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    [–] Where is the kde25 events schedule? barcelona_temp_2 1 points ago in kde

    You'll be able to see it when registering

    14 Oct. @ 17:00 UTC – Aleix Pol & e.V. Board Members

    15 Oct. @ 18:00 UTC – Jeri Ellsworth

    23 Oct. @ 15:00 UTC – Massimo Stella (Kdenlive)

    25 Oct. @ 17:00 UTC – Matthias Ettrich

    [–] Cleaning house (~/) of kde barcelona_temp_2 2 points ago in kde

    I don't have a ~/.kde so something weird is going on with your setup to create it

    I do have a .kde4 that is there to make sure if you run super old software it uses the colors you've set, maybe we could ask devels to stop pretending they care for .kde4 software run on a modern platform :)

    [–] Gitlab SSH access stop working after update to new gitlab arch package 14.3.0-1 barcelona_temp_2 2 points ago in archlinux

    Does adding to your .ssh/config

    Host server-ip
        HostkeyAlgorithms +ssh-rsa 
        PubkeyAcceptedAlgorithms +ssh-rsa


    [–] Espectacular la cortina de precipitación que se ha paseado por Barcelona ayer barcelona_temp_2 6 points ago in Barcelona

    "No tendría sentido utilizar el presente perfecto si la acción se hubiera producido ayer"

    Però si és veritat que sembla que hi ha a alguns llocs com Argentina on diuen "ayer he ido a clase", que com a barceloní sona fatal fatal

    [–] How does QSqlTableModel::removeRows() work under the hood? barcelona_temp_2 3 points ago in QtFramework

    The underlying SQL logic is exactly what QSqlTableModel implements, so this is a valid question

    [–] Developers: Let distros do their job barcelona_temp_2 6 points ago in linux

    This person always gets it so wrong that i'm impressed he still gets a following.

    He is arguing that the actual developers of an application know less about packaging and building an application than "some random person over there", *sigh*

    Flatpak [or similar technologies where the developers are in control of what the user runs] are the future, noone wants to debug an issue with the user and realize the problem is that $distro decided it was better to not enable some flag or some other randomness.

    [–] Ubuntu Touch OTA-19 Release barcelona_temp_2 11 points ago in linux

    Congratulations on the work!

    They really really need to move away from Ubuntu 16.04 though

    [–] Archlinux sponsored by shells ? barcelona_temp_2 1 points ago in archlinux

    You can't control what your brother does, can you?

    [–] Catalanes porque queréis independizaros de España??? barcelona_temp_2 6 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago) in catalunya

    Es más o menos la mitad.

    los datos no dicen eso, los datos (de 2015 pero no creo que hayan cambiado una barbaridad)

    Solo catalán: 26%

    Más catalán que español: 23%

    igual de catalán que español: 36%

    mas español que catalán: 4%

    solo español: 5%

    Ahora encuentro que es de 2018 y los datos son mas o menos clavados, en este caso dice 25%, 25%, 35%, 5%, 5%