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    [–] I wish this post got downvoted to hell basilshark 4 points ago in TheMonkeysPaw

    Granted. Nothing happens because karma is worthless.

    [–] Midwest flooding basilshark 0 points ago in 2healthbars

    Why does this sound like a John Mulaney quote

    [–] I went from being an A student to literally failing all of my classes this year. AMA basilshark 3 points ago in casualiama

    I’m going to continue taking classes and try not to repeat the same cycle next year. I’m ending my sophomore year of high school, and my gpa is an absolute wreck, but I’m just gonna do what I can from here on out.

    [–] I went from being an A student to literally failing all of my classes this year. AMA basilshark 6 points ago in casualiama

    I’ve always really cared about my grades, and that definitely hasn’t changed. I recently fell into a bout of depression though after going through some big family issues, moving, and some other things. It got to the point where I wasn’t trying to do work anymore—I was just trying to try.

    [–] Rick And Morty fan too smart to know that “learnt” is a word. basilshark 2 points ago in iamverysmart

    It’s not so much that being a fan of Rick and Morty makes you an asshole, it’s just that it seems to attract people who desperately need something “unusual” to cling onto that might vaguely validate their intelligence and uniqueness for them.

    [–] The ultimate anime recommendation flowchart for beginners basilshark 1 points ago in coolguides

    I thought Clannad was a really good exception. Season two was really strong, the ending may be controversial but the season itself might even have been stronger than the first.

    [–] NASA please contact this guy basilshark 5 points ago in woooosh

    Submarines can have windows I believe, but obviously they’re bolted and made with the right kind of tempered glass so that it can withstand the pressure of the water or whatever else may hit it—just like lower deck windows on other boats or the kind of windows you see on planes. I don’t think you can open them but even if you tried the surrounding pressure would make it nearly impossible.

    [–] This close-up of my cat’s face looks like a Van Gogh. basilshark 3 points ago in mildlyinteresting

    She has nearly the same two-faced pattern and looks exactly like my tortie! Man I miss her.

    [–] Tried selling my headphones and... basilshark 1 points ago in ChoosingBeggars

    Woah, woah, woah buddy, that’s insulting to us 16 year olds. I’d say they’re 12 at most.

    [–] Colour loss at depth in water basilshark 1 points ago in Damnthatsinteresting

    As a woman, I love a guy who can flex a bright pink phone case.

    [–] Cars 2 basilshark 2 points ago in comedyheaven

    Save it for kahoot, man.

    [–] What is something someone said to you that hit you the hardest? basilshark 2 points ago in AskReddit

    Just reading this hit me hard, because I almost said this exact thing to someone once. I’m still bracing myself for when that happens but I don’t want to tell them.

    [–] What screams "I'm depressed"? basilshark 1 points ago in AskReddit

    Yes. Several emails I haven’t responded to for months, several unopened texts or messages I just haven’t responded to yet for days and a couple from so many months ago. Having to make up excuses for not messaging right away.

    All from people I really care for and love, but that makes it all the harder to message them back because it takes more energy to respond to those you care about giving a good, positive response to.

    [–] What screams "I'm depressed"? basilshark 1 points ago in AskReddit

    I’m a person who hates just saying “Good” for fear of being boring or having a dull conversation. I’ve always tried to find something interesting to say or a little part of my day I enjoyed.

    Overtime, I’m still that person who wants to be truthful and somewhat positive with my answers, but it’s shifted to finding different ways of saying “I’m surviving.”

    e.g.: “I’m getting by!” “I’m taking it one day at a time.” “I’m okay.” “It’s going/it’s a day.” “I’m tired, but I’m okay.”

    Then I insert some half-ass joke about not getting enough sleep or having a busy week while trying desperately to remember anything interesting or good that happened.

    [–] looking like a sport basilshark 3 points ago in rareinsults

    I have that type of synesthesia, it’s just like associating words and letters and numbers with color but just with people. Nothing super trippy, but it can be pretty cool.

    [–] looking like a sport basilshark 28 points ago in rareinsults

    Actual synesthete here. I do have the type that that other guy mentioned, where I associate people and their names with color. It is a real thing, and probably a lot more common than people think.

    It can be annoying when people say they have it just to be quirky or think it just means being able to color coordinate. But then again I’m not one to judge them or say that they don’t have it.

    Sometimes synesthesia is kinda vague, because a lot of people with it don’t know how to describe it at first. It’s a very complicated and fascinating thing but by no means is it a valid personality trait or something I consider insanely special about myself.

    Anyway that’s just my two cents.