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    [–] 3 Minutes of the Game of Thrones Cast Being Disappointed by Season 8 armadillo-rodeo 1 points ago in videos

    You posted in r/gameofthrones a month ago asking questions about it because you had just started watching it for the first time, strange you haven't seen a show that you've apparently worked on.

    [–] I tried teaching some footie, instead I got trustfalls armadillo-rodeo 6 points ago in DadReflexes

    Are you a cunt to your parents too? 'cause they bred a shitty piece of trash too, didn't they? :)

    [–] Oily skin driving me crazy! Need help as nothing seems to work! armadillo-rodeo 1 points ago in SkincareAddictionUK

    I've been using The Ordinary's niacinimide and zinc for a couple of months now, and it's had a massive difference on how oily my face gets. My make up used to melt off my face within a couple hours and now my make up lasts all day. I seriously couldn't recommend it more!

    Also, if your skin can handle a little bit of fragrance in products, nivea do a mattifying moisturiser and it really worked for me, it's just a shame the perfume in it broke me out!

    [–] Troll Post Lol armadillo-rodeo 1 points ago in NuclearRevenge

    Your submission in r/NuclearRevenge has been removed due to violating Rule 7: Do not spam posts or comments. Do not spam the moderator inbox. We will only accept messages with genuine questions, concerns or other useful information. Spamming in any way will result in your account being banned.

    [–] Assaulting a fellow student? Hope your parents enjoyed the evidence. armadillo-rodeo 5 points ago in NuclearRevenge

    Also she states she's 26 (same age as me, and I'm also in the UK) and she was using a cheap android. There was no such thing has a cheap android in 2008! The iPhone literally came out the year before.

    [–] Looking for another mod. armadillo-rodeo 1 points ago in NuclearRevenge

    Definitely interested :)

    [–] Discoloration around mouth armadillo-rodeo 1 points ago in SkincareAddicts

    That's really interesting. May I ask why your family has this tradition? :)

    [–] Finally!! (US) armadillo-rodeo 1 points ago in Jcole

    I'm pretty sure I got mine from Universal music store, but I'm the UK. Not so sure about in America!

    [–] Finally!! (US) armadillo-rodeo 1 points ago in Jcole

    It was back in April (I think) last year that they were available to order

    [–] [Product Question] Have any oily skinned ladies out there had any success with La Roche Posay's rosaliac range? armadillo-rodeo 1 points ago in SkincareAddiction

    Thank you so much for your response! I think this may be have sealed the deal for me! Has your mum noticed any significant improvements in her rosacea?

    [–] Too right armadillo-rodeo 10 points ago in ScottishPeopleTwitter

    I don't even need to click on that to know what video it is!

    [–] Welcome to Hot Springs, AR. armadillo-rodeo 14 points ago in trashy

    How do you know it was his money that paid for the sign?

    [–] Found on Facebook just now :( armadillo-rodeo 104 points ago in HorriblyDepressing

    If your house burned down and you lost everything, your phone and Facebook don't just disappear. Being homeless doesn't mean you're not a functioning member of society.

    [–] AITA for wanting to slowly cut my husband's best friend out of our lives? armadillo-rodeo 6 points ago in AmItheAsshole

    YTA. Overall it just seems like you're jealous that your husband has an incredibly close friendship with someone and you do not. Maybe try forming a stronger bond with some of your friends, you might see why a friendship like the one your husband and his best friend have is something to cherish - and you should be encouraging it not hindering it.

    [–] In 2010, 18 year old Russell Bohling left his family home to attend his bricklaying course, leaving his family for the last time. A day later, his car was found at an abandoned Air Force bunker. To this day, Russell's whereabouts remains unknown. armadillo-rodeo 40 points ago in UnresolvedMysteries

    While I normally agree with that statement, suicide is not top of my theories of what happened to him. It seemed he had things to look forward to - he'd only been in college for around 6 months and he was soon set to receive £300,000 from his dad. I'm sure to an 18 year old it seem seem like he had so many possibilities and a lot to look forward to.