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    [–] gay_irl baphometsayshi 3 points ago in gay_irl

    reddit doesn't need any more of our money, never buy gold (use garlic instead).

    [–] US astronaut removed from ISS mission baphometsayshi 1 points ago in space

    it was because they switched the astronauts' sandwiches to pb&j and she's more of a grilled cheese kind of person so they dropped her to avoid awkward sandwich day part 2

    [–] furry_irl baphometsayshi 13 points ago in furry_irl

    it's safe to assume any anthropomorphic character is auto-ruined by default and probably has 200 kinks too

    [–] That was close baphometsayshi 14 points ago in ShitPostCrusaders

    I just realized jojo has JJBA manga blocking the knives

    that's like walking around with a comic book all about yourself

    [–] Sucks to be her partner baphometsayshi 5 points ago in Wellthatsucks

    but she has such a great attitude, i'm sure plenty of guys will be eager to start a /r/DeadBedrooms relationship with her

    [–] Can ex-muslim women please explain why western femi-mullahs are so much in love with islam baphometsayshi 16 points ago in exmuslim

    when you as an ex-muslim condemn islam you are taking away their beatstick that they were using against white men and they don't like that

    [–] gay_irl baphometsayshi 19 points ago in gay_irl

    actually you'll be in cells not tents

    [–] gay_irl baphometsayshi 21 points ago in gay_irl

    you could end up with another boy and then you're both in trouble and going to double jail

    [–] furry_irl baphometsayshi 11 points ago in furry_irl

    he must be friends with crusader cat

    [–] gay_irl baphometsayshi 25 points ago in gay_irl

    I think it has to be a man option or you go to jail

    [–] Behold the neckbeard with the PURE PERFECT GENETICS!!! baphometsayshi 1 points ago in justneckbeardthings

    guy probably is dead now from being recognized as mr solid 10 and years of mockery resulting from it

    [–] Almost had it 😁 baphometsayshi 2 points ago in battlefield_one

    I had a round of pavlov where there was almost a voltron, the last guy was stuck at work

    [–] All short girls are Pokemon! 😂 baphometsayshi 1 points ago in terriblefacebookmemes

    shawty was a pokemon all this time, I never knew

    [–] This mini ip camera baphometsayshi 1 points ago in ProductPorn

    perverts will be overjoyed

    [–] Labo announcement adds $1.4bn in corporate value to Nintendo baphometsayshi 33 points ago in NintendoSwitch

    then apple will claim to have invented origami and everyone will buy apple iPaper

    [–] Forget your Vive Pros and Pimax 8Ks, Nintendo is the new king in VR baphometsayshi 1 points ago in virtualreality

    we're reaching levels of manchild never thought possible before and nintendo is staying their course

    [–] Free coffee, you say? baphometsayshi 1 points ago in thatHappened

    can it be the mayor's aid from animal crossing?