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    [–] Anyone have any tips for a sometimes average player b-napp 1 points ago in battlefield_one

    Smoke is a great tool in the battlefield and is rarely used since its non-lethal. I love the Parrabellum and smoke combination to get up close and spray people down. High rate of fire gun plus smoke is always a good tactic

    [–] Ricky Williams is starting his own cannabis brand b-napp 6 points ago in miamidolphins

    I miss those teams. Imagine Tannehill with those rosters...

    [–] Only children of reddit, what is something that people with siblings don't understand? b-napp 1 points ago in AskReddit

    That is why I worry about my mother. I'm in Rhode Island and she's all alone in New Jersey. I get worried sometimes if I haven't heard from her in a few days. This really hit close to home...

    [–] The enemy team was literally aids b-napp 19 points ago in battlefield_one

    Fuck white blood cells!!!

    [–] Super Bowl? Right or wrong, the Miami Dolphins have picked their path | Armando Salguero b-napp 2 points ago in miamidolphins

    I'm right there with you. Tannehill is such a tough dude and had one of the worst o-lines in all the league but people say he's average at best. I call bullshit, when he has time to throw and a decent running game, he's a top ten type of quarterback. Just stay off Facebook and r/nfl because both are full of morons

    [–] Which move? b-napp 1 points ago in miamidolphins

    It'll cost them all the buffalo wings in the city!

    [–] Dolphins free agent Damien Williams has visits set up with Chiefs and Colts b-napp 7 points ago in miamidolphins

    Gonna miss Damien, always played hard and never complained about lack of opportunities

    [–] Dolphins guarantee $3 million of Cameron Wake's salary. He ain't going anywhere this season. b-napp 6 points ago in miamidolphins

    He's sitting at 92 sacks in the NFL and another 39 in the CFL in two seasons. He could end up with 150 combined. Pretty dang great career. If we could just get him a playoff win...

    [–] Braden Halladay's pitching delivery compared to his father b-napp 5 points ago in sports

    Open and shut case, Johnson! Now let's sprinkle some crack on him and get the hell outta here

    [–] I hope DICE fixed this nonsense b-napp 1 points ago in battlefield_one

    I wondered why I saw so many tanks back there until I realized they were doing the same thing. So annoying. Nothing worse than a shit spawn system

    [–] What social norm has never made any sense to you? b-napp 6 points ago in AskReddit

    3 Bingo! I've seen a sip of juice left in the container simply to avoid throwing it away and a half piece of lasagna left in Tupperware to avoid washing it. Human can be very lazy, myself included at times

    [–] Tell your friends that in RI we have lobster flavored beer. b-napp 7 points ago in RhodeIsland

    Fair points but I did like the coffee stout too. I don't like the prices like you said, beer prices are getting out of hand these days.

    [–] Pouncey has requested his release from the team b-napp 1 points ago in miamidolphins

    I really hope our young guys are ready to step up, I'm looking at you Laremy. With all the veterans moving on, I just hope we can keep Wake around until retirement. I would hate to see him in another jersey like we had to with Jason Taylor, Zach Thomas, Patrick Surtain, Sam Madison, etc.

    [–] Remembering The X-Files’ most terrifying monster, 25 years on b-napp 4 points ago in television

    Agree. When you meet the mother...oh my gosh is that creepy. I always loved the sewer monster episode and the episode where the little spiders covered anything in the dark. What a great show

    [–] Reminder: This is the Bills' new QB b-napp 2 points ago in miamidolphins

    drugs or alcohol, probably. If he was sober when he picked this tattoo, then he is dumber than a box of rocks

    [–] What video-game is a good way to relieve stress? b-napp 1 points ago in AskReddit

    That would be awesome. A nice little co-op mode would really add more playability to a game that is already easy to get sucked into.

    [–] What video-game is a good way to relieve stress? b-napp 1 points ago in AskReddit

    I love walking about and running into random encounters. Any word on if when the next Fallout game may be coming out? Fallout 4 came out around 2.5 years ago

    [–] Behind enemy lines b-napp 4 points ago in battlefield_one

    Good job, Soldier! Imagine if you'd picked up one of the enemies kits? You may still be killing them to this very day...