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    [–] hmmm athomeonmysofa 2 points ago in hmmm

    they way she scoots over to him at the end... So cute!

    [–] [Smart]: I love you, Mom. athomeonmysofa 1 points ago in nba

    Fuck the Celtics!

    [–] Link to this wall paper? athomeonmysofa 1 points ago in mobilewallpapers

    Been searching for an hour now... Can't find it! 😅

    [–] Anyone else make up fake stories when they run? athomeonmysofa 18 points ago in running

    I like to pretend that the bus/car I'm traveling in broke down in the middle of nowhere. There is no phone signal and no way to call for help. The nearest town is six miles away (that is how much I run) and the groups selects me to run to town and ask for help because I'm the fittest.

    To motivate myself I tell myself that if I don't do it under an hour the group of people I'm traveling with will perish in the desert/wilderness. So far they haven't perished. ☺

    Edit - I can do six miles in about 54 minutes.