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    [–] [No Spoilers] What "gender" is SAM? It's VA is female on IMDB. atlas5280 2 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago) in masseffect

    Dude, I know it's a little pretentious of me, but there's a reason I cited sources in my original comment. You can write off whatever gender identity/social justice stuff you want, but that doesn't change the fact that it's a very real, very consequential area of study.

    Turing, in laying out the fucking groundwork for artificial intelligence, was unable to resolve the notion of gender and thinking machines(artificial intelligence).

    Whatever your stance on bathroom laws or gamergate or whatever other bullshit has convinced you that you've reached the plateau of gender-related research, I'm stating plainly(with sources) that you're remarkably under-informed.

    What it doesn't have is a sex, or a need for one. That's obvious and of no consequence. What's on trial here is the role of gender plays on thinking thing's (be it organic or inorganic) identity. Things that think, actually think, so far as we know, need a gender. Until you or someone makes a truly thinking, full-blown AI the question will go unsettled but you've got to wonder why Turing brought it up in his essay and every serious thinker involved in AI sense has given it pause.

    Honestly dude, I get that it's a frustrating political topic, but politics aside, gender identity and artificial intelligence research go hand in hand, and there's no clear answer. You're entitled to your opinion, but it's a pretty weak one in my opinion, and wouldn't get you very far in a serious, well researched debate on the matter.

    edit: read even one of the articles I linked and then we'll talk.

    editedit: food for thought; if you downloaded your mind into a computer, how would you think of yourself in regards to gender then? Suppose your spouse also downloaded their mind. How would you consider them, genderwise?

    [–] [No Spoilers] What "gender" is SAM? It's VA is female on IMDB. atlas5280 3 points ago in masseffect

    Cool man, you've laid it rest with that sweeping, well-researched statement. Glad you were here to enlighten all of us.

    [–] [No Spoilers] What "gender" is SAM? It's VA is female on IMDB. atlas5280 3 points ago in masseffect

    Gender deals with identity, not physical being. That's sex. While the two can overlap, they are not interchangeable terms. The only things ever capable of sentient thought have been gendered beings. If you can think of any reason why machines that could think would be exceptions to this rule, then you'd settle a debate that the scholars I mentioned, and many more, can't.

    [–] [No Spoilers] What "gender" is SAM? It's VA is female on IMDB. atlas5280 2 points ago * (lasted edited 4 days ago) in masseffect

    Alan Turing disagrees with you. Struck through my personal opinion. What I will say is that this is a big topic that scholars such as Turing, Halberstam, Lyotard, and Hayles have talked a lot about, and many more besides them. It's far from a settled issue, and I'm interested to see if Mass Effects authors were interested in discussing the topic, but I just wanted to point out that it isn't as simple as "machines don't have gender."

    [–] Chow chows are one of the oldest East Asian dog breeds, emerging shortly after domestication of the dog atlas5280 1 points ago in Awwducational

    Being under informed is a lot like being uninformed, and you're advocating for it because you hate the Reddit mod system?

    Fuck you.

    [–] 700-year-old Knights Templar cave discovered in England atlas5280 8 points ago in history

    And what obvious reasons would those be? Reasons only obvious to conspiracy theorists?

    [–] Monster truck nearly takes out crowd atlas5280 70 points ago in nonononoyes

    To keep people off the track, not trucks off the people.

    [–] Since when is saying I am not going to buy a game considered piracy? atlas5280 7 points ago * (lasted edited 19 days ago) in cemu

    don't excuse yourself with some bullshit.

    It is just pretentious.

    Are you atleast supporting cemu on their patreon?


    First, the sentiment expressed in your comment is demonstrably hypocritical. Supporting cemu =/= condemning piracy, nor does supporting cemu == supporting game developers.

    Second, "at least" is two words.

    [–] Why in the world would anyone get a 7mm? atlas5280 2 points ago in theHunter

    It's a magnum rifle cartridge. It's a massive, powerful round.

    [–] If you are going to play BOTW on CEMU, you should buy the game anyways atlas5280 7 points ago in cemu

    I almost bitched you out. But then it dawned on me that you're having a laugh. That was a rollercoaster of emotion. Thanks lol.

    [–] Whats up with the size of the red dot in the red dot scope??? atlas5280 2 points ago in theHunter

    You should google "Minute of Angle" and read up.

    There's a lot that goes into shot design. Some sights will allow you to adjust the MoA of it's targeting reticle. Most will not. The Trijicon RMR, for instance(the popular pistol slide-mounted red dot) comes in a variety of MoA styles.

    There are real life pros and cons every style of MoA reticle on a reflex sight that you can read about with some googling.

    As for this particular representation, if it doesn't work for you, don't use it. The reason it's called "reflex" as opposed to, say, "precision" is because it's main strength is quick target acquisition. Because you only have to line up a single dot with your target instead both rear and front sight, there's a real world advantage. However as you point out, that advantage is completely eliminated in a video game because sight alignment/sight picture is handled for you.

    Bottom line, if you don't like it, don't use it.

    [–] No integrity bonus on black tail with.270? atlas5280 2 points ago in theHunter

    What's really frustrating about this particular mechanic for me is that you can never overkill something. A 7MM magnum round and a .223 will make a deer equally dead. Where integrity would come in is when you try to shoot, say, an Elk with a .223. You'll probably just maim it and it'll run off forever.

    There's no integrity violated by using a large cartridge. You might ruin more meat than you had intended, but a clean kill is about the best you could give your prey.

    As for the bonus and scoring of this game, I'm not sure any of it is of much consequence. I sort of feel like the thing will either die quickly and you find it, for which you should get a bonus, the thing dies slowly but you still find it, for which you get no bonus, and then the worst case is you wound but dont kill an animal(which I'm not sure is even possible in this game? Everything I've shot seems to die eventually), for which you receive a penalty.


    [–] Sight for pistols atlas5280 4 points ago in Rainbow6

    You're clearly talking out of your ass. Miniature reflex sights have dominated competition shooting for at least the last 5 years in any competition they're allowed in. They're literally standard.

    [–] A special kind of blind. atlas5280 2 points ago in Rainbow6

    Incorrect. CS:GO uses 90 degree horizontal FoV, which is equivalent to 60 degrees in R6S, which uses vertical FOV. A 90 setting in R6S gives you 120 degree horizontal view at 16:9 resolution.

    [–] A CALENDAR SYSTEM THAT MAKES SENSE atlas5280 0 points ago in totallynotrobots

    This is my first time actually coming to the comments of one of this subs posts. This sub is fucking dope.

    [–] Find a Friend Megathread / Discord Meetup atlas5280 1 points ago in Rainbow6

    • PC
    • EST/eus region
    • 43/Bronze
    • Mic: Yes
    • ign: atlas5280
    • disc: atlas5280

    Just got the game a few weeks ago, still learning the ropes. Looking for people that actually want to communicate/cooperate/improve at the game. I'm 27, mature players are preferred.