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    [–] ELI5: What happens to a charger that's plugged into a power outlet but doesn't have a device attached? belgoran 1 points ago in explainlikeimfive

    Went through 3 chargers on my old HP pavilion. Then again, I have all the physical grace of a gorilla in mittens when I'm handling my electronics.

    [–] Tripping belgoran 2 points ago in woahdude

    Goddamn, I know this is a gif, but the second I opened it, the sound started blaring in my head.

    There's a certain nostalgic hyper digital shimmering sound-memory that this image seems to evoke irresistibly.

    [–] Astonishing puppetry. belgoran 1 points ago in interestingasfuck

    I think that puppet might be a real boy :o

    [–] What's a deeply unsettling fact? belgoran 5 points ago in AskReddit

    The saddest cases are those who die the second death first :(

    [–] Simulation theory belgoran 1 points ago in DaystromInstitute

    I'm not heavily invested in simulation theory, but I think that the idea that a single particle needs to be stored in a unit of memory at least the size of that same particle is oversimplifying things.

    It doesn't take into account any optimizations, and the fact that it's a procedural system which only needs to simulate dynamic functions when they're being directly observed.

    Generally, the tech projection is based on Moore's Law

    [–] Simulation theory belgoran 12 points ago in DaystromInstitute

    I really like this point and it generated a lot of good discussion!

    I should say that simulation theory also postulates that if a universe as complex as ours can develop an entity which can simulate a universe as complex as itself, then it's highly unlikely that our universe is the 'base universe'.

    In fact - simulation theory allows for the Trek universe to take place in our future, in which Q would represent an 'admin' on our own universe simulation.