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    [–] Loud guy gets a mouthful bgarza18 1 points ago in PublicFreakout

    Oh wow this is an ancient movie in Internet time

    [–] Scandal double standard: Dems pay the price for every misdeed, while the GOP skates bgarza18 -1 points ago in politics

    That’s just straight up bullshit. Many media outlets are very much friendly towards the Democrats over the Republicans. Let’s at least be honest here.

    [–] Someone stopped a facebook traveler bgarza18 1 points ago in ProtectAndServe

    The most expensive county in this state. They take state income taxes, too I miss Texas.

    [–] Someone stopped a facebook traveler bgarza18 8 points ago in ProtectAndServe

    I think that’s a good idea. I got stopped for expired registration, apologized and thought I’d get a warning because it was my first stop. About $350-$400 for registration. Nope, got a ticket for $150. Guess I don’t have money for my registration or the ticket, not sure which is worse. Community service would have been fine with me.

    [–] [MEME] WHAT REALLY HAPPENED?! bgarza18 1 points ago in ProtectAndServe

    I just haven’t seen the footage so I was hoping someone else did. I’ve always wondered how worth it it would be to concealed carry if shit really did hit the fan and I’m worried about getting shot by police so this situation piqued my interest.

    [–] [MEME] WHAT REALLY HAPPENED?! bgarza18 5 points ago in ProtectAndServe

    They just call everyone bootlicker if they don’t wish death for all cops. I used to like the “sister sub” to this one but it’s gone to hell in a hand basket with angsts kids and cry wolf scenarios.

    [–] [MEME] WHAT REALLY HAPPENED?! bgarza18 3 points ago in ProtectAndServe

    Not even to be ready when you know people are getting shot? By the time you encounter the gun with a gun, you’re not going to draw and fire fast enough. Idk about “absolutely zero reason”

    [–] [MEME] WHAT REALLY HAPPENED?! bgarza18 -1 points ago in ProtectAndServe

    Did he announce himself and give commands to drop the gun?

    [–] Rant: I'm your doctor, please stop. bgarza18 11 points ago in TwoXChromosomes

    Not after clinics and residency is said and done, that’s about the timeline.

    [–] Rant: I'm your doctor, please stop. bgarza18 121 points ago in TwoXChromosomes

    I’ve found that the physician has to be the one to put a stop to it. “That’s not appropriate” or something to that regard is what’s needed and if it’s not effective then they’re just a terrible person who won’t stop.

    [–] Murica bgarza18 2 points ago in WhitePeopleTwitter

    Ban assault buckets

    [–] Murica bgarza18 1 points ago in WhitePeopleTwitter

    When did they stop selling semi autos? Is that why I haven’t seen any Mini 14s or ARs anymore?

    [–] IRS: Average tax refund down 8.4 percent so far in 2019 bgarza18 5 points ago * (lasted edited 6 days ago) in news

    It’s not a good measurement though. I wanna see total taxes paid.

    [–] I think this explains a lot about police culture in general... bgarza18 1 points ago in Bad_Cop_No_Donut

    I don’t disagree with this subreddit, I disagree with the kids like you who are so naive and blind as to think “all cops are bad, period.” It’s ridiculous. There is plenty of bad policing and there are plenty of examples of misconduct and outright evil displayed by police to fill this sub and rightly so. Don’t need to cry wolf. You are so worked up that you actually imagined somehow that I deny bad policing.

    [–] *Mwah* Perfection bgarza18 -4 points ago in amibeingdetained

    It’s crass and the semantics are off, but it’s how the general flow of disobeying laws and ultimately resisting arrest may go.

    [–] Ugly Ducklings bgarza18 1 points ago in funny

    True that

    [–] Ugly Ducklings bgarza18 8 points ago in funny

    “Hitler was a bad dude and he has a dumb mustache. Pretty dumb looking, huh?” Easy conversation

    [–] Almost halfway through the semester! You got this! Positive vibes! bgarza18 2 points ago in StudentNurse

    This is exactly me lol. Pro tip: don’t read all 200 pages just get the condensed version from YouTube or Picmonic