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    [–] Mr Sharky is adorbs benaugustine 10 points ago in Wellthatsucks

    Seems like you care about someone else caring about imaginary internet points though.

    But I guess I care enough to comment about someone caring about someone caring about imaginary internet points. Maybe we all suck

    [–] WoMeN cAn’T bE pRoGrAmMeRs benaugustine 1 points ago in gatekeeping

    I am making a point that if something statistically pretty likely, you should assume it's true. This isn't dependent on if it's about your daily life, the attitude of someone else, or the traits of someone else. The thing is that there's not a lot of statistical certainty with people. I can't look at a photo of a person and tell if they're kind. I can't hear sociopathy in someone's voice either, but that's not to say you can't or shouldn't assume any traits about people.

    I assume if someone is a tenured professor, they're probably intelligent. I would probably not initiate a conversation with them the same way I would a first grader. There's still a chance they lucked their way to that position.

    If I meet a woman and she tells me she's a veterinarian, she probably likes animals. I might tell her about my dogs. She may just be doing it for a decent pay check, or it's a familial pressure thing.

    If I meet a guy that tells me he's been in jail for the 30 of the last 40 years in 6 different stints for 5 different crimes. I would assume he's a thief. I wouldn't leave my wallet around them with the same surety as I would a close friend. He could be innocent of all those crimes, could be reformed, his other crimes could be nothing to do with theft.

    To think anything else seems disingenuous to me. I assume everyone does this whether they want to admit it or not. I could be wrong. Maybe there's people, lots of people even, that would think of, treat, and act the same for all three of people above. I assume most people wouldn't though.

    [–] WoMeN cAn’T bE pRoGrAmMeRs benaugustine 0 points ago in gatekeeping

    Before you leave for work someone asks you "hey you think you'll get hit by a car today," your response would be something like "I have no clue either way. Both seem like very real possibilities, but I'm willing to take my chance?"

    When I leave the house for work, I assume I'll come home after work. Sometimes I even buy groceries and stuff because I assume I'll be alive to eat them. I do not know these things for a fact though.

    [–] WoMeN cAn’T bE pRoGrAmMeRs benaugustine 6 points ago in gatekeeping

    Don't you assume you're not going to get hit by a car everytime you walk outside? Don't you assume your bank hasn't locked out your account everytime you go to make a purchase?

    You can't really go through life without assuming stuff. Since no one can really be 100% certain about anything, everything is somewhat of an assumption.

    [–] WoMeN cAn’T bE pRoGrAmMeRs benaugustine 3 points ago in gatekeeping

    Well, that seems strange, right? Like at what point should you assume someone is in a majority group of any set? Like if there's a 99.9999% of something being true, negative or positive, I'm going assume it's true. Obviously when evidence comes into light that makes it less certain, I'd temper my assumptions.

    That being said, while I may assume that it's true, I wouldn't accuse.

    [–] To keep a billionaire witness alive benaugustine 4 points ago in therewasanattempt

    It doesn't really make much sense. Let's consider that there's a Group that wants to keep Epstein from exposing Group. Epstein must know Group's darkest secrets. It's safe to assume that Group probably knows Epstein pretty well too.

    In that train of thought, this would be how I assume it would've transpired. Group threatens Epsteins loved ones for silence. Epstein decides that he's going to expose them anyway. He then tells them? So that Group has to change their original plan and just murder him?

    That doesn't seem like a super smart and powerful group. Why wouldn't they they kill him in the first place? Why didn't they know threatening his loved ones wouldn't work.

    If that's not what you're saying, flesh it out a little more. How do you tie together all the events: Group threatens to murder his family, failed suicide attempt/failed murder attempt (not sure what you believe it was), and successful murder. What caused them to switch gears?

    [–] To keep a billionaire witness alive benaugustine 2 points ago in therewasanattempt

    The biggest thing everyone is suggesting that makes it look like not a suicide is that he was on suicide watch two weeks earlier because of the first incident. The whole how did he do it if he was on suicide watch or why did they take him off suicide watch (depending how much reading the theorist did).

    The people that control everything must be really dumb because if they had just made the first attempt a success no one would have that line of inquiry.

    [–] To keep a billionaire witness alive benaugustine 31 points ago in therewasanattempt

    Murder is usually the most effective way to make people not spill the beans, not choking them out.

    [–] To keep a billionaire witness alive benaugustine 41 points ago in therewasanattempt

    "We're giving you two months to expose us"

    [–] To keep a billionaire witness alive benaugustine 127 points ago in therewasanattempt

    The biggest thing that makes me think it actually was a suicide is that there was a failed attempt a month earlier.

    Either he was actually suicidal or the extremely powerful people couldn't successfully murder a guy in prison and Epstein supposedly didn't say anything about it.

    Now if it's more of a look the other way thing, that could be arranged it. It also may just be that guards didn't give a fuck about a billionaire pedophile killing himself.

    As far as people saying the cameras were "out," that's unconfirmed rumor as far as I know. I don't think any official has had that. Not sure why they would, it'd be easier to just not comment on it if possible.

    [–] To keep a billionaire witness alive benaugustine 2 points ago in therewasanattempt

    And they definitely won't kill you if you're not an accomplice and you know about the crime.

    [–] Just decide to not be alcoholic, depressed or gay, it’s easy benaugustine 1 points ago in wowthanksimcured

    I don't really mean it like that. I realize I'm an alcoholic, and I don't mean quitting would be trivial. I just mean it's my own fault that I drink.

    [–] Just decide to not be alcoholic, depressed or gay, it’s easy benaugustine 1 points ago * (lasted edited 14 days ago) in wowthanksimcured

    I'm aware that it is. It sucks to be both an alcoholic and unoriginal. I quit for eight months not too long ago to help with studies. It wasn't that hard. I'm looking to find other hobbies to occupy my time currently. I'm thinking wood working.

    Edit: Bought a tablesaw today...

    [–] Just got in from California breh benaugustine 62 points ago in iamverybadass

    I'm pretty sure this is a joke. "And I grab that Monster like I fucking want it." That's hilarious to me.

    [–] What screams "I am very smart"? benaugustine 1 points ago in AskReddit

    It's not really a big word, but I can't stand when people say whom when who is actually correct. I absolutely don't mind when people use who when whom is actually correct.

    If you're not sure, just go with who everytime. Using whom wrong just makes it sound like the person thinks whom is just a fancier who and then wants to sound fancy.

    [–] i’ve reached my peak benaugustine 1 points ago in Tinder

    Should've asked her for five nickels so you get a quarter from a dime named Penny.

    [–] Just decide to not be alcoholic, depressed or gay, it’s easy benaugustine 5 points ago in wowthanksimcured

    While I agree that you can't decide to just not be an alcoholic. I think not drinking as an alcoholic is a choice. Not an easy one, but a choice nonetheless.

    I mean I'm open to being wrong about this, but this is coming from someone that would widely be considered an alcoholic by, I think, most people. I know I can quit, I just don't think I have a particularly good reason to. I enjoy it. I'm also aware that this doesn't make me an expert, just adding some perspective.