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    [–] Nets fan here baconperogies 23 points ago in torontoraptors

    Same. I FUCK wit BROOKLYN.

    How can you not love this team chemistry?

    [–] 3-1 W2 | Raptors 107 @ Magic 85 F | April 21st 2019 baconperogies 17 points ago in torontoraptors

    Was listening to the away feed and those Magic announcers on Fox sports are such homers. Saying how refs are biased and Raps are the only ones to get calls for contact. :/

    [–] THE BROOKLYN NETS HAVE CLINCHED A PLAYOFF BERTH baconperogies 1 points ago in nba

    Your outlook has arguably been the most bleak in the NBA. Trading all of your picks, making a run for it with old vets and having no big name studs.

    Definitely on the up and up. See you some time in the playoffs Brooklyn.

    [–] [POSTGAME THREAD]- RAPTORS DEFEAT MIAMI IN OT 117-109 baconperogies 3 points ago in torontoraptors

    Everyone standing up to defend him vs. Pierce's comments brings a tear to my eye.

    [–] [POSTGAME THREAD]- RAPTORS DEFEAT MIAMI IN OT 117-109 baconperogies 3 points ago in torontoraptors

    Remember when Powell was a struggle and a half last year? So glad to see we stuck with him and he's rounded back into form. My body is ready for Playoff Powell.

    [–] Techies after 7.20 is nice. 45% to 54.5% win rate baconperogies 1 points ago in DotA2

    Amen to that. Nothing more satisfying than winning a game with Techies while:

    • playing offlane vs. hard carry

    • supporting with wards/smoke/tomes and ending with most support gold

    • having the best k/d stats in the game and carrying/supporting the team to Valhalla

    [–] Isn’t it crazy that we have Kawhi? baconperogies 3 points ago in torontoraptors

    Was Vince as dominant as Kawhi? Feel free to jog my memory. I was but a young NBA fan at the time.

    [–] Post Game Thread: Philadelphia Flyers at Toronto Maple Leafs - 15 Mar 2019 baconperogies 15 points ago in leafs

    I like how we're always in it no matter what kind of hole we've dug for ourselves.

    [–] Family trip in June of 2020 baconperogies 1 points ago in travelchina

    Cantonese isn't so useful around Shanghai as locals would speak Mandarin or Shanghainese likely. If they can read/write that would help a ton.

    Check out Hangzhou! West Lake is nice!

    [–] Family trip in June of 2020 baconperogies 1 points ago in travelchina

    Glad you’re excited about visiting China!

    It’s immensely helpful to speak Chinese whilst traveling in the mainland. The country is simple not very tourist friendly to those who can’t speak the language. The bigger the city though the more English speakers/signs etc. Just know that your family friend who speaks both Mando and Canto might have their work cut out for them.

    What’s your time frame like? I would first google Chinese public holidays during your visit. Avoid traveling to major tourist destinations during those holidays. The crowds will be insane.

    Aside from that it’s just choose which cities to visit and what sites to see. There’s so many amazing places in this vast country. It pays to go off the beaten path a bit and further away from where most of the tourists go. For example the Great Wall. If your group is active enough I would plan a trek and find an bed and breakfast at a remote section of the wall. Much more enjoyable than seeing the crowds at the major sections of the wall.

    [–] Secret sky balls of kindness baconperogies 464 points ago in HumansBeingBros

    I remember in elementary school. Once every few months the custodian would get on the roof and throw back all the tennis balls that got stuck there during recess. All the kids would run out and try to catch them. He was a Tennis Ball God to us that’s for sure.

    [–] Loving the customizablitity for the galaxy watch baconperogies 1 points ago in samsung

    I've never owned a smart watch before - what are some key features you can't live without ?

    [–] I cheated baconperogies 6 points ago in MMFB

    You made a mistake and you're facing the consequences of those actions.

    At the end of the day we all make mistakes and as cliche as it sounds it's not about making them, but how do we ensure that we don't make the same mistakes again. Know yourself better and your limits when it comes to alcohol. Apologize profusely for your actions not because you expect others to forgive you, but because it's the right thing to do. Continue to move forward and move on. I'm sure before you met this girl, you never thought you could meet someone so 'perfect'/such a good fit. In the same vein the outlook might look bleak now but there will be others after her too. Keep your chin up. Take responsibility for your actions and keep moving forward.

    [–] Ennis bangs home his second [TOR 2, CGY 0] baconperogies 1 points ago in leafs

    Every time we scratch him he just pots up more revenge goals.