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    [–] Marathon of Hope. attheisstt 411 points ago in pics

    Terry Fox a truly Canadian hero that we can all be so proud of.

    [–] Remember David Dao and United flight 3411? attheisstt 8 points ago in pics

    You know the one where he was beaten and dragged off an oversold flight because United needed seats for their own employees? And how he was somehow at fault for escalating the situation? Well...

    It was never oversold or overbooked. Dao is blameless for the two teeth he lost and the broken nose and concussion he received.

    A City of Chicago Office of Inspector General investigation found that the airline and in particular the officers' handling of the situation was completely bungled and the escalation and violence was entirely their fault. They then made misleading statements and altered reports to cover their asses.

    Two officers have been fired (including the ranking officer at the scene) and two suspended.