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    [–] hmmm basilshark 4 points ago in hmmm

    please stop

    [–] Insectkarma basilshark 2 points ago in instantkarma

    The Eggles are a personal favorite. And whatever happened to Rick Ass Leak?

    [–] You're travelling and finally find a public toilet. basilshark 18 points ago in Wellthatsucks

    Why does it need the scariest name? Is it not scary enough on its own?

    [–] So shiny basilshark 3 points ago in nope

    Thank you, for that nightmare.

    [–] Found in deep creek MD basilshark 17 points ago in whatisthisthing

    Mine too! I rarely hear anyone else talk about it but it’s such a lovely place and I have so many good memories going on vacation with friends and family there. I absolutely love the lodges there and the trees in the fall.

    [–] Cheer up basilshark 2 points ago in trippinthroughtime

    He looks more like the albino guy from the Princess Bride.

    [–] [Oct. 31, 1992] Me and my brothers in costumes made by my mom. basilshark 47 points ago in OldSchoolCool

    Tyler, is that you?

    I was in a class with a kid who did the exact same thing at that age. He came in dressed as a real turtle but he didn’t seem happy with it, he might have been going for ninja turtle. Meanwhile I came to class dressed as a purple flower that I saw in the background of a Dr. Suess book.

    [–] How to spice up your sex life basilshark 15 points ago in disneyvacation

    Ahahaha, I steal your milk!

    [–] Typical day at work, just don't look down basilshark 3 points ago in SweatyPalms

    See, that might be a good point and I was thinking about that, but even with that it doesn’t really make much sense to me. Not only does every definition I’ve researched include some synonym of the words “ascending/descending” which you can’t define in space, but also that would mean that if literally everything is falling all the time, in turn falling has no meaning anymore.

    If something moves toward earth, it’s falling toward its center of gravity. If something moves away from earth, it’s falling toward another objects center of gravity. At that point though, its not falling, it’s just moving or shifting or being pulled. Falling is the opposite of rising, but in space if everything is falling, then nothing is rising, and therefore falling can’t be defined.

    Maybe it’s stupid and I’m just being pedantic at this point, but maybe you see what I’m getting at?

    [–] Typical day at work, just don't look down basilshark 1 points ago in SweatyPalms

    Is it really though? What we define as falling requires an up and down relative to a surface. In space, up and down are no longer definable since there’s no end or surface surrounding space that we can orient ourselves to. Yes, things are moving incredibly quickly around each other, toward different gravitational pulls, and overall through space, but I don’t think we can really say that they’re “falling.”

    Or am I missing something?

    [–] This store allows you to build your own pens basilshark 36 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago) in mildlyinteresting

    Fun fact: Blue ink has been shown to be an effective color to aid in memory. So if you’re writing notes blue rules over black.

    EDIT: u/matcha_kit_kat is right I should provide a source for that claim. Thanks u/Kritical02 for doing that, here’s another interesting source:

    This one talks more broadly about all colors and how they collectively help aid in memory, but it still supports the point that colored ink is better for note-taking than black when it comes to memory. Though, every person has different methods of memory that depend on several factors so I can’t say for sure whether it’s true for everyone. But blue still rules because hell yeah.

    [–] The odds of this happening... basilshark 2 points ago in nevertellmetheodds

    But, because he is his own worst enemy, the enemy of my friend is my enemy. So actually Jim is my enemy.

    [–] Also applicable to some people that I know basilshark 6 points ago in rareinsults

    HOLY CRAP I’ve been looking for this for years. I only vaguely remember their terrifying faces and unsettling singing and something about the moon but I could never find it based off that alone. So I eventually came to the conclusion that it was just a fever dream I had all those years ago and maybe they never really existed.

    Now I know. Thank you, random redditors.

    [–] Thanks, I hate Flaming Hot Tampons. basilshark 12 points ago in TIHI

    So every time you do a good deed does your vagina grow in size or do you get more vaginas?