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    [–] "Zero Hour" Escaping the map artificialineptitude 2 points ago in raidsecrets

    Top tree solar has an ability called Icarus dash (which is bound to air ability) which u can use repeatedly when in daybreak :)

    [–] no midnight release sad face artificialineptitude 1 points ago in brockhampton

    There was the pic of Kevin that looked like an album cover and the Arizona Baby video

    [–] no midnight release sad face artificialineptitude -1 points ago * (lasted edited a year ago) in brockhampton

    yeah the majority of *new music will drop at midnight regardless of the timezone

    obviously there were and still could be exceptions like ye and ksg

    [–] no midnight release sad face artificialineptitude 5 points ago in brockhampton

    im a uk boy and kevins spotify is lookin pretty empty sadly :/

    [–] hate when this happens artificialineptitude 32 points ago in teenagers

    Yo OP can you stop sitting by my crush

    [–] Non existent quest artificialineptitude -2 points ago in DestinyTheGame

    I'm pretty sure you need the last word to progress that quest, does he have that?

    [–] Wood you try the gang sign? artificialineptitude 28 points ago in lossedits

    Fuck yeah dude ☝️✌️🖖

    [–] Attempting to find a video/game artificialineptitude 1 points ago in nerdcubed Is it Rodeo, the first game in this one. It's two player where one person controls the road and the other controls the car.