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    [–] Turned on For What ashtonmv 17 points ago in comics

    Thanks! Don’t be sorry lol. I was at first thinking of email read receipts, which I think are usually designed the other way? Idk

    [–] Turned on For What ashtonmv 92 points ago in comics

    Women around me are like the read receipts on my phone... automatically turned on

    Read more of the comic that fans are calling “perpetually disappointing”! twitter | instagram

    [–] Gateway Drug ashtonmv 3 points ago in comics

    This has been the subject of some controversy before, so let me clear it up once and for all. They are wearing rubber gloves on their heads. The gloves can wave back and forth

    [–] Gateway Drug ashtonmv 141 points ago in comics

    I can't think of anything clever to upvote-boost my social media link comment. Here they are anyway!

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    [–] Sliding in the DM’s ashtonmv 273 points ago in comics

    They see me rollin

    They waitin

    They trollin

    Tryna say I'd need a thirty

    Catch me out here while I get my soundcloud set up: twitter | instagram | facebook

    [–] Sliding in the DM’s ashtonmv 666 points ago in comics

    I need someone like you on my creative team sgt shenanigans

    [–] OP Spells ashtonmv 22 points ago in comics

    Congrats amigo/a, you are the lucky random winner of early access to this weekend's comic!

    I'll message you in a bit.

    Keep it secret. Keep it safe. Or do whatever you want idc.

    [–] OP Spells ashtonmv 2 points ago in comics

    Yeah good question! As far as I know you can pretty much always just say "off" instead of "off of", especially if you're in casual conversation. So there's not really a difference that I can think of, it's just a little more casual to lose the "of".

    [–] OP Spells ashtonmv 134 points ago in comics

    I had to work to draw the comic, so it feels fair that you have to work to read it :)

    [–] OP Spells ashtonmv 6 points ago in comics

    Yeah but in my understanding it won’t work against the killing spell tho.

    I’ve been ripped apart on reddit enough that I do research for every comic first now lol

    [–] If only James and Lily knew ashtonmv 2 points ago in funny

    A little something I drew with some edits from Martin @ Hot Paper Comics

    Here's his twitter

    Here's my twitter

    You will not regret following! ...him.

    [–] OP Spells ashtonmv 9 points ago in comics

    Maybe subliminally he is, but I definitely spent more time with putt putt and Freddi Fish.

    [–] OP Spells ashtonmv 96 points ago * (lasted edited 17 days ago) in comics

    At the moment, I myself am feeling a little OP.

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    [–] Co-op Mode ashtonmv 34 points ago in comics

    No sadly I did not- I’ve been married for 3 years. And sometimes I try out my comics on imgur first to see if people like them so I don’t get embarrassed in front of my r/comics fam- I just want to make them proud

    [–] Co-op Mode ashtonmv 53 points ago in comics

    That you are down to earth- but still clearly not a rock

    [–] Co-op Mode ashtonmv 44 points ago * (lasted edited 21 days ago) in comics

    I think that’s part of what everyone loves about you!

    [–] Co-op Mode ashtonmv 137 points ago in comics

    Thank you mr or mrs xlopfdkf. Can I call you xlop

    [–] Co-op Mode ashtonmv 163 points ago in comics

    Then I am in the company of legends

    [–] Co-op Mode ashtonmv 261 points ago in comics

    That’s what I thought. I had put it on imgur about an hour earlier so from there I guess

    [–] Co-op Mode ashtonmv 843 points ago * (lasted edited 21 days ago) in comics

    I tried to post this to wholesome memes yesterday but someone random beat me to it. I’m repenting and coming back to r/comics streets I grew up on. Please forgive me for my disloyalty

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