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    [–] Citrus 10 cover is here and it’s beautiful ass-destroyer 2 points ago in CitrusManga

    The Japanese bit in the middle says "姉妹「しまい」の恋「こい」、堂々「どうどう」完結「かんけつ」", "grand conclusion of sisters' love" for those wondering.

    [–] 🤔 ass-destroyer 1 points ago in facepalm

    In Japanese a billion is ten hundred million.

    十億 = 10,0000,0000 = 1,000,000,000

    [–] I tried to give away two harnesses that no longer fit my dog. Did not go well ass-destroyer 4 points ago in ChoosingBeggars

    I don't really see how having to leave work a couple hours early one time to take care of your kids equates to not being capable of taking care of them at all but ok 👍

    [–] I tried to give away two harnesses that no longer fit my dog. Did not go well ass-destroyer 22 points ago in ChoosingBeggars

    So people should never have kids unless they can afford to have a stay at home parent (and what if something happens to one of the parents? Force the one remaining parent to give their kids up for adoption?) all because people have shit come up in their lives sometimes that might cause a mild inconvenience for you personally? What an entitled prick. Get the fuck over yourself.

    [–] Dawn in a Pikachu hoodie [Pokemon] ass-destroyer 9 points ago in awwnime

    Wow that's some master level japanese right there dude! 上手だよ!

    [–] My Luna Lovegood Cosplay complete with Lion Hat ass-destroyer 3 points ago in harrypotter

    Huh. I do this often and I've never had a word for it before. Neat

    [–] The vegan feminist ass-destroyer 6 points ago in gatekeeping

    How tf do you ask a cow for consent?

    [–] At BWI Airport, you can learn CPR while you wait for your flight. (Baltimore, Maryland) ass-destroyer 1 points ago in mildlyinteresting

    I have to admit, I have CPR and AED training and I 100% would not ever consider using it on any woman I don't personally know very well for no other reason than fear of being accused of sexual assault. Shit's real and there are crazy people out there that will legit ruin your entire life forever over a bs accusation in a perfectly reasonable situation like that and I want no part of it.

    [–] Loli Convention ass-destroyer 3 points ago in justneckbeardthings


    I've heard this at least 500 times and I still lose it at that line every time. Fucking good shit man

    [–] Loli Convention ass-destroyer 16 points ago in justneckbeardthings

    Haha if you think One Punch Man and DBZ are weird you have a LOT to learn my friend

    [–] Loli Convention ass-destroyer 20 points ago in justneckbeardthings

    I do listen to other stuff but I've been going hard on Japanese future bass and electropop lately and I've gotten so many crazy looks at red lights blasting this shit in my car. I have no shame

    [–] Loli Convention ass-destroyer 28 points ago in justneckbeardthings

    Fucking Moe Shop is the shit. I've been basically playing Baby Pink on repeat for two weeks now.

    [–] Where are these niggas coming from?! ass-destroyer 9 points ago in BlackPeopleTwitter

    Some of the producers on sc that make beats for these mumble rappers post lots of instrumental stuff that is honestly 1000x better without the vocals if you're into that kind of thing. Unfortunately my feed sometimes gets jammed with their vocal tracks they share and it gets pretty annoying but the instrumentals are worth it and every once in a while I'll find a rapper I don't hate

    [–] What is the most "r/iam14andthisisdeep" thing that you have done? ass-destroyer 29 points ago in AskReddit

    I love finding and sharing new music and my wife's music taste has very little overlap with mine. You'd be surprised how irritating it gets.

    [–] My girlfriend cleaning her monopoly collection ass-destroyer 330 points ago in pics

    I'm currently on my way to doing this with chess. Nobody I know irl actually wants to play but everybody loves buying me chess sets for Christmas and birthdays because they know I like chess... Like, thanks guys but all I really want to do is play...

    [–] Alabama sheriff who arrested man who criticized him pockets $750k in jail food funds, buys $740k beach house ass-destroyer 309 points ago in news

    Yep not getting re-elected is definitely a fitting punishment for stealing $750k. I couldn't imagine committing a crime serious enough for me to maybe lose my job a few years from now. That's a punishment fit for only the most heinous criminals.