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    [–] Hey! Carl, it’s just a chicken. betteroffinbed 7 points ago in gifs

    Yikes, those collisions can be scary. I have a running breed and I do field sports with them. Being aware of safety concerns at those events, a t-bone collision can kill a dog due to internal bleeding. Glad your friend's Lab was okay, that could have gone very badly for him, your Dane, or the ducks.

    [–] Norm as Quentin Tarantino is the greatest thing I've ever seen betteroffinbed 83 points ago in videos

    He seems like an absolutely insufferable nerd that is somehow a creative genius. Damn him.

    [–] Mesmerizing Flow Artist betteroffinbed 4 points ago in UNBGBBIIVCHIDCTIICBG

    Oh my god that was my JAM in high school. Just have that going on in the background while I did my homework.

    [–] I will never grow tired of Karen's Irish jokes betteroffinbed 10 points ago in myfavoritemurder

    SHIT I just took a mental inventory of all the beds in the house and you're right.

    [–] What’s a red flag that you ignored in a significant other, only to realize it was a bigger deal later? betteroffinbed 71 points ago in AskReddit

    A PINT of whiskey? Holy cow. I also dated an alcoholic in my early 20s. He would blackout and then get freaked out about it, not remember drinking, and eventually toward the end of our relationship would accuse me of poisoning him. He messaged me a year or so ago and said he's sober now.

    [–] Any of you guys only have 1 daily routine (like a PM routine only)? betteroffinbed 8 points ago in SkincareAddicts

    I should have a PM routine, and I try to do it before bed most days, but my real solid routine is basically just after I get out of the shower.

    [–] What is a song lyric that really hits you hard? betteroffinbed 1 points ago in AskReddit

    "I can't do everything, but I would do anything for you.

    Oh no I can't do anything except be in love with you."

    -Romeo and Juliet, the version by the Indigo Girls. Their cover is so fucking raw and emotional and powerful. Give it a listen, it is really beautiful.

    [–] What is a song lyric that really hits you hard? betteroffinbed 185 points ago in AskReddit

    No one told you when to run, you missed the starting gun.

    Yeah I really relate to this. I'm 30 and going back to college right now. I'm 10 years older than most of my classmates.

    [–] What is a song lyric that really hits you hard? betteroffinbed 25 points ago in AskReddit

    Man, this just hit me so hard. The love of my life is marrying someone else and while I want him to be happy and do what is right for him, I am absolutely crushed that I'm not that person for him.

    [–] Flakey Dry Skin... face, neck and chest. What can I do? betteroffinbed 3 points ago in SkincareAddicts

    This looks like it could potentially be a yeast infection or some sort of dermal infection other than just dry skin. Have you seen a dermatologist for it?

    [–] Oops betteroffinbed 3 points ago in instant_regret

    It was my 30th birthday yesterday and I also can verify that I have no idea if that was a joke or not.

    [–] I don’t mind live shows, but... betteroffinbed 4 points ago in myfavoritemurder

    Yeah, I always think it's weird when they pick stories that aren't even murders. At the Medford MA show they did the Boston molasses flood. I grew up reading books about that in elementary school in Mass. Horrible that people died but not as interesting as the psychology and methods of a murderer, which is what I want to hear when I listen to a show about murderers.

    [–] Rabid coyote showed up at this guy’s front door. betteroffinbed 2 points ago in WTF

    WHAT THE FUCK he got so close to it trying to get it out of the street. Rabies will kill you, don't fuck around with rabid animals.

    [–] Rabid coyote showed up at this guy’s front door. betteroffinbed 1 points ago in WTF

    I thought this was pretty common knowledge for what happens to animals suspected of rabies. Especially for someone in that line of work.

    [–] Alpaca reacts to magic betteroffinbed 31 points ago in Animalsthatlovemagic

    Yes. You might be thinking of llamas, which are larger.

    [–] He really wants to play tag betteroffinbed 1 points ago in WhatsWrongWithYourDog

    God, I love dogs so much. :D This video makes me so happy.

    [–] My dad backhanded a fly and it’s head fell off. betteroffinbed 16 points ago in WTF

    For some reason this kind of thing really freaks me out more than almost any other content I've come across on the internet. Weird sexual shit? Meh. Decomposing bodies? Gross but it's just the circle of life I guess.

    Something that is still conscious after a moral injury? Harrowing. Disturbing. Can't handle it. Like this fly, that wasp, snakes, or that story I read the other day on some reddit thread about abdominal crush injuries. Really fucking freaks me out.

    [–] Advice for deep cleaning hair follicles? betteroffinbed 15 points ago in HaircareScience

    A wash with a clarifying shampoo once a week should do the trick. If you are using something that is too strong too often, you scalp will become too dry and be flaky and itchy, and produce excess sebum.