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    [–] Advice for chicks who are unsure of the sexuality bendythebrave 1 points ago in LesbianActually

    I don't know if you're gonna find too many lesbians keen on answering the ol' "experimental" question because a lot of us have been on the receiving end, and it's not always nice?

    But I think if you are going to experiment, then do that. There isn't much advice anyone can give you. It's kinda one of those things you have to figure out for yourself. An experiment is to discover and no one can discover for you. Especially when it comes to sexuality.

    [–] Melbourne needs fast rail to Sydney more than an airport train bendythebrave 14 points ago in melbourne

    To be honest... If there was a high-speed train that could get me to Wagga in under an hour, I'd move back there in a heartbeat and continue to work in Melbourne.

    [–] Decision time: Current mod team. bendythebrave 3 points ago in LesbianActuallyMods

    I feel like anything I say is kind of redundant because I haven't been around. But, it does seem a little concerning that new mods want a complete rehaul so drastically without having a more "community involved" discussion which above all else, is the foundation of this sub.

    With that being said.. I completely understand how reactive /u/tadzioizdat was. I feel for her & put in that situation, I would have probably done the same thing. Total shitstorm, couldn't be manned alone. And for what it's worth, I'm sorry you were put thru that.

    I can see how Andy coming in and kind of halting all of this feels like a power trip. But I can guarantee you that's not it. It's just a bit confronting to see these actions happen so dramatically without the proper process being followed and Andy reacted accordingly.

    [–] Decision time: Current mod team. bendythebrave 2 points ago in LesbianActuallyMods

    Hello hello!

    I like the idea for a fresh start for sure. And I am the first to put my hand up and say I have been MIA for a multitude of personal reasons. But I was here for the inception of all of this & would like to remain a part of it now that I am in a better place.

    I personally appreciate what the new mods have done. However, the original vision has and always will be community run. So the new mods need to be voted in. I think it's a rad way to keep the modding reflective of the users! Aand based on your current efforts, I have no doubt that you'll be voted fo sho.

    Shall we set all that up? Whats the vibe?

    [–] Decision time: Current mod team. bendythebrave 5 points ago in LesbianActuallyMods

    Yeah, absolutely.

    I've obviously never been the techy one who can do automod or the layout. But happy to be monitoring regularly, create content and just generally be more active. I miss ya'll.

    [–] Question.... Do you all want more moderation? bendythebrave 1 points ago in LesbianActually

    I agree with this one. But I also see the merit in being able to use a throaway to post for advice if you have links to your personal account IRL. /u/Andywarwheels can probably chime in here. Did we not have an automod set up initially that filtered brand new accounts? We had to approve posts?

    (Sorry I have been out of action for 12 months, so just getting my head back around everything)

    [–] Question.... Do you all want more moderation? bendythebrave 1 points ago in LesbianActually

    Hey Hey. I've had a shakey ass 12 months but am right back on board with being more involved in every aspect.

    [–] My friend just ended the TIL post bendythebrave 8 points ago in Kanye

    I was at that concert btw.

    As soon as he realised they were in a wheelchair he was like “oh shit sorry that’s cool!”

    It was completely blown out in the media.

    [–] 360 Hidden Gems bendythebrave 2 points ago in xbox360

    Such a gem. I still play this regularly.

    [–] [Discussion] It's been one month since Ye dropped. bendythebrave 4 points ago in Kanye

    The last 4 tracks on this album are my favourite Kanye songs since MBDTF. Don’t get me wrong; I love Yeezus and TLOP but man, these tracks are incredible.

    I love hearing Ye rap on KSG, KTSE & Daytona but I am actually really happy that Ye itself was super production heavy. It’s almost like he just curated this album with some really maximal vocals from other people (070, ty, pnd, Cudi) and let them shine.

    I’m super stoked about this album. Violet Crimes & Wouldn’t Leave are probably my two favourite tracks. Ghost Town absolutely deserves the love it gets as well.

    9/10 for me. The only reason it’s not a 10 is because I really don’t enjoy All Mine. I don’t skip it, but I’m not upset when it’s over. Whilst I genuinely get a little disappointed when the rest of the tracks finish.