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    [–] xQc on Alinitys Ban badama 82 points ago * (lasted edited a day ago) in LivestreamFail

    For streamers like her a 1700 host is big, on what planet would someone instantly think it's a fake and open it on another monitor when you're looking at the Vod of another Twitch streamer with apparently such a big following and they just hosted you?

    Are all streamers now expected to do that when looking at other streams/clips from now on? Are they responsible for the content another streamer is streaming on the same platform? I don't get it.

    Streamers a few months ago seemed happy with the rule that if another streamer does something TOS on your stream it's them that get banned and not you, but then we had the Esfand thing and now this. It's like they're throwing darts

    [–] $TSLA Daily Investor Discussion - May 20, 2019 badama 7 points ago in teslainvestorsclub

    Yeah I figured that's what happened, I'm just being a dick :P

    [–] $TSLA Daily Investor Discussion - May 20, 2019 badama 5 points ago in teslainvestorsclub

    I'm advocating for nuance and asking people to be more mindful of the way in which they phrase things. Careless sensationalism has a tendency to not be conducive to good discussion in the long run

    Speaking of which, could you link the chart that shows NVDA down 47% over one month that you said in your parent comment? Since you're an advocate for nuance and against careless sensationalism.

    [–] Shroud talking about Ice, xQc and Greeks community. badama 26 points ago in LivestreamFail

    Has he changed? When I watched him last year he didn't read that shit either 90% of the time

    [–] Shroud talking about Ice, xQc and Greeks community. badama 13 points ago in LivestreamFail

    Fuck I never thought about it like that. Even at 8 hours a day 5 days a week that's over a million a year.

    Of course he doesn't get that many all the time but on the other hand there are larger donations.

    [–] Beloved streamer Soulja Boy gets 240 days in jail and 265 days of community service P badama 9 points ago in LivestreamFail

    It's punishment for skipping community service. The judge apparently gave him a break as he was going to get a 2 year state jail sentence.

    [–] Team Liquid owner tweets about the TF Blade situtation badama 352 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago) in LivestreamFail

    It's an easy out. Undo the ban and maybe? issue an apology and all is forgiven.

    Will they take it?

    [–] Amazon 'regrets' Game of Thrones leak badama 23 points ago in television

    With all the regional distributors and streaming services it's almost inevitable that someone fucks it up and releases it a few hours early. At least it's not as bad as last season? maybe where they had the first 3 review copies leak at the same time.

    [–] Picard Series has begun filming badama 74 points ago in startrek

    It's a shame Voyager got transported so far on the other side of the Galaxy.

    Could you imagine if in the pilot they got teleported to the Caretaker, like 5 LY away? And the Captain asks how long it'll take to get back and Kim is like "I dunno, half an hour"?

    Would have made for a very different show I think.

    [–] Australian OSRS Streamer Gets A Surprise badama 6 points ago in LivestreamFail

    Yep. The only bird I ever got swooped on as a kid. Doctor visit, antibiotics and an injection. Thanks a lot Magpie you piece of shit. I remember you.

    [–] xQc has been up for 2 days playing Fortnite badama 2 points ago in LivestreamFail

    Yeah nothing wrong with that. Reminds me of the Doc going back to it, beyond all the shit it gets there's a reason so many people play it.

    [–] Why are the most of the streamers saying that "Donations are non-refundable" ? badama 2 points ago in Twitch

    No, and it won't help if it's through account hacking or credit card fraud, the bank is going to get their money.

    It's basically an empty threat and there to dissuade people from donating and charging back. It's like a no trespassing sign.

    [–] xQc has been up for 2 days playing Fortnite badama 45 points ago in LivestreamFail

    They're open qualifiers, spread out over regions and the top placers get in the final. It sounds like a lot but with so many regions the top players each week only get like $5k I think, if they make it to the final it's $50k minimum just for qualifying

    [–] xQc has been up for 2 days playing Fortnite badama 47 points ago in LivestreamFail

    The prize pools are nutty. 10 weeks of $1m prize pools then the finals with $3m for the winner. Then $1m/week tournaments for the rest of the year.

    [–] xQc has been up for 2 days playing Fortnite badama 15 points ago in LivestreamFail

    I dunno, he suddenly decided to become Fortnite Andy a few days after hearing that, out of the blue? He had an undiscovered longing to play Fortnite again? It's possible but I have a feeling one is more likely than the other

    [–] Musk doing whatever it takes to make TSLA some dough badama 14 points ago in wallstreetbets

    The exact quote is

    customers will need to call us or visit any one of the several hundred Tesla stores.

    You know, those stores that they announced they were going to close and move to all-online ordering a few months ago, then decided to keep open a little while later. And now to order a car option you have to call or go physically to a store.

    [–] Legality of basing your channel on an Anime character/Movie character badama 8 points ago in Twitch

    Making your channel name a popular trademarked property is a bad idea, especially if you’re directly referencing it

    [–] Cops get Jebaited after big bank heist badama 48 points ago in LivestreamFail

    He went from 3k viewers during the heist to 11k viewers just after this scene, within minutes. I've heard of a few bad metagaming apples, but what the fuck do you do against that?

    [–] "New Alcatraz Map PS4 #sponsored" - Stream Discussion 4/2/19 badama 2 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago) in DrDisrespectLive

    I just thought maybe they took it away and brought it back since you mentioned it was in the patch.

    But man it would be cool in PC too, I'm not sure why they didn't do that.

    [–] "New Alcatraz Map PS4 #sponsored" - Stream Discussion 4/2/19 badama 3 points ago in DrDisrespectLive

    The proximity chat on kill on console was in at the start though? Did they take it away?

    [–] Officer Down badama 1 points ago in LivestreamFail

    Yeah I have no doubt that Lirik is the big reason it started again and not Summit, but it's like that's not good enough for some people, he has to have been the first too even though it's provably false. Oh well.

    [–] Officer Down badama 0 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago) in LivestreamFail

    22 Days ago - Lirik

    24 days ago - Summit

    Strange thing to claim when the vods are still up

    [–] summit about his community harassing other streamers badama 1 points ago * (lasted edited 2 months ago) in LivestreamFail

    Yeah, they can do that in Summit's channel, that's fine, that's not what I mean. The line crossing is going over to the other streamer's channel. Subs and stuff on all channels and games accuse the opponent of cheating, stream sniping etc. when they kill the streamer.

    I was on Ziggys at the time, and when emote mode ended it wasn't that pretty with people immediately accusing him of stream sniping summit, it's on the vod.

    It isn't people talking shit in the streamers chat, it's them raiding the other chat. If streamers banned the former, they'd lose half their community. And Summit had 50k viewers at the time and 32kish subs, what's he supposed to do, ban them from his channel which is in sub mode most of the time and they can't talk anyway? The viewers are going to do what they are going to do even if the streamer doesn't encourage it.

    [–] summit about his community harassing other streamers badama 21 points ago in LivestreamFail

    They're not even subs most of the time, it's not like they're spamming his emotes. They just see Summit or whoever get 'stream sniped' then run over to the smaller streamer with no submode and talk shit. Summit hasn't gotten 50k+ viewers for a few weeks after SoT fell off so that's a lot of new people.

    The only realistic thing the streamer could be responsible for is if they don't accept an RP death/situation and calls another streamer out even indirectly or by character. Sure they're not asking for a raid but it's what is going to happen.