorry, haven't had recent contact with many of those programs. Has Student Doctor Network been any help?