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    [–] My friends made fun of me because of my skin color, again .. arkady_scoresby 2 points ago in relationships

    I don't have helpful advice, I'm just really sorry you have to put up with this. Hang in there. Medical internship is rough even without racist jerks to worry about, and I hope you can find support from people in your program who treat you with respect.

    [–] Got a heavy metal cuff from a thrift shop for $5. Would really like to know a little more about it. arkady_scoresby 6 points ago in jewelry

    Could you show the other side of it, please? The pattern looks a little art deco, and I wonder if it could be made of old utensils, which is a pretty common repurposing technique.

    [–] My [30F] boyfriend [34M] of three years told an intern at his work to come fuck him arkady_scoresby 4 points ago in relationships

    This would be an absolute dealbreaker for me. Not just because of the potential cheating, but because of his sheer poor judgement- not to mention the fact that this involved him demanding sex from someone below him in the workplace power dynamic, which is also messed up.

    Is any of that a dealbreaker for you? Because if you stay, he will likely do this again.

    [–] Paediatric Neurology Tips arkady_scoresby 5 points ago in neurology

    -Learn to love your Denver II Developmental Screening scale -Try to get access to your institution's Pediatric Code Stroke algorithm early, if it exists. While that comes up pretty rarely (in kids the threshold to suspect a mimic like seizure is much lower) you don't want to be scrambling for it when you actually need it, and it might give you some insight into your program's criteria for CT versus emergent MRI. -Embrace the fact that the baby neuro exam will happen in the order that the baby allows, not the order you were taught

    Not sure what resources to suggest, as your post didn't indicate whether you are a student or a resident. If you are a resident, there was a really good Peds Neuro Continuum issue in the last few years.

    [–] Advice: How to find yourself after a breakup? (Mid-20s F) arkady_scoresby 2 points ago in relationships

    I also went through this not too long ago, as a late-20s woman coming from a small family. I'm into crafty hobbies, so I leaned into that on my own for a while, but I was also living in a region that was relatively new to me- so for a while, I would pick destinations that were related to my hobbies (craft supply places, flea markets where I could look for materials, etc.), and would use that as a starting point for solo day-trips to get more familiar with the surrounding area. I found a lot of nice outdoor spaces and good restaurants doing that, and when I was ready to start dating again, I had more of a sense of where I liked to hang out and what kind of activities I might like sharing with someone else.

    Hang in there. It's tough going, but you sound like you've got the right idea in focusing on how to feel more "you" again. It'll get easier.

    [–] Epilepsy question? arkady_scoresby 1 points ago in neurology

    Responsive neurostimulation is being used in practice, not just in research. The device is made by the company Neuropace, and it is one of the options we consider in refractory epilepsy when resection is not possible or has already been unsuccessful in producing seizure freedom.

    [–] GF (29F) complains when I (28M) won't get a marriage certificate in less than a week. Is it wrong to be upset by that? arkady_scoresby 3 points ago in relationships

    Ok, in general- yes, I agree with all the other comments about this being a huge red flag. But have you asked her if she has a specific reason to be in such a rush? Health insurance coverage or other benefits? A health concern? Planning to travel somewhere where being a married couple has implications for your plans? Legal or immigration status? It doesn't sound like she's communicating reasonably, and that's worrisome enough itself, but it might be worth asking before you throw the whole girl away. If she has a specific answer, it's up to you to decide if her agenda looks like more red flags.

    [–] Stroke and Starting PGY-2 arkady_scoresby 10 points ago in neurology

    Congrats! For familiarity with how to manage acute stroke, your time is probably best spent reviewing the application of the NIHSS assessment tool and reviewing your new hospital's tpa/thrombectomy protocols. But if they will be sending you to stroke codes as an early PGY2, you'll probably get dedicated training (and maybe some simulation time?) on how to handle these codes, how to mix tpa, how to apply the NIHSS, etc. In addition to in-person training and sim, we had a required online module on these subjects- and if I recall correctly, the module was part of a national standard requirement. Blumenfeld's Neuroanatomy is nice for review of stroke localization, if you want a breakdown of more and less common stroke syndromes. Good luck!

    [–] What Color Rug and Coffee Table for a Gray Apartment? arkady_scoresby 9 points ago in DesignMyRoom

    I think a brightish medium-blue or dark turqoise area rug would look great here. Maybe some goldish or brass metal accents?

    [–] [FO] All he wanted for his birthday was a pair of slippers that fit him... arkady_scoresby 1 points ago in knitting

    Thanks! yeah, I basically told mine I wouldn't ever make him socks with real sock yarn. I'm sure it would take me a year or so.

    [–] [FO] All he wanted for his birthday was a pair of slippers that fit him... arkady_scoresby 3 points ago in knitting

    That can happen, but if you check in on the work often during the process, it's unlikely you'll shrink something too far without noticing. It was easier to avoid overfelting with the manual process, compared with prior experience using a washing machine. The hardest thing for me to get used to was the way the work stretches out and gets bigger before it starts to shrink- that part is always terrifying but it works out. And, if the project dries and it's still too big, you can try to shrink it further.

    For this project, I had a minimum foot length-measurement in mind and kept a ruler next to the sink, so I could frequently check that I hadn't shrunken it too much. They still turned out slightly different sizes (within a half inch of each other I think?) but I'm trying not to be mad about it.

    [–] [FO] All he wanted for his birthday was a pair of slippers that fit him... arkady_scoresby 1 points ago in knitting

    have fun with them! I usually try to avoid anything where I have to make duplicates, but these knitted up pretty quickly

    [–] [FO] All he wanted for his birthday was a pair of slippers that fit him... arkady_scoresby 13 points ago in knitting

    ...but he wears a size 15/16 :[ Tough finding a pattern in the right size, but I think this worked out. These were hand-felted with help from a (brand-new, sparkling-clean) toilet plunger. I was surprised at how well it worked on my first try without a washing machine.


    These were made with Cascade 220 wool in Azure, and the pattern took about 2.5-3 skeins. The pre-punched leather soles were ordered from

    (sorry for the previous duplicate post- I'm a new poster and I couldn't figure out how to put a picture in a post)

    [–] Rant: I'm your doctor, please stop. arkady_scoresby 1 points ago in TwoXChromosomes

    One of the best responses I've seen has been just a bland, neutral "Let's keep it professional, here." More of a response, and it gives the patient/ family the extra attention they are (often) looking for; less, and you feel kinda helpless. But it will depend on the situation. I was once called into a patient's hospital room for a code stroke and he shouted "it's a girl?!?" and I just replied, "It's your doctor, sir." It threw him off guard enough that I could just move on to the assessment.

    [–] [FO] All he wanted for his birthday was slippers that fit him... arkady_scoresby 1 points ago in knitting /u/LinkRav_Bot I used Cascade 220 worsted in azure, and this project took about 2.5 skeins. Pre-punched leather soles were ordered from Joes Toes (UK size 14/15) and they're so soft