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    [–] [FRESH] Eminem - Untouchable bendythebrave 34 points ago in hiphopheads

    This is good. In fact, this is really great. And you know what? So was Walk on Water.

    I actually will never understand what people want from Eminem. Granted I'm 25 so probably a bit older than most people around here but you can see he's bouncing back. He's never gonna release another MMLP or TES because he isn't at that point of his life anymore. And the fuck, MMLP2 was a good record.

    On a side note - I hope Believe is the track everyone was hype for after the "Bitch, I wrote Stan!" line in Walk on Water.

    [–] Same Sex Marriage is now legal in Australia bendythebrave 3 points ago in worldnews

    Yep and now the lesbians are on their way to fuck UR bitch

    [–] BRO. IM NEXT LEVEL SHOOK RN. bendythebrave 12 points ago in Kanye

    This is wild but A LOT of the tracks don't work :(

    [–] Elton John Interviews Eminem for Interview Magazine bendythebrave 14 points ago in hiphopheads

    I always say to people, “If you don’t understand hip-hop, you just have to see it being recorded.” When you’re in the studio—and I’ve seen you record, I’ve been on Kanye West and A Tribe Called Quest records—it’s a completely different ballgame. I get upset when people knock it, because I can absolutely see the musicality in it. These days, when I’m listening to records by hip-hop artists, I hear the production. It’s just astounding how great the productions have become. - Elton John

    [–] Same-sex marriage is now legal in Australia! bendythebrave 61 points ago in australia

    I mean, I am a gay woman and I was kind of making fun of him. He lost.

    [–] Same-sex marriage is now legal in Australia! bendythebrave 1763 points ago in australia


    What an exhausting, exhausting battle but we finally did it. Love to all. This is monumental.

    [–] Would anyone else fw a Kanye x Lorde collab? bendythebrave 50 points ago in Kanye

    I fuck w Kanye producing an entire Lorde album

    [–] ROBOCOP bendythebrave 1 points ago in Kanye

    It never got released. I think there are snips out there and maybe a mirror of some sort, but it's hard to find and is constantly being pulled down.

    [–] What's the weakest track on every Kanye album if you had to pick? bendythebrave 5 points ago in Kanye

    Honestly, I don't think CD & LR have weak tracks. I wouldn't be able to pick.

    Graduation: Barry Bonds

    808's: Not a huge fan of Welcome to Heartbreak, but can appreciate the artistry.

    MBDTF: Again, I don't think there is a weak track on this album. If I had a gun to my head, I'd probably have to say Blame Game but honestly, it hurt to say that.

    Yeezus: Guilt Trip- it's not a weak track by any means, I just think it's the weakest on the album.

    TLOP: Waves - bc I do not fuck w Chris Brown and I hate that he sings the hook on that song.

    [–] How has Fantano convinced everyone that he knows what he is talking about?? bendythebrave 2 points ago in Kanye

    Ya but he gave lil pumps album a higher score than mbdtf thats actually offensive on an objective level.

    [–] Greatest Hits Album bendythebrave 1 points ago in Kanye

    I just don't think a greatest hits album would ever work because most of the songs are contextually relevant to their albums, and whether some of the songs have official interludes or not, most endings of each song are the interlude to the next.

    [–] What's the weakest track on every Kanye album if you had to pick? bendythebrave 5 points ago in Kanye

    Graduation: Bittersweet Poetry

    Oh dear. You honestly think Bittersweet Poetry is a weaker track than BB or DAHG?


    [–] Trump could be forced to testify on sexual-harassment allegations — and if he lies he could be impeached bendythebrave 78 points ago in Impeach_Trump

    There is literally a voice recording of him admitting sexual assault that surfaced before he was elected. If that isn't enough, I don't know what is.

    [–] What are you nostalgic about from the 00s? bendythebrave 9 points ago in AskReddit

    Funnily enough, the internet.

    Actually coming home from school and logging onto the internet, rather than being on it all day "scrolling"

    Chatting to people on MSN messenger, sending emails to family overseas, updating Myspace profiles, playing habbo hotel.

    [–] What is your favorite picture of Kanye? bendythebrave 4 points ago in Kanye

    This one of Kudi & Kanye at MSG is one of my personal favourites from recent years.

    [–] Glow by Drake (ft Kanye) fuckin slaps bendythebrave 1 points ago in Kanye

    I feel like it had potential to be a fantastic song but there is just something about it where It hasn't captivated me to keep listening after the first couple of times.

    I can't put my finger on it though. Kanye sounds good and so does drizzy but I think the beat is a little bit boring at the start and that might be the problem bc the outro definitely slaps.

    [–] Our whole lives been a lie bendythebrave 44 points ago in BlackPeopleTwitter

    NAH the lyrics

    And they stay there, and they say yeah, and they stay there