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    [–] THIS is what we mean when we say the TTK is fine but the TTD has issues b-napp 1 points ago in BattlefieldV

    For some reason the STEN and the KE7 are the guns that usually kill me in 1 or 2 frames. Most guns I can hear or feel the shots hitting but with those two in particular, all the bullets feel like they hit me at once and I instantly go from 100 to 0 health. Very frustrating

    [–] The lateral play b-napp 6 points ago in miamidolphins

    Just like Michael Corleone in Godfather 3 lol

    [–] The lateral play b-napp 17 points ago in miamidolphins

    I was the only Miami fan in a Patriots bar in Rhode Island today. Needless to say I went nuts after the latteral, in a dead silent bar. It was great but I'm not sure if I'd be welcome back lol. Fins up Bitches!!! Fuck the Patriots!

    [–] My girlfriend holding the moon b-napp 1 points ago in pics

    At nine in the afternoon!

    [–] My uncle, sometime in the 80s b-napp 2 points ago in OldSchoolCool

    Rootin Tootin bad guy shootin!

    [–] Best Shotgun Run I've Had in a While b-napp 1 points ago in battlefield_one

    9 dog tags taken? Jeez, did you run up on the top floor and get a bunch of camping snipers or something? GG

    [–] BF1 vs. BFV b-napp 9 points ago in battlefield_one

    I agree that BFV is harder than BF1. Both are fun and I'm glad they feel very different. I didn't want BFV to feel like a WW2 DLC pack or something. I will be playing both for sure, I could never abandon my parrabelum or Lebel :)

    [–] [Barry Jackson] Xavien Howard and Jake Brendel not seen at Dolphins practice. So McTyer and maybe Armstrong thrust into defensive roles Sunday. Larsen, maybe Wesley Johnson needed on OL. b-napp 2 points ago in miamidolphins

    I won't be completely out but if we aren't at least competitive, it will surely be a kick in the stones. The first time we played NE was so deflating after starting 3-0 and just not showing up at all. What an embarrassing game that was after the talk all week about taking over the division finally.

    [–] Love at first sight b-napp 6 points ago in aww

    Great, now I need an owl in my life!

    [–] Don't move. Don't move. Don't move. b-napp 51 points ago in BattlefieldV

    Or smell the soft stool running down you leg

    [–] Every Battlefield Patch Ever b-napp 6 points ago in BattlefieldV

    Yea I just watched this last weekend for the first time. It was such a stupid moment but was funny as hell. I was thinking they were like 20 feet up, nope more like 100 feet as "Hero" played

    [–] The Plane Adjustments have BROKEN flying in BFV, and it has little to do with Bombers. b-napp 2 points ago in BattlefieldV

    Yes, my favorite moments in all the past 4 BF titles is shooting down air targets from the ground, either in a tank or as infantry. So satisfying to make the shot and see the kill feed light up. I will be trying out the new patch for the first time tonight after work, and I know I'm gonna be pissed the first time I hit a plane and do like 50 or 80 damage then have to watch them fly away to repair.

    [–] Hotdog stand, New York, 1963 b-napp 34 points ago in OldSchoolCool

    I think they are called sausage fingers. But yea dude is thick

    [–] [Beasley] Adam Gase declines to say whether Xavien Howard had surgery. "Any of that stuff, we keep in-house. ... We have to make sure we do the right thing for him. When he's ready to go, he's ready to go." Howard is in the building, watching practice. Not on crutches. b-napp 15 points ago in miamidolphins

    Is it 2019 yet? JK but seriously wtf kind of seasons have been having since Gase joined us? In 2016 we start 1-3 then need a miracle to beat Cleveland and make a run to the friggin playoffs only to get rocked because RT17 fucked up his knee. Then lose RT17 again in 2017, get Smokin Jay, Timmons goes awol the day before a game, we play 16 weeks straight including a "home" in friggin London, our coach is caught doing blow and recording it. Then this disaster filled season, but we are still in the hunt for the playoffs. I don't get it.

    I swear we are all going to have heart attacks if this shit keeps up. I need more beer.

    [–] Who remembers these?! Used to walk to school with this everyday. That 20sec anti-skip feature was revolutionary b-napp 1 points ago in pics

    I bought a Pioneer with see through top so you could see the cd spinning inside. My friends thought it was wicked awesome! Anti-skip was great too

    [–] What is something that makes you smile every time? b-napp 61 points ago in AskReddit

    Watching bloopers from tv shows or movies. I can't help but grin from ear to ear when watching people get goofy on the set. The Parks and Rec bloopers with Andy are out of control! Or the Rush Hour bloopers, just great!

    [–] Bestest Friends Ever Albert Wilson and Jakeem Grant have decided who's (currently)the faster one b-napp 18 points ago in miamidolphins

    WE must've had the fasted group of WRs in the league when those two guys were healthy, along with Stills and Dola. It's a shame we can't stay healthy though, I really wanted to see what Wilson could do over the whole season

    [–] Would you play on a [NO HUD] Server if they made it an option? b-napp 1 points ago in BattlefieldV

    situational awareness is already pretty low in this game, I can't imagine how bad it would be with no HUD. I would give it a try though, looks way more immersive

    [–] Cornerbacks with the lowest passer rating allowed in 2018 per PFF? Number One: Minkah Fitzpatrick(56.2) Number Two: Xavien Howard(62.6) b-napp 9 points ago in miamidolphins

    I want OL and DL in the first two rounds if I was the GM. I'm so tired of us losing in the trenches on both sides of the ball. We have good skill players on both sides of the ball, and I like our OTs but the interior lineman and edge rushers are leaving a lot to be desired.

    [–] Cant believe i F need to teach them how to use it... 😐 b-napp 1 points ago in BattlefieldV

    I drop ammo and health crates all the time but very rarely get re supply and healing points because of these nincompoops. I guess its back to pouches and no extra med bags or explosives for my teammates. Silly soldiers...

    [–] Panzerfaust and tank shots don’t kill planes anymore. Really disappointing. b-napp 3 points ago in BattlefieldV

    Oh come the fuck on. The two ways I've been able to take out a plane are now nerfed, jeeeeeez RIP

    [–] [I Ate] Chocolate Taco b-napp 1 points ago in food

    Looks good but I'll take what's in the bowl on the right, please