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    [ā€“] [F]inale bblount23 2 points ago in gonewild

    Absolutely stunning

    [ā€“] I'm in love with a stripper bblount23 6 points ago in relationship_advice

    Dude, love is love. Not a thing wrong with it. You can't help who you fall in love with. If you get the signal then ask her out and see if it pans out. Good luck bud. And don't get stuck on tpains song to much ok?

    [ā€“] Feeling sexy despite my dimples [OC] bblount23 1 points ago in RealGirls

    Dimples in cheeks or ass cheeks are sexy as fuck.

    [ā€“] 20 years old, unemployed, with no friends (at all) bblount23 1 points ago in socialskills

    If you need a friend you can pm me. If got lots of friends in other countries/ states and we manage to keep in touch.

    [ā€“] Smartwatches for pixel bblount23 1 points ago in google

    Ah thanks. That makes a lot of sense. I think the wear is has this already as if August 7th

    [ā€“] Smartwatches for pixel bblount23 1 points ago in google

    Why is that? And when do the new platforms come out?

    [ā€“] Smartwatches for pixel bblount23 1 points ago in google

    I was thinking about getting the Samsung Gear S3 but someone told me at Best Buy that the texting doesn't work if you connect it to Bluetooth.

    [ā€“] Not being able to orgasm causes boys to break up with me? bblount23 1 points ago in dating_advice

    Speaking from experience, but just a fun fact, guys orgasm with far less stimulation then women do. For guys to orgasm it's literally a little more then gentle friction repeatedly. Female orgasms are a little more involved, not difficult, but it requires a bit more time and stimulation. When my gf and I first started having sex it took a little time for me to even get her into a rythem she actually enjoyed and would engage in , she looks to me to lead alot, and by that time I was ready to pop. After failing to give her an orgasm for the first few months of our sexual journey I decided to do some research, women need more stimulation to achieve orgasm and the biggest part of this is learning her buttons so to speak. At this point in our sex life she orgasms multiple times before I come close, simply because I've learned what to do to get her to that point. So learn what knocks your panties off, and teach them that, and hopefully they will stick with it long enough to figure out what to do to make you orgasm.