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    [–] In 8th sem ( engineering ), class gets over at 12 pm, college makes us stay till 4:30 pm and takes attendance. Final year, no campus placement yet . College makes sure that students dont even get time to learn / do something on their own. Why these private colleges torture students like this. ashwinkumark10 7 points ago in india

    Oh! I had to face same problem in my college days. Here's what I did. I did not go to college no matter what their rules were.

    Interesting thing happened. I got to work on my project and did learn so many thanks and made it work and that eventually landed me a great job at a startup.

    College management did cry about it and used to send out letters to my parents. I got a lot of boost from my parents saying not to waste time in college if they are making you waste time. They built up a lot of self esteem on this front.

    It was just the college ego that were sending out repeated letters to my parents and it used to go into drain without even opening it.

    At last they asked me to pay fine and I did. No big deal.. I enjoyed my time learning constantly and happy with where I'm today.

    Here's my advice. Just do what you want to do. And let college do what they want to do. Never go protest. It's a huge waste of time. Never waste time of yours. Always keep exploring.

    Friends? Only a few remain as true friends. After 5 years you would not even remember their face. After another 5 years you might recall their face but not their names anymore.

    Spend time with someone learning and experimenting that gives you a good value.


    [–] Amazing map of Delhi Metro after recent completion of pink line! [Mint colored lines are roads and not metro] ashwinkumark10 2 points ago in india

    Looks like Singapore's metro lines. Feels so great to see Delhi's metro map.

    I wish Bangalore gets one too, but sooner (in our lifetime)

    [–] Why does everyone have their highbeams on ? ashwinkumark10 1 points ago in india

    Brighter the light you have, mightier you are on road! #facepalm

    [–] How products are built by companies ashwinkumark10 -1 points ago in ProgrammerHumor

    Agreed, but that's the android issue at the base :(

    [–] Why should one use Amazon SES when emails can be sent using existing SMTP? ashwinkumark10 1 points ago in aws


    These are new to me. But good time to check them out and see if that's worth doing all these or using SES. I would never want my emails to be bounced or land in spam.

    Thanks for your help. Gotta have an interesting day with all these information.

    [–] Why should one use Amazon SES when emails can be sent using existing SMTP? ashwinkumark10 1 points ago in aws

    great.. thanks for the help. I have to test them out and make sure it does not land in spam

    [–] Minimal website homepage for a blank apparel company. ashwinkumark10 1 points ago in design_critiques

    Neat! I wonder how it looks with popular browsers headers. They take about ~10% of the screen unless it is viewed in full-screen mode.

    [–] It is fine to ask to recruiter who is going to interview me before the interview? ashwinkumark10 1 points ago in cscareerquestions

    I think it is fine to ask who are you going to discuss with. IMO it is more sensible to ask what kind of a person (Junior engineer, or a senior, or an architect, or the ceo) is going to take your interview. Then do some homework you want to.

    [–] Can someone steer me in the direction of guided meditations involving traditional Chinese music/instruments? ashwinkumark10 1 points ago in audiomeditation

    IMHO, any music for meditation is again distracting.

    While meditating my folks always say focus on the breathing. But hell, I cannot focus on the breathing and mind tends to distract again. I tried soothing music like flute, only chimes, etc. etc. It did not work for me.

    I started to focus on the breathing sound itself. It has now got me into a habit of deep breathing and that's meditation for me. I feel relaxed every time I do deep breathing.

    I would suggest one to meditate without any music but don't let other sounds distract you. Keep a constant phase of inhale exhale cycles.


    [–] I made Relax. Android app for deep breathing and meditation ashwinkumark10 1 points ago in SideProject

    Perfect! I've added everything you mentioned to my backlog. I will begin working on them. You are right. these are really important. Will update you once I've done both the log and a splash screen when you are done with exercise.

    Thank you.

    P.S: Thank you once again for your comment on the UI. I'm extensively experimenting on the designs/UI/UX and I love it. Hoping to make something more good with every app I do.