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    [–] Who/What Are You Most Excited To See This Year? b-napp 3 points ago in miamidolphins

    If Howard becomes a legit shutdown corner, our D could be quite nasty. I really like his progression from year 1 to 2 and hopefully he keeps that going. Secondary has a chance to be special with multiple edge rushers and dudes that can cover

    [–] Reshad Jones Infographic b-napp 3 points ago in miamidolphins

    Yes, but his stats are gonna be hard to ignore. He accumulates tackles like a Linebacker and already has 10.5 sacks and 18 interceptions with 3 touchdowns. I'm not saying he's a lock or anything but it should be a close call. He should be treated as a LB/Safety hybrid since he spends so much time in the box

    [–] Reshad Jones Infographic b-napp 9 points ago in miamidolphins

    A few more years of this and he might be getting a gold jacket, especially if we can make a playoff run. Same goes for Cam Wake if he can produce for a couple more seasons .

    [–] Dola's Madden rating is an 85 b-napp 9 points ago in miamidolphins

    It is ducked that no other developer can make an NFL game. No competition to push Madden

    [–] Latest Odds. 100/1 b-napp 13 points ago in miamidolphins

    No, 16 at best and 0 at worst. Do you even watch Football? Haha

    [–] ohh piece of candy b-napp 1 points ago in gaming

    I think that's called a rusty trombone

    [–] Here's the unique approach Dolphins rookie tight ends are taking to get up to speed b-napp 2 points ago in miamidolphins

    Looking forward to some athleticism in that tight end room, give RT17 some big targets in the deep middle and let our speedsters run wild in the underneath.

    [–] After driving uber for over 15 hours a day for a few years, my dad finally decided to realize his dream of starting a restaurant. Here’s him getting a culinary degree. b-napp 4 points ago in pics

    True that. I'd start with a food truck and if it catches on, maybe start a brick and mortar restaurant. If not, sell the truck without a huge loss. I'm too much of a puss to follow my dreams, so I respect the shi t outta this guy regardless of the outcome

    [–] Feelsgoodman b-napp 1 points ago in battlefield_one

    Very nice! One of my new favorite things to do in this game. Unfortunately it doesn't do damage to infantry or land vehicles so I only run with it when the other team is kicking our ass in the air

    [–] Lovely brunch b-napp 1 points ago in PutAnEggOnIt

    Add a little cheddar and I'm in!

    [–] Run. b-napp 5 points ago in battlefield_one

    Show your dong and give a battle cry like the Scottish in Braveheart! I wish you could anyway

    [–] Just finished James Clavell's Shogun and I'm blown away. (Spoiler Free) b-napp 1 points ago in books

    Loved it and now want to read it again. I had loved The movie "The Last Samarai" but this was so much better. Glad you enjoyed it

    [–] A Surprise Stabbing b-napp 2 points ago in battlefield_one

    That animation when you kick the guy in the face then reach down and stab him in the neck is so brutal yet satisfying. Well done