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    [–] Happy 10 year anniversary, Wildcat! b-napp 6 points ago in miamidolphins

    As a Dolphins fan living in New England, I can't explain how much I love reliving that day. Patriots fans got real quiet after that ass whoopin! Fuck The Patriots!

    [–] What are your predictions for the year 2019? b-napp 1 points ago in AskReddit

    A hotel my company managed last year was renovated and the bar was called "The Speakeasy" and it looked legit like you went back 100 years. Very cool style

    [–] Productive day b-napp 2 points ago in BlackPeopleTwitter

    Haha I remember sweeping my outdoor balcony at 2am at my mom's condo while blasting Tupac, while smoking back to back cigs. This was in Jersey though, so not that weird I guess

    [–] The beach b-napp 5 points ago in funny

    He strikes me as more of a Hot Pocket type of dude, but who knows

    [–] Sausage and pepper sandwiches b-napp 1 points ago in instantpot

    Looks good. Will have to give this a try, love me some sausage!

    [–] Which players on the Raiders will give you guys match up problems? Which players on the Dolphins will give us match up problems? b-napp 1 points ago in miamidolphins

    I really want to see how Baker and Fitzpatrick match up against Cook, they've both looked good in coverage so far. Hopefully we can generate some pass rush early and force them to keep the tight ends on the line to block Wake and Quinn.

    [–] Shrages is the man b-napp 6 points ago in miamidolphins

    damn straight! no doubt in my mind

    [–] Man vs. Horse b-napp 1 points ago in battlefield_one

    That's why I almost always carry the light anti tank grenades. They do a ton of damage to horse riders  and can help against tanks and other vehicles, not to mention the occasional plane if well placed.

    [–] Cris carter predicts Miami as a playoff sleeper. (Skip to 4 minute mark for Miami) b-napp 4 points ago in miamidolphins

    The wins still count. If we had lost the two games, people would be pointing out that we lost to a rookie HC and a rookie QB. I know you just like shitting on our team but c'mon man, we are 2-0. Just enjoy it for a minute or two, then shit on them if they break our hearts

    [–] [PlayStation Classic] [Video] PS Classic reveal trailer. b-napp 1 points ago in PS4

    Favorite game of all time for me. Such a cool story with great characters. I used to get so freaked out when Sniper Wolf would start bustin shots at me

    [–] Davon Godchaux getting some love in an r/NFL post b-napp 5 points ago in miamidolphins

    He played very well this week. Very happy with the young players on the defense. If they can keep it up, we may have a very strong core to ride into the future

    [–] GMFB: Dolphins are a "Sleeper who's about to wake up" b-napp 5 points ago in miamidolphins

    True, but I have gotten used to the warmth of fresh shit. Stinky yet comforting in a bizarre way...I'll see myself out. Fuck The Jets!

    [–] Post Game Thread: Miami Dolphins (1-0) vs. New York Jets (1-0) b-napp 5 points ago in miamidolphins

    Fuck The Jets! And Duck The Jets! Damn Autocorrect! 2 and 0 Bitches!

    [–] New NFL/Dolphins Fan b-napp 5 points ago in miamidolphins

    Welcome Friend! Fuck the Jets!

    [–] Should we give Asiata a shot? b-napp 2 points ago in miamidolphins

    It's makes way more sense than carrying 4 friggin quarterbacks in the roster.