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    [–] Pet water bearlover16 1 points ago in gifs


    [–] If you were to define gojira only using one song, what would it be? bearlover16 1 points ago in gojira

    I think they're both pretty similar. Mario's drum parts are ingenious (as always) in both the clean and heavy parts. Guitar parts are amazingly and beautifully crafted (once again, as always). Joe's vocals are on point (twice again, as always) and foreshadows the heavy part in the clean part with a background scream in both songs. I think the deal-breaker for me is the bass in Low Lands and how it's so simple yet so unbelievably effective. I'm a sucker for good bass, so I'd say I'm kinda biased

    [–] SpongeBob really makes you :thonk: bearlover16 1 points ago in teenagers

    What the fuck I didn't know there was an r/dank_meme

    [–] We are so dumb bearlover16 118 points ago in im14andthisisdeep

    These are getting harder and harder to look at every day

    [–] /r/teenagers First Biweekly Spotify Playlist out now! bearlover16 4 points ago in teenagers

    So A Sight to Behold, A Passage to Bangkok, Orion, and Daughter were all in a row. Which are 4/5 of the songs I requested (Reminder came up earlier). So I'm led to believe that no one listens to Gojira, Rush, Metallica, or Pearl Jam :(

    [–] Remeber that idiom? bearlover16 4 points ago in wowthanksimcured

    YoU cAn ReMeMbEr iT bY rEmEmBeRiNg It

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