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    [–] i'm speechless ashehole64 1 points ago in Instagramreality

    didn't even notice that! they're significantly higher holy crap

    [–] i'm speechless ashehole64 2 points ago in Instagramreality

    Zoomed into the pic on twitter lol.

    [–] i'm speechless ashehole64 2 points ago in Instagramreality

    i don't really agree with that assumption, but i'm definitely on the side of why photoshop your waist and hips like that ?

    [–] i'm speechless ashehole64 2 points ago in Instagramreality

    saw someone mention they think i posted this because i don't like him. really not true. i have no like or dislike for him. what i DO have a dislike for is that brands do photoshoots and then edit them heavily, and then he further edited the picture for his own social media page. they could have put on prosthetic elf ears, instead photoshopped. they could have done exaggerated makeup, instead he photoshopped it on. they could have put him into a corset, instead he photoshopped his body. i don't have a vendetta against this person, i just find heavily edited things like this that are supposed to be promoting the makeup extremely distasteful.

    [–] i'm speechless ashehole64 7 points ago in Instagramreality

    rumor is that he got a BBL

    [–] To steal a package ashehole64 5 points ago in therewasanattempt

    i had my 150$ order from jeffree star cosmetics stolen this way... bought myself some lipsticks, a palette, and a hoodie. the mail lady was not supposed to leave it at the door, she was supposed to take it to the post office to pick it up since i was very obviously not home. never figured out who did it and i'm still upset lol

    [–] Ugh James Charles... ashehole64 -7 points ago in crappycontouring

    i really feel like you only posted this because you have a personal issue with him. i don't care much for him either but this post was about setting powder, the post clearly says that and the post is over a month old. this doesn't really belong here, OP.

    [–] The man's arm in the background lmao ashehole64 1 points ago in Instagramreality

    no it's a costume haha you were right

    [–] Redditors, who are not in love with their SOs, why are you still with them? ashehole64 1 points ago in AskReddit

    my ex was physically and mentally abusive, we were together three years and had a baby together. it was just hard to imagine my life without him, even if it was horrible with him. then one day he beat me up pretty badly, and the next day things started to escalate again and i felt terrified of being hurt that way yet again so i called my parents for help, locked myself and my daughter in the bedroom and packed our clothes that were in there. i left that day. i currently have a pfa. and now that i know the warning signs i'll never let that happen again.

    [–] Found in the Grand Canyon ashehole64 3 points ago in ScarySigns

    it was! she was an avid climber and traveler. her boyfriend called me and told me when it happened, i'll never forget the way he cried. she was 22. it was far too sudden and unfair. but i find comfort in knowing she went where she was the happiest. such a kind soul and a tragic loss to all of us who knew her.

    [–] Found in the Grand Canyon ashehole64 18 points ago in ScarySigns

    i lost a friend to altitude sickness a few years ago, she took a trip to colorado and hiked a mountain she had already hiked once before. it's good to see a sign like this tbh, you really never know who might need to see it. could save a life. miss you sooz♥️