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    [–] Flags of Vietnam's 18 administrative divisions under the Nguyễn dynasty, used from 1868-1885 benjaneson 3 points ago in vexillology

    The capital of the Nguyễn dynasty was Huế in Thừa Thiên, which is why that region's flag has a unique circle design in the centre, unlike any of the other flags.

    [–] Flags with flags benjaneson 6 points ago in vexillology

    Missing one of the weirdest flags with flags - the short-lived Nieuwe Republiek.

    [–] The Northern Lighthouse Board Commissioners Flag, the only British flag that still uses the pre-1801 Union Jack benjaneson 3 points ago in vexillology

    This flag is only flown from vessels with the Commissioners aboard, and from the headquarters of the Northern Lighthouse Board in Edinburgh.

    [–] Coat of arms of County Fermanagh, Ulster province, Northern Ireland benjaneson 3 points ago in heraldry

    Barry wavy argent and azure, two flaunches vert; over all a representation of the Watergate at Enniskillen or, flying from the battlements to the dexter a banner of St. Patrick.
    Crest: Out of a coronet of four shamrocks set upon a rim or a mount vert, thereon a horse passant argent, caparisoned gules, thereon a knight in full armour, in the dexter hand a sword erect proper, hilt and pomel or.
    Supporters: On either side a brock proper charged on the shoulder with a bezant, thereon a dexter hand couped gules.
    Motto: FEOR MAGH EANAGH ("Country of the Lakes").