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    [–] eu_nvr bearlover16 -2 points ago in eu_nvr

    Na verdade, a chance de morte em duas tentativas seria 2/3.

    Se fizer o procedimento duas vezes, você tem as seguintes possibilidades:

    • Morte na primeira (0)

    • Morte na segunda (10)

    • Sobrevivência das duas (11)

    Não vão fazer o procedimento uma segunda vez se você morreu na primeira, né? E como essa lógica segue com qualquer número de tentativas, a única possibilidade em qual você não morre é a em qual você sobrevive todas. Então a probabilidade de morte com um número x de tentativas é representada com a seguinte fórmula: x/(x+1). Com 5 tentativas, a sua probabilidade de morte é 5/6, 83%.

    [–] no bearlover16 -3 points ago in sbubby

    Shut the fuck your mouth

    [–] “People told me I should post this here” bearlover16 0 points ago in LeftTheBurnerOn

    This makes no fucking sense why would post this here

    [–] Big brain time bearlover16 5 points ago in dankmemes

    Yo that was posted on my birthday

    [–] s u s a n bearlover16 3 points ago in Badfaketexts


    [–] Cognates be like: bearlover16 1 points ago in ThatsHowThingsWork

    They played us like a damn fiddle!

    [–] [Screams] bearlover16 6 points ago in dankmemes

    You fool.

    [–] Interesting bearlover16 5 points ago in cursedcomments

    That's it. I'm unsubbing from this garbage subreddit. All the posts are some kind of tryhard, edgelord shit.

    [–] If I had a cake for every gender that exists bearlover16 73 points ago in gatesopencomeonin

    Lmao the guy who asked why people are downvoting Sal got downvoted but the guy who agreed with the previous guy's confusion as to why Sal is getting downvoted got upvoted

    I love Reddit

    [–] Won't somebody beat the children bearlover16 18 points ago in lewronggeneration

    Baby boomers just see the world as one big bruh moment

    [–] Gatekeeping adulthood bearlover16 1 points ago in gatekeeping

    Can you please explain how? I don't get it :(

    [–] Careful she’s a hero bearlover16 1 points ago in dankmemes

    Dude, I'm top of my class. I don't need your schooling in the ancient ways just because you think you're above me. I'm not some one-dimensional half-wit who desperately needs your grand wisdom. Grow up, dude.

    [–] Dude just let it go bearlover16 6 points ago in sadcringe

    The opposition is victorious!

    [–] Careful she’s a hero bearlover16 1 points ago in dankmemes

    Nah nah nah don't pass off me calling you out as insecurity. You're correcting someone who obviously made an unintentional typo because of your superiority complex. You're scraping the bottom of the barrel for your own lack of actual intelligence and social skills. Get rekt 👉😎👉