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    [–] How often are you actually putting on lotion? betteroffinbed 1 points ago in AskWomen

    Arms/legs/chest: Every day when I shower. Otherwise my skin gets too dry and my legs get sooo itchy and bumpy! I use CeraVe, I just rub it on and put my clothes on waiting around for it to absorb.

    Face: Also daily when I shower and any other time I get it wet.

    Hands: Basically every time after I wash my hands I have to put lotion on, unless it's really humid.

    [–] CLINICALLY PROVEN SCIENCE BACKED PATENT LOOK NO FURTHER betteroffinbed 7 points ago in antiMLM

    Hair is made of keratin and other proteins, not dead cells. The cells at the root keep pushing these proteins out which cause hair to grow, but the hair itself is not made of things that were once living, functioning, entire cells. I saw a lot of misinformation about this when I googled it.

    [–] Best Private Loan Options? betteroffinbed 1 points ago in StudentLoans

    Thanks! As of when I posted this, I have only applied for one through Discover and they offered me 9% fixed or 6-12% variable, which is too high IMO. I'm going to apply with some credit unions and see what they offer me. My credit score is on the higher end of good, not quite excellent (old medical bills), but I have years of on time car and student loan payments bolstering it. I hope I can get a reasonable rate. For this semester I think my only options are loans or cashing out my 401k. :-/

    [–] Best Private Loan Options? betteroffinbed 1 points ago in StudentLoans

    Yes! I am currently borrowing the maximum amount allowed by the federal government for undergrad unsub loans. It only covers about $6000 of my $9000 tuition per semester. They're great, I wish I could exclusively use federal options, but I don't have any other way to pay for school right now, and my bill is due in a couple weeks or I can't register for fall classes.

    When I decided to go back to school, I just decided to do it and deal with the finances using whatever means necessary because I want to change my career to something that I'm pretty sure will make me very happy.

    During the years when I was repaying my loans after completing my first degree, I did enter income-based repayment and found it very helpful. Now that I'm back in school my loans are in deferment.

    [–] What's a good way for a guy to go from a short cut hairstyle to transition to a longer hairstyle betteroffinbed 10 points ago in HaircareScience

    I'm a woman and I shaved my head a few years ago, my hair is now just about down to my butt. Growing it out went through a few awkward stages for sure! I couldn't really prioritize the funds to get regular haircuts so I just kinda let it do its thing. I feel like I went through all the stages of /r/blunderyears haircuts but I was like 25. Hair grows at an average of 1/2 inch a month, it will get there! :)

    [–] Best Private Loan Options? betteroffinbed 1 points ago in StudentLoans

    Right. :) But do you have any suggestions for where I might consider applying?

    [–] She thinks we are killing her. Murder Bath!! betteroffinbed 2 points ago in WhatsWrongWithYourDog

    I work in a place that has a self-serve dog wash and this is very common, especially with Huskies, German Shepherds, and Shibas!

    [–] [Science] Dark (Eye) Circles - Causes, Solutions and why you may have to look beyond skincare. betteroffinbed 1 points ago in AsianBeauty

    It's especially common where I live in the northeast US. We don't get much sunlight in the colder months, between the shorter days and it being virtually constantly overcast (not to mention staying indoors because of the cold). If you live in a climate like that, you're quite possibly Vit D deficient!

    [–] Shampoo foams even after fifth rinse betteroffinbed 3 points ago in HaircareScience

    I think your main question was answered here, but I just wanted to let you know, SLS in toothpaste might irritate your cheeks and gums! You might want to consider switching if you notice any irritation on your oral tissues.

    [–] [Discussion] Your HG's for Closed Comedomes, PIE/H, Blackheads And Whiteheads? betteroffinbed 6 points ago in AsianBeauty

    It works best when used every day in conjunction with moisturizer and sunscreen. It increases the cell turnover rate by inhibiting keratinocyte differentiation. Used regularly, it also reduces inflammation. The peeling only occurs for the first 2-4 weeks of use if used continuously.

    [–] [Discussion] Your HG's for Closed Comedomes, PIE/H, Blackheads And Whiteheads? betteroffinbed 2 points ago in AsianBeauty

    Differin has worked great for me too! I had a lot of white bumps on my cheeks (closed comedones I believe) and it has gotten rid of them and made my skin look awesome, along with some other supportive stuff. But the adapalene is definitely a big factor.

    [–] Being married to the job doesn't count as true love? betteroffinbed 5 points ago in Scientits

    Feeling this pretty hard today, pretty sure I broke up with my boyfriend because I had an exam from 6-9 tonight (Valentine's Day) that I had to spend the whole weekend studying for... :-/

    [–] Why do they sell sulfate-free shampoo that either has silicones in it or is paired with a conditioner that has silicones? betteroffinbed 2 points ago in HaircareScience

    My hair does well with silicons but sulfates are too drying for my scalp and cause itching and flaking. High quality silicons don't build up.

    “A water-soluble silicone means that it is able to dissolve in water. It is a silicone that is easy to wash out of the hair and doesn’t leave a heavy buildup. Look for products containing Cyclomethicone. This is the most commonly used silicone in hair-care products, and it does everything silicone promises to do, but won’t leave buildup on the hair. Dimethicone Copolyol is water-soluble, too. It’s a bit more pricey, but it’s lightweight and leaves very little buildup.” —Bridget Brager

    [–] People who are "night owls" and those who are "morning larks" have a fundamental difference in brain function. This difference is why we should rethink the 9-to-5 workday, say researchers. betteroffinbed 1 points ago in science

    I don't have IBS and this happens to me, but only if it's not my normal routine. I had a job for a few years that required getting up at 4 am, and while I never was good at getting up that early (or going to bed early enough to get 8 hours of sleep), the nausea and stomach pain did go away.

    [–] Ladies, how did you get rid of adult onset breakouts? betteroffinbed 2 points ago in AskWomen

    I posted my routine in a separate comment but I can say that like... 99% of it is just because of things I learned on this sub and my skin has never looked better. REDDIT, WE DID IT!