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    [–] The best wingwoman baconperogies 5 points ago in wholesomememes

    I mean I was just introduced to Mary and I don't trust her for shit.

    [–] They get pad. baconperogies 1 points ago in HongKong

    I wouldn't say everyone but more so it's just human nature to resist change and the older we get the more set in our ways we often are.

    How does one go about 'teaching' empathy and sympathy? Showing these folks that not 'everyone' in China has as good as they do?

    [–] They get pad. baconperogies 3 points ago in HongKong

    Where does the logic lie? "My position makes absolute sense and anyone with a brain would believe what I believe. If you believe in something different you must be getting paid to sway your opinion on the logical 'truth' "

    [–] [8.19] Knife attack at Tseung Kwan O Lennon Wall, at least 3 people were injured. baconperogies 48 points ago in HongKong

    Get the CCTV. Catch and prosecute these criminals. Show the HK people that you actually care about the rule of law.

    [–] Went to a "pro-china" protest last weekend in Sydney... okay. baconperogies 1 points ago in HongKong

    Maybe the hand tattoo but I'll be slow to pass judgment. Had me laughing though, he's like the hype man to her speech.

    [–] Chinese Protest in China = begging baconperogies 1 points ago in HongKong

    This begging protest is sponsored by Yi Dian Dian - China's premier bubble tea shop. Milk bubble tea on the go; perfect for those protest days!

    [–] A Fake Chinese Police car spotted in the streets of Adelaide, Australia. Similar vehicles has also been spotted in Perth driving around intimidating locals baconperogies 9 points ago in HongKong

    Yeah make a lesson out of them. If you throw a few in jail the rest won't be so quick to do the same.

    Give them a chance. They are new immigrants after all. Everybody was a 'new' immigrant at one point.

    [–] I from mainland China and I support my comrade at Hong Kong baconperogies 19 points ago in HongKong

    You're a beautiful human being. Stay strong and be safe. I love China and HK. I hope they both come become better because of this.

    [–] Despite heavy rain, threats from Beijing, and weeks of clashes with the police, hundreds of thousands of protesters marched through the streets of Hong Kong on Sunday for the 11th weekend in a row. baconperogies 1 points ago in worldnews

    Definitely a concern. So I think it comes two ways:

    1) still a financial gateway for China to the Int'l market

    2) the impact of China in the global economy and particularly how other countries do business with the country knowing it's record on agreements/contracts

    [–] Our future draft pick allocation (Masai dgaf about 2nd round picks lool) baconperogies 3 points ago in torontoraptors

    Just goes to show it's about adapting to a team's timeline and championship window.

    Even without those 2nd round picks I'm confident our FO can pick up solid undrafted free agents. Would love to see more talent come out of Africa.

    [–] Hong Kong protests spread across the globe baconperogies 1 points ago in worldnews

    A second to formatting! This is really good info from a historical perspective.

    Your average Chinese person living in a tier 1 or 2 Chinese city has so much going for them than their parent's generation. It's already 'so much better' than before, why complain? I get the mindset, just don't agree with it.

    Could the CCP have done better under a different leader than Mao? Could less people (literally millions) have died if they acted differently and prevented the famine?

    [–] Carrie Lam's son baconperogies 2 points ago in HongKong

    Understood but you just never know how some people will respond to private info on a public forum.

    The longer this goes on and the lack of action from Carrie I think just further shows her hands are tied.