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    [–] Uncle Gene's Magic Trick ashtonmv 14 points ago in LightRoast

    According to Webtoon this is my 100th comic. Thank you guys for sticking around!

    [–] Shortcut ashtonmv 5 points ago in comics

    I’ve heard that level sucks. Does anyone know how to take out the boss?

    [–] By the way, plastic bags fall apart the fastest on your way home ashtonmv 15 points ago * (lasted edited 8 days ago) in comics

    How do even the plastic bags u draw have greater sex appeal than I do

    [–] Little Archer XI: The Grinder ashtonmv 7 points ago in comics

    yeah that's what I do sometimes when I can't decide b/w 2 "punchlines", I just give you both

    [–] Little Archer XI: The Grinder ashtonmv 29 points ago in comics

    I set up a webtoon series just for little Archer, for those of u who like him and hate all my other comics

    [–] Taking the lead ashtonmv 8 points ago in comics

    Since he won't link to it, come hang out with some of the r/comics family next time Raph draws on twitch ( The chats are always a good time

    [–] Adultering ashtonmv 6 points ago in LightRoast

    Thank you! It trips me out when you guys follow on more than one platform lol

    [–] Bad Cop ashtonmv 5 points ago in comics

    Thanks yo!

    [–] Metal Detector ashtonmv 2 points ago in LightRoast

    I agree lol

    [–] Bad Cop ashtonmv 22 points ago in comics

    yeah <3 But they are sorted by newest first so go to the bottom

    [–] Bad Cop ashtonmv 46 points ago in comics

    Sometimes I do, but youtube subscriptions are like getting to third base. It's tough to do when you've only met over reddit

    [–] Bad Cop ashtonmv 137 points ago * (lasted edited 17 days ago) in comics

    More stuff

    If you like reddit: r/LightRoast

    If you don’t like reddit:

    If you don’t like my comics:

    [–] Bad Cop ashtonmv 129 points ago in comics

    Hot dang I didn’t know anyone knew/remembered him! He’s still looking for a new job I guess