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    [–] My lips want to grip your dick 😏 bbypocahontas 1 points ago * (lasted edited 2 days ago) in bbyPocahontas

    Here’s a gif from a 10:04 minute video from my blog! I slowly undress and tease you with my ass. I spray baby oil all over me, and start fucking my dildo. I’m moaning so loud as I reach orgasm, it just feels so good. From this angle you can see the way my pussy grips onto your cock, and my ass bounces🤤

    [–] Quit posting bbypocahontas 32 points ago in u_bbypocahontas

    Yeah, takes the fun out of it really.

    [–] Quit posting bbypocahontas 72 points ago in u_bbypocahontas

    Yeah you forget there are shitty people out there sometimes after so much support and fun. But I will still be continuing posting and such as of right now.

    [–] Im ready for your cum :) bbypocahontas 4 points ago in AsiansGoneWild

    Haha I’m double jointed!

    [–] Im ready for your cum :) bbypocahontas 65 points ago in AsiansGoneWild

    We’re all the same person tbh, conspiracy of 2019

    [–] Smash or pass? bbypocahontas 68 points ago in AsiansGoneWild

    Here’s gold because u chose the kind answer