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    [–] The Sea Captain belinck 1 points ago in freemasonry


    [–] dad ain't a weak hoe belinck -1 points ago in funny

    Dad's also smart enough to know how to fake taking a shot!

    [–] [Update] You broke my heart, BMW belinck 1 points ago in cars

    BMW's Thoughts and Prayers are with you.

    [–] [General Discussion] Around the Horn - 11/15/18 belinck 1 points ago in baseball

    This makes a lot of sense and this is my new favorite quote: Baseball was a gentlemen's game played by brawlers, football was a brawling game played be gentlemen.

    [–] Crystal lake belinck 1 points ago in Michigan

    Yea we normally swim at the East side beach in Beulah and while my brothers and sisters in law, wife, neices and nephews have all gotten it, I've been spared for some reason...

    [–] [General Discussion] Around the Horn - 11/15/18 belinck 2 points ago in baseball

    I was just thinking about this weekend's upcoming CFB games and noted to myself that the coaches always shake hands after a football game. Why isn't it that baseball Managers don't head out of their dugouts after the game and shake hands? Is there any history on this that folks are aware of? Is it just because they play so many games that they don't do this?

    [–] Beautiful Agilkia Island belinck 6 points ago in Michigan

    Is my /r/Egypt feed sneaking into my /r/Michigan feed?

    [–] Crystal lake belinck 2 points ago in Michigan

    I've been swimming in Crystal for 15 years and never gotten it, and yet others seem to complain about it regularly. I probably just jinxed myself for next summer, however.

    [–] Reminder - /r/Lansing resources in the Wiki belinck 1 points ago in lansing

    I actually had originally tried to do that (and tried again yesterday after I got your comment). The problem is with the Reddit 2.0 formatting, there is a character limit in the About section so unless I pare it down to add in another sentence about the wiki... Actually, Maybe I just make part of what is up there a link. Let me try that.

    Edit: Yea, it's not picking up the link at all... Not sure what else to do but I'll keep looking for a solution to get that link more prominently displayed.

    [–] Trump says Secret Service forced him to miss WWI service in France belinck 1 points ago in worldnews

    Nothing like throwing the people who are supposed to take a bullet for you under the bus...

    [–] make me hate myself :) belinck 1 points ago in RoastMe

    I'm sure you have a really great personality.

    [–] Meanwhile, in Australia belinck -2 points ago in aww

    I don't believe this is Australia, there's no dangly things on the hat!

    [–] CNN's Acosta in Paris to cover Trump visit belinck 18 points ago in politics

    He only understands Slovakian and Russian accents...

    [–] Calif. shooter used high-capacity magazine that voters outlawed, but ban was blocked by lawsuit belinck 3 points ago in politics

    You have to make sure to use larger magazines so there's enough room for us to stuff our hopes and prayers into it.