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    [–] YouTube Made Me Buy It babycorn10 3 points ago in BeautyGuruChatter

    Net a porter has Charlotte tilbury for significantly cheaper prices! The shadow is only $23 on their website. It’s sold out right now but if you put it on your wishlist they’ll notify you when it’s back in stock. Plus free shipping

    [–] Global Brigade babycorn10 2 points ago in prephysicianassistant

    Were you asked about it in your interview?

    [–] Global Brigade babycorn10 1 points ago in prephysicianassistant

    Have you gotten any patient care hours? If you so, how? I’m struggling a bit with pce hours and was hoping global brigade would qualify as pce hours.

    [–] Global Brigade babycorn10 1 points ago in prephysicianassistant

    That’s awesome. I hope you like it. Would these trips be considered as pce hours?

    [–] [Image] Just do the work. babycorn10 1 points ago in GetMotivated

    RemindMe! 6 months

    [–] What’s a personality trait you could never accept in a S/O? babycorn10 1 points ago in AskWomen

    Same thing happened to me. There’s nothing like being in a relationship and still feeling alone.

    [–] Anybody have beauty gurus they couldn't stand and now they vibe with them? (or vice versa) babycorn10 10 points ago in BeautyGuruChatter

    I agree with you on all of these guru’s. Lydia has changed so drastically her videos aren’t worth watching anymore which is a shame because I used to love watching her.

    [–] What female character do you have a hard time liking? babycorn10 2 points ago in AskWomen

    I used to love those books when I was younger, but after reading them when I grew up I realized what a terrible character Belly was.