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    [–] It Turns out All Kinds of Tech Companies Are Working With ICE bhoffman20 5 points ago in technology

    Are people genuinely surprised to hear about this? Law enforcement using technology?

    [–] The truth is often the hardest pill to swallow. bhoffman20 0 points ago in Memes_Of_The_Dank

    She's got so many chins she could probably get 99 ranged.

    [–] This hot dog ad bhoffman20 9 points ago in CrappyDesign

    Is that not just wrapped in bacon or something?

    [–] Let’s see what’s in the bag bhoffman20 6 points ago in Unexpected

    The police were there because they thought there was a bomb in that bag, he probably shouldn't have been fucking with it

    [–] WCGW if I decide to barrel past these police to demonstrate that this backpack does not, in fact, contain a bomb? bhoffman20 53 points ago in Whatcouldgowrong

    You're right, he was in the right. Next time you see the police tape off a potential bomb, do us all a favor and just run in and throw it around.

    [–] "Oh you wanted to get work done? I don't think so." bhoffman20 5 points ago in catpictures

    I really thought the tage on the collar was his tougue at first

    [–] My culture is NOT your goddamn prom dress. bhoffman20 2 points ago in CringeAnarchy

    It has 'Cringe' in the title, did you think it would be a sub about happiness and sunshine?

    [–] We did it kids bhoffman20 3 points ago in CringeAnarchy

    Came here looking for this comment

    [–] Circle bhoffman20 1 points ago in CircleofTrust

    Yeah, that's avalid argument. Unfortunately u/BrycelikesLMTF and I were trying to figure out how this works.

    It keeps me up at night.

    [–] Circle bhoffman20 1 points ago in CircleofTrust

    That sounds like something a betrayer would say...

    [–] Circle bhoffman20 2 points ago in CircleofTrust


    [–] Circle bhoffman20 1 points ago in CircleofTrust

    Are you trustworthy?

    [–] Circle bhoffman20 1 points ago in CircleofTrust


    [–] [FREE] MS Paint profile pictures bhoffman20 5 points ago in GlobalOffensiveTrade

    Yo I know it says you're done, but I've got some skins worth a couple keys that I'd trade for a half-assed brown dog in MS paint. I looked on Google but all that comes up is furry shit. Added you on Steam

    [–] How is my ISP going to react if I torrent ~1.5TB at once? bhoffman20 1 points ago in torrents

    Would it make a difference if I downloaded at a lower speed? At half my bandwidth, it would take several days, but I don't necessarily care about the time.