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    [–] Best Team Radio | 2018 Brazilian Grand Prix beetlejuice2386 -14 points ago in formula1

    what a fucking cry baby this hartley is, seriously he is pathetic

    [–] Pierre Gasly ignoring team orders for multiple laps on Brendon Hartley beetlejuice2386 -22 points ago in formula1

    what has HArtley done lately ? last race was the first time in ages that Gasly had not a grid penalty and he destroyed once again Hartley in qualies; nothing new imo

    [–] Marion Cotillard beetlejuice2386 6 points ago in Celebs

    of course it's real, it's from the movie Chloé, look here

    [–] 2018 Brazilian Grand Prix - Qualifying Discussion beetlejuice2386 8 points ago in formula1

    i'm more impressed by Gasly than Leclerc, Charles is not destroying his teammate like Gasly is this season

    [–] Ocon turned down chance to race outside F1 in 2019 beetlejuice2386 9 points ago in formula1

    ah ok thanks, i didn't know that, pretty stupid from him if true

    [–] 2018 Mexican Grand Prix | Practice 3 Classification beetlejuice2386 0 points ago in formula1

    if he can't even beat Gasly who has no updates on his car and missed FP1 then he has to leave F1

    [–] Lily-Rose Depp beetlejuice2386 2 points ago in celebnsfw

    following the steps of her mother, good

    [–] Magnussen also excluded from the USGP beetlejuice2386 2 points ago in formula1

    Wow it has to be the luckiest 9th place ever for Hartley

    [–] Marion Cotillard beetlejuice2386 17 points ago * (lasted edited a month ago) in celebnsfw

    She is 43 years old with 2 kids. she is still very beautiful imo1 2